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  1. you can also do strengthening exercises for the muscles around your knees. they will pick up the slack and help with any pain that you may be having. one exercise that i like to do is to tie an exercise band around both thighs just above the knees walk side to side in a halfway squat position. i don't know a better way to explain it. the exercise works the hamstrings and the quads. you can also tie the band above the ankles and walk the same way. if your knee is bothering you that much though, i'd go see a doctor if i were you to make sure you can do any exercises like that just yet. but always say yes to physical therapy and NO to surgery. i hope this helps p.s. maybe you can find an example online of the exercise that i'm talking about, i have yet to find one. i forget what it's called.
  2. i don't see how you could have yet another after pic! wow. awesome abs.
  3. Hi. i joined the site a little while ago, but i moved to a new place, so i never logged back in until today. I live in S.C. I have been a vegetarian for almost three years and a vegan for six months (give or take a few weeks). While i have not gotten into bodybuilding yet, i have been working on a complete lifestyle change. I do my best to eat well, to exercise at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day and be active in general. It's not very easy because everyone i know is a carnivorous couch potato. I'm hoping that i might be able to find inspiration on this website with like minded individuals. thanks for reading, Peace
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