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  1. Hello, I love listening to music especially while working out. I'm vegan straight edge, and umm I don't know that's about it.

    I started working out when I started losing weight with some little exercises I started doing at home, I went from 235 to 210 in the summer, and then decided to ask my parents about a gym membership, they agreed. and I've been working out ever since, I was vegetarian for about 3 months, read Diet For A New America and that book changed my life. Decided to go vegan, and still going strong.

    My fitness goal is possibly something like old-school Rambo possibly number 2 or 3.

    I still have a some fat left, but I hope to remove that soon hopefully with enough dedication and exercise.

    I also love getting remarks such as "you don't look like a vegan" they just crack me up

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