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  1. astracner - What is your height? I was wondering in order to put your weight loss in context.
  2. The issue that photo shows is love-handles (fat on the sides of the stomach area). It isn't feminine or masculine. Lots of men and women want to get rid of their love-handles. Losing ten pounds would probably get rid of your love-handles. This calculator estimates how many calories to eat to lose weight: http://www.diet-blog.com/archives/2005/12/26/how_to_calculate_your_daily_calorie_needs.php
  3. How tall are you? How much did you weigh at the time of IMG_2558a.jpg?
  4. Lizzie's muscles are probably in good condition from her training. However, I don't think she has so many more pounds-of-muscle than the BMI chart designers expected as to make the chart irrelevant.
  5. If you don't do steroids, then it's unlikely that you're going to get masculine-looking arms. But if you ever get close to having bigger biceps than you want, then you can a) Use lighter weights, more reps, with your arms, or b) concentrate on your legs. It's almost impossible for a woman who doesn't do steroids to get masculine-looking legs.
  6. The middle of the "Normal Weight" section of the BMI chart is 21.7. Lizzie is above that (her current BMI is 23.4), and will be closer if she loses 5 pounds (her possible BMI of 22.5.) I say, Good Luck!
  7. How many hours-per-week did you usually do weight-training during your 7 month transformation?
  8. Lizzie - My advice is to keep track of your daily exercise in terms of minutes instead of in terms of miles. Exercise for a block-of-60-minutes each day and see if that helps. For example, if your run takes less than an hour, then do another exercise for the rest of the hour after you get home.
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