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  1. Man there's some intense recipes here that I'm going to have to try when I lay my hands on the ingredients lol!
  2. Nice suit!!! Looking suitably Swish. I've never tried Durian - what's it like? ADRIANNNN!!!! Haha!
  3. Hey Dan! Some nice stuff here. Congratulations on your engagement and the marriage to be!
  4. http://www.livingscapenursery.com/images/sultan.jpg That's damn right MM.
  5. That's it I'm getting me a jump rope...!!! I've been looking for something better to do warmups with other than running and I think this is it! I watched that youtube video of VeganPotter hitting the jump rope at Vegan Vacation, I've never seen people do that where they only move their feet a few inches of the floor! How long does it take to get that good do you reckon?
  6. You sound very hardcore! Cool that you're so dedicated to Martial arts. That's something I intend to do down the line. Welcome to the forum!
  7. ...to help us prevent the restriction of all the presently freely available herb/ vitamin/ mineral/ food supplements. Info: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=157 http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=162 PETITION: For US Citizens: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?page_id=184 For UK Citizens: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Vitamins/ I am sure most people here are well aware of the Codex Alimentarius (WHO/UN) restriction proposals already but if not give it a google and watch some videos then plurlease sign the petition Put short if this thing passes law (which it won't )...we won't be able to buy herbs, vitamins, mineral or other food supplements without severe restriction and in the minimum of quantities. I am sure no one here wants that. It is already illegal in Germany to sell (and I think own) vitamin C in quantities over 500mg without a perscription. "Codex Aims to Dictate Everything You Put in Your Mouth" Absolute Madness.
  8. A Living Moss Bath mat?!?! I gotta get me one of these http://www.momoy.info/uploads/interior-design/January-2009/moss_carpet_2.jpg http://www.inhabitat.com/2009/01/19/moss-carpet-by-nguyen-la-chanh/
  9. Nice Smoothie EndCruelty! Did you down that all at once?
  10. Alright sorry folks but I was just putting my opinion. At no point did I mean to be disrespectful to anyone if someone thinks I have been. Didn't mean to hijack thread either (apologies Dr. Pink). I can understand that other people have different views on alcohol (duh), again I was just putting my opinion. I'm not going to hold back on my opinions and views just because they could be perceived to 'give vegans a bad reputation' by some. That's censorship. If people stereotype vegans that's their problem, not ours. Editing our own views so that they don't 'threaten' the concept of veganism is just more stereotyping but in the other direction!! Respectful free speech ftw. So because I don't drink I'm an awkward, sociopathic weirdo? I've got no problem with other people drinking and I'm not trying to enforce on people that they shouldn't. I was just genuinely curious about why many people here (who so clearly care a great deal about their health) will willingly drink poison. (Let's not forget that's what it is) Anyway I'm off to have some steroids now, but it's ok because I only use them in moderation. (jokes) EDIT: Page for you Pink: http://www.veggiewines.co.uk/
  11. I just heard on the rado some guy just got charged for starting them.
  12. I don't know why anyone would voluntarily want to put poison in their bodies. Apart from because it's the 'socially acceptable thing to do' which, c'mon is ridiculous. If you don't have the ability to stop drinking then I'm surprised that person would have the capacity to go vegan. Eating meat is done just as much because of where it puts you on the social scale of things. i.e. with the majority of the population so there is perceived 'normality.' Unless... going vegan caused someone enough social conflicts and so drinking reduces that and helps them to feel socially accepted again? Hmmm. Just my opinion. I suppose it's an easier thing to do from my perspective (giving up drinking) because in all my life I've only ever had a few drinks (under 20). Because of this, I've never gotten to the point where I could say to myself: 'Hey, I actually quite like the taste of this stuff now' Because I've never enjoyed it/gotten accustomed to it whatever, I've only ever drunk it in social circumstances when everyone else was. The time I started really thinking about it was when one time I had a couple of drinks at a party and I ended up headbutting my step dad (hard) of all things. I wasn't drunk, I was drinking on an empty stomach and was about 161/2 so I didn't have to take in much before I was a bit wobbly anyway. I'm turning 18 soon (the legal age for drinking here in the UK) and the expected thing is to go out and celebrate with an alcoholic drink!!! Screw that...Ima gonna stay in and have me some Wheatgrass instead.
  13. OT I know but great avatar Trevmondo. I'm getting that same VBB shirt soon
  14. Makes sense to me. To qoute Arnie: 'Milk is for babies' lol! Oh, and more to the point. Cow milk is for COW babies.
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