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  1. http://www.colalife.org/ Maybe I'm just being too untrusting but this really sickened me when I saw it. On the other hand it's good they're doing something worthwhile for once but this clearly is nothing other than a marketing ploy. There's not a snowballs chance in hell that I'm now going to associate their products with wholesomeness and good ethics or whatever else they're trying to pull because of this.
  2. Nice work! 60 a day?!? You must have one hell of a compost heap. AND a Bamboo bicycle? Wow man. I want pics.
  3. I try to make a habit out of stretching first thing as I get up and before the warm up before a workout. The difference between becoming one of those old people with their backs bent and heads down low and not is apparantly stretching in the morning. Don't know how accurate this is though as I would have thought any old exercise on a regular basis woould prevent that. Sometimes I like to stretch just for the hell of it like in mid conversation sometimes (not always appropriate obv). If you look at most mammals, especially cats and dogs from what I've seen, they stretch all the time! My dog frequently stretches when he gets up from lying down, before he lyes down, after eating and at random times as well. I actually enjoy stretching too, sure doing the whole body properly can take 10 minutes or more but I find it quite fun now whereas before I wasnt really interested. Apparently it's bad to 'bounce' when you stretch? Any thoughts on this? I've stopped this now and it does feel better doing the stretch slowly and deliberately but I'm curious anyhow. +1 VeganJosh It makes sense that there isn't a one size fits all for stretching either. But hey, it can't be detrimental . . . right?
  4. 4 sets of 35, 2 crappy sets of 15 then another 35 after a breather. +210 Running Total: 7012 Yeah I want to improve my form more also. Pb is still only 40 in a set. I need that big 5-0!!!
  5. This site is pretty cool and has a 6 week schedule that will have you been able to do 100 pushups at the end of it. Worth a look whether you're advanced and can do lots or can only do a few currently... or if you cba to make your own schedule http://www.hundredpushups.com
  6. Found this site which is pretty good and has some info on form. http://www.hundredpushups.com
  7. I vote VeggiePrincess for her awesome and inspiring advice.
  8. VeggiePrincess Post: +10,0002 I was like that for a long time and also concluded that it is no way to live and is a very detrimental way of thinking. If something doesn't feel right then it usually isn't, you could try not caring for a week and seeing what happens?
  9. No worries Robert, besides I think it might inspire people to do more! They still tot up as a whole regardless so I'm fine with it. I keep a record of how many I do in a notebook so I won't be posting my running total on here much but with todays: 6 sets 35 - 210 Running Total: 6405 Contribution: 2735
  10. Hey its understandable to be ashamed but everyone makes mistakes Robert! How else would any of us learn? Success is the Result of: Good Judgement.. Good Judgement is the Result of: Experience.. Experience is the Result of: Bad Judgement
  11. I will soon as I get some moolah. Any of the blue ones with the barbell left? They rock.
  12. Yeah just measuring calories is a pretty shallow way of analysing your diet imo. +1 STOP...Paradigm Shift....Doo Do Do Do, DoDo DoDo Can't Touch This
  13. Hey thanks everyone for responding to this! Had a good laugh reading some of your answers ha!
  14. I can't wait till I can afford a Reverse osmosis water filter! That gets rid of flouride in dirnking water good and proper. For flouride-free toothpaste I go to www.bodykind.com. Comvita toothpaste is especially good. Not sure if there's a US version of the site though.
  15. Had a nice rest yesterday but now it's that monday pushup time again! 6 sets 35pu + 210 Running Total: 5945
  16. Awesome! Go for it Richard! I think I'm going to start taking Sundays off for r&r because my whole upper body is knackered just from the push-ups done these last 10 days! Still going to up the ante once Feb comes round though + 240 (usual 6 sets + 30) Running Total: 4665
  17. Dropsoul I resonate with many of things I have read from your posts, I agree with what you speak of intent and it being in between something being black and white. Someone fighting in a war may believe that they are doing the right thing and so to some extent they must be doing the right thing. Who is anyone to ask of someone anything else other than to do what they believe is right at the time? Interesting.
  18. Sure Religious Dogma has 'caused' many wars and deaths but religion also has saved lots of people! If it helps them live their lives in peace and they become kind to their fellow man as a result of following religiong then is it that bad? I do not think things are as black and white. Death is not the bad thing everyone makes it out to be either imo. Bearing this in mind, there really isn't a problem anyway.
  19. I used to worry a lot about that but I think worrying is a pretty pointless exercise really! I don't think there is a problem and that what happens happens for the best imho. Scientificly accepted 'truths' are just as theoretical and as subject to change as widely-held beliefs held by the majority and those without phds in physics or chemistry. Or the pseudo science beliefs/gullibles/whatever. Do you know a lot of 'science' is based on Dogma Offense? Look up Bruce Lipton, he explains how Darwin theory is based on Dogma and how today mention anything that suggests something contrare to Darwin's theory and you get laughed at by the scientific community in a dogmatic fashion.
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