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  1. You dont have to eat any nuts at all to get the calories. I dont eat any. They are all fat so eat rather fruits, but a lot of tem
  2. Hy! I am not an expert in this but i can give you some advice and others will do the same i think, even with greater experience. First of all a think you should stop eating meat and reduce the ammount of the cooked foods, because if you start a hard feast, it could be dangerous. So dont be afraid of reducing cooked stuff and meat, if you eat enough calorie from fruits then you wont loose muscle. Try to reach 100% raw and after this feasting, i think. and if you are worried about proteins, then sprout lentils, they are full of them and they are raw, and very tasty. I hope i could help. good luck!
  3. I never thought that it is possible to build such body with weigt training. It is quite motivating i will try this in my workout tonight.
  4. DV I think it is a very useful forum and it hepled me a lot, even in body-building. It is good to hear the experiences of others, not just read the stuff from books, about detox and things. They actually felt it, experienced. If you do not believe the books, then believe them, or try it and you will see. I am still new in raw veganism but this forum helps me a lot and motivate me in bodybuilding and in other sports as well. so i think it is good but i like good arguments as well, they can be useful. peace
  5. I will check it. But I am new in this, just as Chaser, so i think it is not so urgent.
  6. Yeah, as far as i know, it is. Check Viktaras's articles about sprouted grains.
  7. It have done it several times(soy), but i dont like it very much. I sprout alfalfa also and i like it, easy to sprout. I drink wheatgass also, and it is very healthy and tasty so good. I am not worried about this b12 thing.
  8. Hey Bigbwii! I am very motivated because of you and other fruitarian guys, so keep it up! I started fruitarianism for 3 weeks now, and I like it, but I can feel the changes in lot ways, in good and in bad also, but i am new in this so it is normal i guess. Keep posting pictures!
  9. Yeah! just try it! my kitchen is full with seeds and stuff. every time I see something new i try to sprout it, even those that are not made for sproutnig. I found the best lentils in a supermarket not in a bio-shop where they sell sprouting lentils and it is much cheaper. so keep looking and sprouting
  10. yeah, it is still better than return to cooked foods i guess
  11. In Hungary i havent seen any sprouatable buckwheat so far. I tried it couple of time without any succes. But i will try quiana, because when winter comes they will be useful
  12. I would really want to read that book, however i cant buy it in Hungary, it's a shame. Probably i will order it from the UK or from the USA if i have to, with some other books that i cant get here. So i cant tell anything about the book, but i think the 811 diet is quite good, i am on it for 2weeks now and i feel better and my skin is better so for me it is good. And also i believe that for humans the fruits are the best food, just think about. We should not buy any supplements that they try to sell us in the name of healty, nowadays every supermarket and shops are full with healthy stuff, is it so easy? Then we could live forever. Usually lot of people uses everything for their health, teas and vitamins and little this and little that but when i look at them i see that they are far from good health. So i think what is simple and natural is the best for us. but still. i am very much intrested in your opinions about the book and lifestyle, its a forum is not it?
  13. Hy! My journey from meat eating to fruit eating was quite fast, it took half year. when i went vegetarian it was vegan also because i did not drink milk. So after a cople of months i started raw and then 100%raw, in now almost just fruits. It is kind a funny, i met people say that it is hard to stay vegan or vegetarian, it was the same for me, to stay vegan and after to stay raw, but with every change it became more and more easy, because now it is not hard to me to stay vegan or raw anymore, it is harder to eat enough fruits for cals. so I just wanted to ask your opinion Duriander about sprouts (grains, lentils). Because i actually love sprouted lentils , and they are raw and good source of cals and carbs and protein too and they are cheap. Because probably it will be harder to maintain fruit based diet in the winter. Because in Hungary i could only buy import fruits (and i will) but they are not the same, and more expensive. so, what do you think?
  14. hy! I think it should be a personal decision wether to take or not, howewer personaly believe that it is not neccesary. All the vegans tell that we made for fruit and green eating not for meat, then how is this possible?, is it a mistake, a malfunction in the evolution? I mean our ancestors lived on fruits and greens before they satarted to work together and hunt or something, and they survived and evolved and they did not need to take any supplements. This theory is based on the theory that every vegans tell that we are not carnivorous then why should we take anything? This way we dont even belive ourself. I think the Nature is perfect in this way. But as i said it is not a big deal, if you feel the need take it, so what? Think about.
  15. Hy! Actually i do not believe in blood-type diet either but i dont know a lot about it. I am O, and i never thought about being meet-eater or vegetarian just because of my blood type. I think there are hardly any vegetarian who became it, because this blood type thing.... so Actually i do not now what is the difference between organic and non organic bananas. I eat what i buy in the supermarket, they are from south america mostly. I consider them raw of course, arent they?
  16. Hy fellow Hungarian raw friend! It is easy to make/bake bread. You should use sprouted grains like wheat, rye or kamut, you can get them in Hungary. One of my favourite book is full with good bread recipes. Élő Ételek az Egészségért- is the title of the book, you can buy it everywhere, in alexandra or libri too. Check out: http://www.mandala-veda.hu have fun!
  17. hy! I agree that maybe! you would be able to put on fat, but that is hard. I think on normal raw diet you can eat whatever you want, if you eat many type of food and do exercises. But we are healthy people, and we train a lot, arent we?
  18. Hy! This topic is about Douglas Graham, but i havent heard a lot about him so far. but im very intrested in these diet because a do a lot of sport. I am on raw only for 2 weeks, but i feel much stronger and i have gained muscle as well, but i eat a lot of sprouts as well and i am focusing increasing the amount of fruits in my diet.( i love them) Actually its not hard for me, i mean the change to raw, i enjoy, i like salads and i eat tons of fruit what i like more but anyway lets hear about D. G. ! thanks
  19. Hey guys! I think it is not neccessary to take any pills at all, because they arent needed and they arent too healthy. If you want to take pills then take full nutritions like algaes or greens. Bye the way, nature is perfect in this too. My b12 sources are sprouted grains, wheat rye, kamut, they are full of it, and other vitamins and enzymes as well. So let'sstart srouting! Every sprouts are full with vitamins and stuff, complete food i think.
  20. Hy! My protein sources: Sprouted lentils 150g-sprouted and seasoned with tomatoes sprouted grains: wheat, kamut, rye etc... 150g blended with 3bananas, after training sprouted beans and other sprouetd seeds and greens, soaked nuts, flax as well don't forget to eat a lot of Fruits as well!
  21. Hy! I think the sprouted lentils are great with tomoatos and they are Power! Sprout the lentils for 2days, and add some sliced veggies like tomato, carrot, etc... i eat this every day, full of carbs and protein and easy to make, you just have to rinse them in the morning and in the evening. i also have other easy and nutritient recipe, but the if you dont even have time for this then just grab a banana or some other fruit
  22. Hy! I am on raw diet as well. I am still improwing my diet and i try to build up muscle. For me it is not hard to eat enough fruit because i love them and we grow them here, so it is easy for me in the summer. BUT! I eat other things as well, i think sprouting is a thing that everybody shuold do. I eat every day 200g lentils (sprouetd for 2days) with tomato and carrot(sliced, seasoned-raw!) And i eat a lot of sprouted grains, after training puding i call: i cup(150g) of wheat, rye or kamut, or mixed, i blend this with 3 banana and with some organic carob powder, it is very tasty and very nutritent because the grains have lot of carbs and proteins as well, and it is raw, so full of enzimes. I will add some other sprouted graind to it, but it is very effective so far. And in the morning, after the wheatgrass juice, i eat one cup of soaked flax seed(with sesame), and half cup soaked sunflower seed and some cheastnut as well usually with salad. Mainly my strenght is from the sprouted grains, and lentils but i eat a lot of salad as well with various kinds of vegetables, sprouted greens, sprouted beans etc... So besides the lot of fruit the sprouted grains, greens are my key foods. As i said, i am still learning and i learn a lot from you guys, here in the forums! So thank you, and i hope i can help you with this.
  23. Hy Everyone! Greet work!, Congratulations! Bye the way, is there anybody who can tell me hoe to upluad a picture?, avatar? thx (i am new around here)
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