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  1. Zack I think I would it would be good if you didn't form judgements just because you've had no personal experience of it and the basic understanding which I've talked about here doesn't fit into your worldview of the way things are. The IMMA is a non-profit organisation might I reiterate, likewise it's sister organisation the Heal Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit and moreover is the only cancer research organisation using funds for further research into the cause of cancer rather than experimental chemotherapies. The Introduction and First Chapter of Richard Flook's new book: 'Why am I sick?' is available for free and you can obtain it in PDF format by sending an email to [email protected]. The full book is available on Amazon here: http://tinyurl.com/n9vjvs
  2. META-Medicine in a few lines is a form of Integrative Medicine. I'm sure most people here are aware of the conflict going on between traditional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine, they're practically at each other's throats, well META-Medicine is a bridge to all of that. We don't favour one other the other and so a META-Medicine diagnosis is a precursor to any therapy. META-Medicine is not a therapy and so no one in META-Medicine is professing that it can 'cure' or 'heal' anyone of anything. In fact we believe that the only person that can 'cure' you of an ailment is yourself and from the people that have so far had a META consult this seems to be the case. META-Medicine gives the client a roadmap of their disease and tells us exactly what stage of the disease they are in. This is one of the main distinctions between modern medicine which does not account for this, their are lots more but I won't go into them here. No one in META-Medicine has a problem with Doctors or the medical profession however we can see the problems in the system. Overtreatment, mass mis-diagnosis etc etc. It's no joke that Medical care in developed countries is first and foremost a money making machine. In response to your comment Zack, there are actually a great many Doctors who are also trained/training in META-Medicine, especially in Germany. And the training we go through is intensive and rigorously enforced, you can only do it if you're already a health professional in some field of traditional or complementary medicine. I'm still training it this but that is a pretty good picture of aspects of what META-Medicine is, hope that helps and I'll be glad to answer any further questions if anyone has any. For more information contact me or visit http://www.metamedicine.com I currently am in the process of getting a site up of my own relating to META-Medicine, I will post it up once it's done. Also if anyone else is interested in a free consultation for a specific problem I am available for that. They recently upped the number of case studies required to license from 30 to 50 so am in need of more!
  3. Hey I just found this thread!!!!! Thanks everyone I had a fantastic time, was away in London!
  4. Why does everyone look so damn amazing!!! Seriously awesome work... wish I were as dedicated to my body right now!! Can't wait for Vegan Brothers In Iron documentary...
  5. Damn I've been away too long..... awesome stuff everyone continuing with this.... +32 Total: 33,159 ...I am unworthy!!!
  6. Today: 10:05-11:10am Warm Up: 5 minutes on Crosstrainer 10 minutes of stretching Bodyweight exercises: Star Jump Squats until failure (19) Plank until failure (1 minute 26 seconds) Handstand Prep until failure (41 seconds) Burpees until failure (6) Couch Leg Raise until failure (42) Couch Leg Raise Partials until failure (46) Couch Led Raise Static Rep until failure (55 seconds) Dumbell Weights (in 21's): Standing Bicep Curl (15kg/33lbs) Seated Hammer Curl (15kg/33lbs) Lying French Presses (15kg/33lbs) Tricep Dips (10, 11) Chest Fly (15kg/33lbs) Chest Pullover (11.5kg/25.3lbs) Chest Press (15kg/33lbs) Weight for the following: 22.2kg/48.9lbs Standing Bicep Curl (5, 5, 5) Hammer Curl (5, 5 each arm) Chest Fly (10) Chest Press (12) Bent Over Row (20 each arm) Have not being feeling well past few days, have had various ear and throat problems and I was coughing a lot during workout so I backed off on the bodyweight stuff... again! Doing chest press with almost 49lbs for the first time was pretty cool though.
  7. Ah cool, thanks Chris. You learn something new everyday as they say
  8. Hey thanks for all the feedback on this fellas. I've been looking all over the net and cannot find cheap second hand oly bars for sale in the uk anywhere There are no stores near me that sell them either....The search goes on. Is it desirable for the plates on a bar to spin VE?
  9. Vaccinations certainly aren't and they are full of other sh**. Aluminium? Mercury? Formaldehyde? WTF is the medical profession trying to do to us.
  10. Looking bigger than ever L&G!!! Awesome vein in the second pic and I love that vest; Eat like you give a damn haha! Sorry to hear your situation man; sounds like you need the dog whisperer!!! No where near as bad as your situation sounds but our Irish Staffy is constantly humping our other smaller dog...despite having his bollocks chopped off months ago We think we may have to give one away
  11. Holy crap that side by side comparison is awesome! Nice daily intake too...man I need to eat more
  12. Great pics IYM!!! That white shirt rocks, I gotta get me one of those.
  13. I agree with IYM You got the triangle thing going on great too
  14. Couldn't find a thread anywhere just for funny stuff so I thought I'd post these up. http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p121/pd9845/squat.jpg http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g245/errol_brownpants/guido12.jpg http://mintyferret.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/lolcat7.gif http://i167.photobucket.com/albums/u129/axiertxo/fotos/lol-1.jpg
  15. Today: 9:22-10:26am Warm Up: 5 minutes on Crosstrainer 10 minutes of stretching Bodyweight exercises: Star Jump Squats until failure (22) Plank uf (1:36 seconds) Handstand Prep uf (48 seconds) Burpees uf (11) Couch Leg Raise uf (52) Couch Leg Raise Partials uf (41) Couch Led Raise Static Rep uf (1:04 seconds) Couch Crunch Full Range uf (15) Couch Crunch Partials uf (21) Couch Crunch Static Rep uf (27 seconds) Dumbell Exercises: '21s' if not mentionned: Upright Row (15kg/33lbs) Standing Shoulder Press (15kg/33lbs) Lateral Raise: 7, 7 (15kg/33lbs) Dumbell Squats Wide (15kg/33lbs) Static Lunges (15kg/33lbs) Dumbell Squats Close (15kg/33lbs) Upright Row (18kg/39.6lbs) 5x5 Standing Shoulder Press (18kg/39.6lbs) 5x5 Lateral Raise (18kg/39.6lbs) 5x2 Dumbell Squats Wide (18kg/39.6lbs) 5x5 Static Lunges (18kg/39.6lbs) 5x5 Dumbell Squats Close (18kg/39.6lbs) 5x5
  16. Wow those Olympic bars look hardcore... Money is tight at the moment and if I got one of those Oly bars I'd have to get a load of new plates as well so I'm going to have to go with some sort of cheap exercise bar...at least for now. One day one of those Olympic babies is mine I was thinking more.... http://www.fitnessmegastore.co.uk/strength-equipment-15/weights-bars-collars-33/bars-barbells-135/fitness-spinlock-barbell-15412.htm
  17. Thanks for the word about refined sugar. I'm in the process of cutting that out completely and that is going to help a tonne!
  18. I'm getting a barbell bar for home use and was just wondering if it's worth paying extra for the longer length bars. So a 6 or 7 ft one instead of a 5ft. Is the extra length at the tips so more plates can be used or is it just he middle section/handle that's longer? Cheers in advance.
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