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  1. Really? Thankyou Sure felt incredible. I'm starting to really enjoy lifting and I haven't even been doing it long. I was wondering about the way I do sets; Should I be doing what I'm doing now e.g Set 1: Standing Curl Hammer Curl Tri Extensions Set 2: Standing Curl Hammer Curl Tri Extensions ...or should I be doing this and doing all the sets for each particular exercise before moving onto the next exercise? Standing Curl (2 sets) Hammer Curl (2 sets) Tri Extensions (2 sets) Or does it not matter? Foreward thanks for input from anyone.
  2. Ah yeah... didn't notice that first time round...damn my niaveity. Still it makes sense to me that we should give our bodies live food and not dead stuff.
  3. Exercising increases testosterone production, as does resting well and eating well
  4. Don't know if anyone's seen this either but thought I'd post it up here.
  5. There's a good chance you may have seen this already but I thought I'd post it because it's Fantastic.
  6. Hey thanks guys Mary: Yeah I don't know what they're called really because most people I've talked to regard the starting point of a star jump as standing. I do the ones where you start off in the squat position but am unsure of the name although I'd bet some people just call these star jumps and refer the standing (easier) ones as jumping jacks. Is that how they are commonly categorized? Hey thanks for the tip Sosso! No I haven't but they do look very versatile, I've wanted some for a while now just for the pushups but I didn't realise they could be used for so much other stuff (kind of duh but yeah). Will have to get some or make a pair of my own soon! Thanks for the links
  7. Excellent advice from the other members here. Welcome to the forum Clickdork! I know how you feel man I'll be 18 in may and weigh about 127lbs but I was a similar weight to you a few months ago. This place is great
  8. Today: 6:55pm to 7:13pm Warm Up: 5 minutes on Crosstrainer 10 minutes of stretching Bodyweight exercises: Pushups (20) Full Star Jumps until failure (16) Plank until failure (1 minute 32 seconds) Handstand Prep until failure (51 seconds) Burpees until failure ( Couch Leg Raise until failure (46) Couch Leg Raise Partials until failure (36) Couch Led Raise Static Rep until failure (54 seconds) Couch Crunch Full Range uf (14) Couch Crunch Partials uf (21) Couch Crunch Static Rep uf (26 seconds) Dumbell Weights (in 21's): Standing Bicep Curl (15kg/33lbs) Seated Hammer Curl (15kg/33lbs) Lying Tricep Extensions (15kg/33lbs) Tricep Dips (10) French Presses (15kg/33lbs) Chest Fly (15kg/33lbs) Chest Pullover (11.5kg/25.3lbs) Chest Press (15kg/33lbs) Standing Bicep Curl (15kg/33lbs) Seated Hammer Curl (15kg/33lbs) French Presses (15kg/33lbs) Tricep Dips (10) Chest Fly (15kg/33lbs) Chest Pullover (10kg/22lbs) Chest Press (15kg/33lbs) Notes: Ate a ton of oats about 15 minutes before I started which wasn't very wise so I backed off a bit on the jumping around and body exercises today. Experienced much better form today, hope to bump up the weight early March.
  9. +20 as part of todays exploits. Total: 18,700 Pretty disappointed that I haven't continued with pushups that way I was doing, since I amped up my weights routine I've found them much harder but this I intend to rectify. Kudos to everyone who have continued to contribute
  10. Molly you look fantastic! VeganJoe hit it on the nail I think You are in great shape already, can't wait to see progress!
  11. Robert Supreme's Vegan Shake Recipe for Supreme Tastyness Ingredients: 1 serving of Sunwarrior Protein Powder 3 teaspoons of Organic Hemp Protein Powder 2 teaspoons of Organic Kamut Wheatgrass 1 teaspoon of Organic Spirulina 1 teaspoon of Organic Maca Powder 1 teaspoon of Powdered Camu Camu A small cup's worth of Green tea (cooled in the fridge) Additional water to desired consistancy Directions: 1. Put ingredients in shaker 2. Shake 3. Devourer
  12. Hey Robert! Sorry for the delay I will sort something out in the upcoming week for sure but don't send anything just yet as I'm unsure how many Walnats I want yet
  13. Hear, hear! http://sarcasticgamer.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/woohoo.gif
  14. If anyone's having doubts about the Sunwarrior stuff - Do it!!!! Mine came today and was not disappointed 16g of protein per serving, completely raw uncooked and vegan, awesome texture and taste, full amino acid profile, 98.2% digestion efficiency and 98% correlation rate to Mother's milk!!!!! YB! (Pics coming soon)
  15. Hey Mellon welcome to the forum!
  16. Haha! Well put lol that made me laugh. You look kickarse in that avatar btw.
  17. Good point veganjons75. That would of been me that made that oversight on why most people are Vegan, because the no.1 reason I'm Vegan and Veganism to me is because/about not eating certain foods for health reasons. With what you say in mind, I'm still confused as to why people who care so much about not mistreating other beings would continue to mistreat themselves. Drinking alcohol as a form of 'mistreatment' is obviously subjective because there are many people who regard it as the opposite - a treat. It's just that I personally can not see how drinking poison can in any way be beneficial. Aside from creating an aura of sophistication. Also I think that part of the problem with those who take it too far isn't that they just don't have self control, it's that this lack of self control has developed over time as a result of drinking an addictive drug substance. I'd bet the majority of alcoholics didn't just suddenly turn that way overnight but started off with the odd drink now and again. (Obviously this does not mean that I am implying an individual could not maintain a sensible level of alcohol consumption his whole life becuase there are obviously people who do). Just a thought. EDIT: Obviously Mr. Pink and everyone else at the end of the day makes their own decisions about what they drink or not and in no way am I trying to change anybody's opinion on the matter or anything like that (before I get flamed )
  18. Just had Hemp for the first time today (http://tinyurl.com/anyjz5)- Awesome!!! I didn't find it gritty at all but I think that could be down to the blender ball that came with the shaker! http://www.opamerica.com/images/products/blender-ball.jpg Something I came up with: 1 portion of Hemp Powder 1 portion of Kamut Wheatgrass 1/2 a portion of Spirulina Then instead of just using water I add Green tea that has been cooled in the fridge. 1 part cooled green tea 3 parts water Really really nice though I guess it depends on what kind of green tea you use. I had Nettle and mint. Can't wait to receive Sunwarrior and add that to the mix....
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