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  1. I posted some of my matches from the Copa Nova tournament two weeks ago at www.myspace.com/veganpierre
  2. @tasha - about half my life at this point -- started wrestling my freshman year of high school. I was in the 103 pound bracket that year. I still don't know any moves -- they just fall out of my head as fast as I learn them.
  3. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=403112062 gotta go to myspace page to watch it.
  4. hmmm...may this will be differnt http://jiujitsumatrix.ning.com/video/video/show?id=2065623%3AVideo%3A20234
  5. This was the Dominion Grappling Championship 2. I had 8 matches in 4 categories. Second place in 3 and 3rd in one. Here's me losing in finals of no-gi -- you may have to log in to view until someone with more skills tells me what to do or that video embed don't work. http://www.jiujitsushare.com/video/video/show?id=2065623:Video:20234 Find more videos like this on JiuJitsuShare.com - The MySpace of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  6. Want to see 47 secs of me in the "Men No Gi Advanced 180 - 204.9 (Combined)" category finals of the Dominion Grappling Championships 2 before the camera man gets bored and turns to someone else? Well, in case you reconsider: I start on the left, in the red trunks, white shirt and shaved head. Dude ended up tapping me with a twisting knee bar.
  7. Hi, I've been vegan about ten or so years at this point. I'm 6 ft. and weighed in at 193lbs at the Dominion Grappling Championships 2 last weekend. A friend taped some of my fights, and I hope to post them soon. I won 4 and lost 4. In the meantime, here's the finals from an in-house tournament a while ago at my school when I was still a blue belt. I start on the right. Looking back at it, I was pretty close to being caught a number of times. yikes. -Pierre
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