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  1. So the decision has been made. Actually it means that the raw food section has been deleted, and i am not happy about it. I liked the raw section, I only read that one. I dont read other raw forums, because it was my favourite, same with Storietime, vbbf helped me to go vegan and then raw. Now, it has been deleted because one guy (who only posted on the raw section to tell how bad is it, all the time). I am not angry of anybody, but I think it was better that way.
  2. oh, always the same conclusion. eat cooked food if you want, i dont care chaser, only the rich could afford to eat meat every day. There were no meat industries, my grandparents ate what they had..., or look into history books, fruit was always the cheapest food(in season, of course local, and in warm climate) bye the way, i am not a raw foodist, they eat honey and powders and even meat or eggs, i am RAW VEGAN.
  3. The main article is bullshit. I guy try to explain his faliure in doing something. Its simple. Not even logical. It is not true that cooking makes food easier to digest. It is only true when you want to eat something that is not for human eating in its natural form. For example, if you cook your apple it wont digest better. But if you cook your rice it will. But wait, would you eat rice raw? Walking in a ricefield and eating some rice because you are hungry? of course no, you would not even consider it as a food. Only farming, cooking, seasoning makes these foods eatable. Another point that we have been cooking our food much longer than we think, not 10 000 years but more... It is enough to ask my grandma that they did not have fridges, and microwawe ovens, and gas-ovens and stuff, so even fifty years ago my grandparents eat much more raw food, because that was easy to get and cheap. And the agriculture is not older than 10 000 years old, see: The origins of Agriculture. you can be unhealthy even as a raw foodist, you can do it wrong, you can do it good, its simple. people like to explain things for themself and for others making it easyer to accept the faliures. Usually we only admit that raw food is what we supposed to eat when we forced to. Because we are sick or something then we turn to raw foods and let our body to heal itself. Raw foods are not magic foods it is another bullshit, foods not heal, our body does, simple by giving the food it is designed will allow it to heal us.
  4. yeah thats for me, I am well over 80%, no nuts no seeds, just fresh ripe fruits and some leafy greens. Thats all, simple. Mono meals, full of energy, I look better than ever before. It means to me more than anything, I would not change this diet for anything. I am in the fourth month of 100%raw now, feeling greeeeeat.
  5. But the amount could differ though it is not pure zinc in the food, it is biologically connected. By the process it may change. Our body maybe better in using the zinc in living food, than it is revealed after processing it in a tube or some stuff. if you want a better answer you should ask somebody else its all guessing and spekulation by logic sense. (sorry for my bad english, I am tired.. going sleeep.)
  6. Well, it is usual raw foodism It is just my opinion, I am not arguing or something. Just think about when you heat thinks the nutrients get damaged or lost, enzymes, vitamins, stuff... And we cant even know what is in the living food beacause for those nutrient test they have to cook the food and process it and stuff to see what is in it. peace
  7. I do not eat any seeds or nuts at all. Those reccomendations are made for the people on SAD(Standard American Diet). Its completely useless for people like us, vegans or raw vegans. Our system does not have to face with so much chemicals and stuff, we can use nutrients better. posting.php?mode=reply&f=35&t=15284#
  8. hy I am on 811, I have not thought about zinc so far, I think there is enough in the fruit I eat. Of course I do not eat 60 bananas a day but 30 is no problem, usually I have 20 at a normal day. I used to supplement before I went raw or vegan... but now I think it would put unneccessary stress on my body to eat pills, and it would not be used at all. I think the nutrients in the whole foods are much easier to digest and use, just the right ammount our body needs. I still have zinc pills(50mg) on my shelf but I havent touched it for months. I should have got rid of it alredy. thats for me I am eager to hear others opinion on this subject as well
  9. ohhh i should have seen them... doug and fred are my favourites
  10. It must be a great event. The only problem is that it is tooo far away I would love to go But Hawaii and Hungary are not neighbours...
  11. I would like to watch them, but my internet is tooooo slow for this. I could only watch the first day's vids when i was at my bro's place... -I hope I can watch them later... bye the way, can I? (I wacthed the first two one day later) -What was D. Graham talking about? or were there any interesting stuff(from the others as well) thanks
  12. Great posts guys. These arguments can be very useful, and I really appreciate them (till they are reasonable and not only about offending each other) After all its still the same everybody can decide himself what is the best for him. We can help each other, give advices, motivate, encourage others and it is worth more than anything else in this world
  13. Isetfire, If you had read it carefully you would have seen that I also mentioned that apes eat other things besides fruits and veggies, but not all apes though... I only said that their diet is the closest to ours. So please write only when you have something new to say. By the way, how much experience do you have in raw food diet? Because you act like someone who know better than peolpe doing it for decades. Actually have you ever tried it? Or you just give advices without knowing anything about it? and mislead people maybe? (in my opinion)
  14. I never said that it is bad. It is just a simple fact.
  15. Hey, What are we talking about? There is no need to offend each other or argue about things that beyond or comprehension. It is clear that apes are the closest relatives that we can find, without looking at our dna. Apes eat mostly fruit and of course a small amount of other things, it is a fact. An other thing that not just apes but all animal eat their food without cooking and without much combination, there is only one living thing on this planet that do otherwise. I guess you know this one. so we should not argue about facts and things that we do not understand, it is better just to accept them Encourage and help each other, this is why this forum is.
  16. VeganEssentials, You said that you experience dictates that there is no natural law, because you feel greet eating junk food for exmaple but feeling shit after properly combined raw. I do not know how much experience do you have, but think again. If a man who used to eating junkfood(for decades or all life), eat some fruit, a full meal of fruit or just after the meal he will feel shit. Always the fruit is the guilty. Because you can not ecpect to feel greet if your system is not used to is. Try it for a month and then talk. First the digestion was hard for me also, for a couple of weeks, but now it is different. There is a natural law about food combining. Someone has a better digestion system someone has not, it is simple. Dont give up after the first meal if you do not feel very well, it takes weeks or months to get used to it and please do not blame the raw foods or the combinations for it because it works for others who did not give it up after the first bad experience. no offense
  17. Hy! Proteins again... I tought is has been resolved. Why people think that they need big amount of proteins for building muscle? I am ok in fruit-based diet, and I can build muscle as well, I am not skinny. Everything is about calories, after that you do not have to worry about proteins or fat or etc... read the 911 diet, or check this: http://www.charliesgym.info/default.php peace
  18. I agree with Chaser. I completely avoid nuts and seeds, because they cause the same sympthoms for me. I do not eat avocados either, nor coconut. Eat simple, at least for the re-detox. Mono fruit meals, and greens. I think you should avoid all fats till the the detox last. I do not know why so hard it is... I am okay with this for months now. Try it simple. Good luck, I hope your skin gets better, I can really understand your feelings about it.
  19. Hey Nobita with good diet and sport you will get weight so dont be afraid! I am 180cm and 66kg and increasing, raw for 2 months now...
  20. Thanks for the post Bigbwii. I have read this rules of combinations before somewhere else and I can prove that they work very well. Tomorrow will be my second month doing 100% raw. First, when I started I did not know these rules and tips at all but after I had found them everything changed. Now I can easily consume 3000 or even 4000 calories a day. It is simple I do not have any problem with my digestion thanks for the combination rules. So I reccomend to everyone to give it a try! I also say that always wait for true hunger, mostly in the mornings when the digestion system is waking up, and do not eat too sweet or starchy foods for the first meal. Just some vegetables or non sweet fruits, believe me, it helps your digstion system to prepare for "heavier" meals I'm Your Man, I agree with you, great post. As for the multivitamins... I used to take them, before my journey. But I think it is not neccessary to take pills, in fact I think they are rather unhealthy after a certain level. If you take pills then eat it with meals, because (as far as I know) it will indeed helps the absorbtion, because when you eat your insuline level in your blod rises and thus it is easier for the nutrients to be absorbed to the cells.
  21. Hy! It is hard to tell what is the problem, because you did not tell much about the meals you eat. The tiredness could be caused by bad combinations, or bad foods. What kind of veggies were those? Do not eat to much bean sprouts, rather green sprouts, mix them with other greens. Eat the fruits mono. I reccomend 80%fruit and 20%greens diet, if you want to eat seeds or nuts, then only 5%(I do not eat any) Do not use oils, seasonings, salt and keep your fat intake down. If you could specify your meals then it would be easier to figure it out the problem. I hope we can help you, by the way I am 100% raw for two months now, fruit based. keep it up!
  22. I agree with RawVgn. Eat fruit. I eat fruit all the day. For breakfast I only eat some salad and tomato, or some not to sweet fruits. In the morning it is better to let your digestive system to wake up. SO. In the morning try to eat some light ting, only if you are hungry. Then in the afternoon it is easier to eat more. I am 100% raw (very low fat, fruit based, actually no nuts at all) for 2 months now, and it is not a big deal. Find your favourite fruits and eat them Try not to mix them, or follow the basic principles of combining. I am also back in body-building, and its not a big problem for me, to eat 3000-3500cal a day, and I am not skinny at all. So dont worry, just eat when you are hungry Fruits are great, but reduce the fats! Do not eat seasonings, salt, garlic, stuff... Forget the superfoods, its all about money, you dont need them at all. Algaes, or magic green powders.... For me they are not raw... agave nectar, coconut butter, coconut milk, almond butter, almond milk, or cacao powder--- I would not eat them... It is just an advice I hope I could help! http://www.fredericpatenaude.com/index.html --read this, you can learn the basics here go to articles enjoy
  23. A couple of years ago I would not have believed that it is possible to survive without meat, or do some kind of sports, because of the proteins. I used supplements and eat meat just for the proteins. And now I am 100% raw for a month now, and no supplements at all, and 95% fruits. So ? And i am thriving and happier than ever. After this kind of change in beliefs and in body I at least accept this kind of things, and maybe experience it some day as I am experiencing it with raw foods at the moment.
  24. By Viktoras: LOW GLUTEN: 3 c. Buckwheat , 3 c oat, 1/2 cup millet, 1/4 cup wild rice mix, 1/2 quinoa, 1/8 c. amaranth I think they are low gluten The rest: http://www.viktoras.org/sproutedgrains.pdf
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