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  1. Thanks! Good call about the Glutamine and the non-vegan AAs.
  2. Hi guys, Thanks to some of you, i replaced the whey protein in my diet with EAAs and BCAAs about a year ago. I have generally had a good experience with them (much easier on the stomach among other things) but was wondering if i was ingesting the ideal ratio. I know a lot of you have been taking these, and was wondering if anyone can look at my usual mix below and offer advice before i commit to another 5kgs of it: L-Glutamine by the Pound 15% Branch Chain Amino Acids INSTANTIZED (BCAA's) 35% Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) by the Pound 35% Leucine 4:1:1 by the Pound 15% I have a feeling i may be taking too much of the Glutamine. Currently i take 1 scoop (10gms) pre and post workout (little more if it was really intense). Thanks for all your help!
  3. Ive been using Nitrous Oxide supplements along with EAAs+BCAAs+Beta Alanine from TrueProtein. I would like to switch from the NO to just plain Arginine. However the Arginine powder from NOW supplements tastes REALLY bad. I was wondering if someone could comment on the stuff TrueProtein carries in terms of taste; i dont want to buy 2 lbs of the stuff only to discover that its just as rancid. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  4. I lift for about 45 - 50 mins. throw in about 20 mins for jumping rope bw sets. breaks are very short. the majority of the bananas are blended in my post wo shake..i also have a few throughout the day. its one of the most important part of my diet (with the foods listed above making the rest). oh and if you want to bulk, the rest periods are as important as the wo days (along with sleep of course). rest enough and lift and eat big. should get you there.
  5. i eat 4 lbs of bananas on workout days. ive added 20 pounds in 3.5 months.
  6. could flaxseed actually cause it? i never had acne during puberty. recently (im 22)...( the flaxseed thing could be a coincidence, dunno)..ive been getting it bad. other fat sources are tofu, tempeh. no nuts generally. diet is pretty clean too.. cant figure out what the cause it...any ideas guys?
  7. robert, any ideas on how to decrease the difference, if its even possible that is? i have the same problem...
  8. I eat fruits at various times day or night! imo dont see a problem with it..
  9. So what your saying (which is what i got from all the Raw food material out there) is that as long as you have sufficient amino acid sources, you dont need extra proteins?
  10. What is your fat ratio now? 10g of fat is super low... Less than 7gms!
  11. Exactly! thats why i have totally cut out processed protein sources. but im worried that my body will not be able to make up the balance through synthesis through amino acids and i wont add mass/ muscles will degenerate. so in your experience, do you see the body making up to that extent (i lift quite heavy/mostly compounds etc). BTW thanks for the link. Its proving to be quite indispensable.
  12. Here are my stats: 5'10.5" 145 lbs lean body weight is 136.67 pounds maintenance calorie range: 2500 - 2700 Till i made the switch i was consuming approx 90 - 100 gms of protein / 100 gms of CHO / >10 gms of fats my weight leveled off at the mid 140s with this macro profile - i was seeing strength gains though my activity level is the same as before - lift 3x a week. soccer 1x a week (about 2 hrs at a time). i have been consciously trying to get sufficient rest and have been doing well in that department. what i am wondering is whether my body will naturally compensate for the lack of directly ingested proteins (i now est that i consume <20 gms of proteins). i still want to increase size and strength as far as goals are concerned. what are your thoughts?
  13. I have been researching Raw diets for a while and am very motivated by Raw athletes like durianrider and others. untill recently i was supplementing with protein powders to ensure that i was getting enough protein (my goal is to increase lean muscle mass). i have, starting a month ago, stopped all supplementation and am eating 80% raw. I make sure to eat foods with good amino acid profiles. my question is, if i keep replenishing my amino acid pools, will my body synthesize the requisite amount of protein? or do you guys feel that im starving my body of this macro? any advice would be appreciated.
  14. So far, the stores i have tried have it for $5.39 a pound. Anyone know a place where one can get it for cheaper? I looked online but you need to buy enormous quantities for it to make a difference in price. PS If anyone is into Yerba Mate there are places uptown (around 175th st) where you can get it as cheap as $3 for 4lbs.
  15. I got a few single serving packets of NO-XPLOD free for running a race so i tried it out. According to the directions i took it 1/2 hr or so before lifting. Got a noticeable surge in energy, felt alert and sharp. Was more pumped during the workout as well. overall it was a good feeling. however im not planning on continuing using it. im also cutting out creatine and protein supps and going RAW. today is my 5th day RAW and it feels great. no energy drops in lifts either. my final verdict would be that you dont need all this stuff, its a waste of money and it takes its toll on your body.
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