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  1. hey!! they hang down very slightly but the whole part of the nipple area is a bit loose where as all the other parts of my chest are rock solid never heard of lipomasty--doing search right now
  2. thanks guys for taking the time to reply!! i appreciate it very much since i have been doing my mentioned routine and decreased fat intake i noticed incredible results so i guess i just have to be patient compared to a month ago it has improved dramaticly so i know im doing something right. i will still cut the fat intake even if it means loosing some muscle and see what happens. im a bit irked about the clavicle since it restricts alot of my movement but i will do what i can and let it heal im hoping to post a pic soon--i know im a bit obsesed about it because everybody says im exegarting
  3. Howdy! I have posted this question on the general forum but since I'm on a 95% raw food diet i thought i might get some more responses here. How do you get rid of gyno? What types of food might help? Will working on my chest take care of it automatically>? I dont eat any soy and have well developed arms and upper chest but the lower part seems to be hanging a bit. Any tips greatly appreciated!
  4. Howdy! What is the best natural way to get rid of gyno? I'm on a 95% raw food diet and dont eat any soy. Will working out the chest area eventually get rid of it? Any tips greatly appreciated
  5. thanks bro!! its crazy because like i said the upper part of my chest is nicely developed but the nipple area-lower part seems to be hanging a bit--ever since i changed my diet and incorporated various pushups its changed dramaticly but im wondering if that could be the case its fucked up because i have a lean body and loosing more fat will make me too skiny--I have a very nicely developed biceps, triceps, upper chest and yesterday when i read about the gyno it was like wtf and now i cant do shit because of the clavicle i dont eat any soy products. im on 95% raw food. i think if i just push my self with the pecs workout it will go away. I dont want to take any shit for the estrogen blockage--im very fanatical about health and nutrition-it would go against my whole philosophy but i see what happens in the next few weeks as my clavicle heals thanks for the info!!
  6. Yah im working on some pictures...just need to get a camera...just did some research on gyno-never heard that term before-its possible--if it is gyno what would you suggest?
  7. Thanks for the info Tom. I just did some research and it looks like it might protrude forever. Starting Sept 2 I will be covered by my work for massages, acupancture, the whole nine yards I definetly plan to take advantage of it asap!! Wishing you a speedy recovery!! All the best!! Btw what happend?
  8. thanks bro!! Good suggestions!! I will try them out! I dislocated it while riding a bike and hitting a pole :-0
  9. thanks bro!! how long does it normally take for it to go back in?
  10. Any tips for light exercises to keep the muscles in tact? The injury is not that bad. I can move my shoulder and rotate it around but there is a bit of discomfort. The doc said its a level 1 dislocation and said it could take 4-6 weeks to heal but I m a firm believer in the power of mind healing and after 2 days the sling is off and I'm slowly rotating it and doing light knee pushups and light yoga exercises. any tips greatly appreciated!
  11. hey!! yes i'm doing exactly that! i'm doing many variations of pushups and its incredible the results i'm getting!! I usuly do 20 of each-palms as close together, palms inwards, outwards, sideways and then the killers ones where i extend my hands as far as possible the fatty tisue which was always hanging on the lower part is 80% improved--gotten positive feedback from friends and family so I know the results are showing however i dislocated my left clevicle on sunday any tips for light exercises which will still attack the pecs ? All the best!!
  12. hey!! amazing results are showing!! the hard work is paying off!! I also incorporated different form of pushup where the thumb is going in wards or outwards--its hard to explain but wicked resutls! time and patience and perserverance!!
  13. Hey bro Those exerices are really fun to do espeically for those of us immersed in nature Keep em coming!
  14. For sure you are right!! you have to walk the talk! Its only been a week and I actually see big results in that week I cut down my fat intake in half, cut calories by around 300-500 and added extra intense cycling routine incorportaed variety of pushups around 150 a day and different dumbell exercies there is a noticable improvement on my chest area!! my arms had always been well built -- I dont think Im loosing any muscle there. My abb region is looking promising as well. lets keep it going!!
  15. Do you have any favourite/informative sites that explain the process of fat burning vs fat loss vs muscle gain/loss ?
  16. I was thinking some more about this since i do so much cardio wouldnt it be just wise to cut the fat and keep the calorie the same?
  17. Im aiming for something in between a body builder and a marathon runner But I m doing more research on loss of muscle vs fat because I never knew this before
  18. yah i know what you mean i calculated my daily fat intake...its around 40g consisting mostly of yougurt,kefir,avacado, and handful of soaked nuts. It used to be around 80g or soomewhere around there. I think this should help greatly. The calorie intake I have decreased as well but I am doing it at a slower pace as to your sugestion my daily calorie intake is around 2000 consisting mainly of raw vegan foods take care
  19. Yah I m taking it slow. I will see what happens by the end of a 2 week period. I have a friend who has been into body building for a decade now and can eat whatever he wants in unlimited quantity and very little lifting (mostly pushups) and keeps very fit with a very firm chest buy yah metabolism is a key factor for sure. thanks for taking the time to provide the info. I really appreciate it!!
  20. I thought that for the muscle to start detoriating all the fat has to burned off. Doesnt the body take the fuel from the fat storage then moves to the muscles? Also wouldnt it help to cut calorie intake as much as is reasonable and not only increasing cardio but also the intensity of weight lifting? I m keeping a log of everything!
  21. That is a good sugestion! I heard about it so many times but never paid much attention to it. I began to write everything down including the number of push up etc etc Great info thanks guys
  22. VeganE Yes that helps, thank you!! I have decreased my calorie intake by around 500 and incorporated extra 1h of hard impact cycling-all together 3 hours changed up my push up routine--palms together, feet elevated since i dont have acess to a bench or a gym any other good exercises for the pecs? i have free weights which i work with all the time i will give you an update in a while
  23. right vm--by adding more mass what exactly do you mean? thanks
  24. Im 30 years old and I have only now realized the beauty and health benefits of a healthy body I use to be extremely thin -65kg Im 6.1f --now Im around 75kg I have read that it is a tough process to get rid of that fatty tissue I m going to cut my calorie intake and do more cardio The thing that is interesting is that my arms are showing huge improvements and my upper chest as well --but the lower part keeps hanging and doesnt look too apealing
  25. try new chapter's chlorela its sourced from reliable sources and its the one that is most absorbed by the body www.newchapter.com i think this is the best company in north america selling herbs/supplements followed by garden of life
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