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  1. Thanks guys for all the help they coming along nicely!! lots of squats as well as direct ab stuff Cheers!
  2. am going to just do banana's until my body says stop, if thats a week..two weeks, three weeks.. Its all good! only supplement is hemp protein, just got a tub for my bday..so will incorporate that! Will be keeping updates and progress on my blog
  3. stresses me out : work, money, family relief.. reading books, running, pole dancing, long steam filled showers!
  4. So I am donin banana mono eating..or otherwise known as Banana island!! Hoping to increase my training, do more, work harder and ..have more time/energy for training..rather than thinking about food! Ordered a case of banana's, gettin going in the next couple days soon as some are ripe!! Lookin forward to it, done this on citrus before, seems perfect timing for it! 2000 -2600 cals a day, 3 training slots a day..period! Looking forward to it! Any other mono eating lovers??..
  5. Have recently taken up bellydancing, really enjoying it and ..amazingly its hard and does break a sweat!! Got a couple dvds, Dolphina ones.. love it Any other secret bellydancing gym bunnies?? hehe
  6. mono means exactly that e.g. 1 meal : 10 banana's 2 meal : 5 oranges 3 meal 8 bell peppers etc I do combine sometimes but very simply.. like baby spinach with dressing of tomato/mango poured on top.. Am going to be doing mono banana for a while now..will keep posted with results etc on
  7. guess I want them to pop out more..can see 4..think its gonna take shredding a bit more weight to get the lower abs showing Thanks so much for the advice lean and green your a legend!! Thanks guys
  8. I been away from raw and back again, anyway doing 8-1-1 again..feelin really good on it training 2-3 times a day. Mono eating feels good and easy..no prep..no gourmet junk food etc Gonna be doing mono eating this week, upping the training Anyways anyone else??
  9. lost the weight low carb and HCG, now maintaining 8-1-1 raw vegan Thanks guys, been doing crunches, weighted ones.. apart from that not much, they just appeared in the last 10lb loss!! Thanks will try suggestions
  10. Okay I know abs made in the kitchen etc but any advice/exercises to help with vertical definition..I got horizontal ab lines..but want to get some more definition have lost 50lb recently..so really am just working on getting shredded. Train twice a day..clean diet etc etc Any advice from you experts would be fantastic Thanks in advance
  11. Finally thought I would join after a lot of reading and enjoying!! London born and bred! Vegetarian for 12 years, Raw vegan for 18 months now..loving it! Aspiring raw food chef.. just starting to do some coaching now also.. loving it! Classicly trained dancer..now mainly into hip hop, burlesque and pole styles. Love to train hard.. run..have fun and...not take life too seriously enough lurking time for joining in!
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