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  1. I just did Chicago on Sunday. I'm already throwing around thoughts of which one to do next spring; I'll probably do the Flying Pig in Cincinnati as my next one, since it's close.
  2. Dang, I joined this forum a week too late to meet up with ya. I hope you had a great race!
  3. Hey everyone! I have been vegan for almost two years now. Running is my first love. I also did triathlons in '04 and '05, including Ironman Arizona in 05. I may do another Ironman someday, but for now I have no desire to do any cycling. I just did the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, it was my favorite marathon so far. I'd like to start adding strength training to my schedule next month when I'm fully recovered from the marathon. I've been just running all year, and feel I would benefit from strength training so I hope to pick up some great tips by reading this site.
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