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  1. Thanks mate! First pic made me realise that I need a bit more deltoids
  2. Your neighbours must be thinking you are crazy hehehe "Hooooneeey there is again the freaky guy from the next door, he is in a thong and he is making strange poses, should I call the cops? "
  3. Oh and Robert! Thanks mate! I hadnt seen your message
  4. Ok guys sorry, my flickr account sort of snapped... anyway here I got some new pics. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3223/3130517843_390de9f5b2_o.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3291/3131348712_064abd86ab.jpg I started to train my back really seriously like three months ago, it took me almost two months to figure out what exercises worked better on me.
  5. Might be I used to eat granola with soy milk for breakfast, like one cup. Lunch vegetables and one slice of bread Dinner maybe more granola and crackers....
  6. There is more food for vegan in the US, TRUST ME! I dont know why my physique transformed in this way but I believe is because I was underweight before, I looked like a ectomorph but I think originally Im a mesomorph, just that I undereated because I wasnt doing any exercise. Is not that I dont workout much or dont pay attention to my workouts. I train five days a week, sleep enough, eat enough, I s lots of water during the day and I dont have cheat meals or eat any sugar or pastas.
  7. DaN, I dont want my eyes to explode! But I can wear thick sun glasses just in case Hurry up with those pics mate! Yes, 12th December no more work until 5th January, this is because I work for a public institution. Private ones keep working all year round. Fenrir Thanks mate! Im actually thinking if I should keep training hard or cut it a little bit, my initial goal was to get buffed up but now I dont want to get huge....maybe I over did things a bit...
  8. Hey DaN! How are you doing? Thanks, I eated a lot, worked a lot, the rest of it I think is good genetics, I have been always a big guy, only that I was undereating before because I wasnt doing any exercise. Yes! We are celebrating christmas over here, I cant wait until 12, is when they give us holidays vacations! Those days Im going to be able to focus more on training How come you havent posted any pics DaN?
  9. Thanks men. Im on maintenance right now and having a week off to heal injuries, Is driving me
  10. Pec is looking good. Back and arms are great! Your waistline grows as well, deal with it a few months, then it comes the funny part
  11. Ok, so here I am, two months in the gym. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3053/3013133564_9a56799f19.jpg And here I am almost four months now. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3253/3081290940_7c615f97de.jpg
  12. I know it takes a while but I like what I see =) I have been lifting for three months now. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3051/2993510100_bf9edd0cb3.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3155/3027895934_9e2760dde9.jpg
  13. You dont need large amounts of protein. Usually people say that you should take 1.5 or even 2 grams per pound of bodyweight, but your body is not entirely made of muscle. About olive oil, yes you can. Usually if you are bulking and lets say your fats are around 75 grams and you cals are 2800, if you want to reach 3000 cal you use two tablespoons of olive oil, according to fitday.com this is around 200 cal, and of course you fat intake will be up too. =) I dont use numbers, I prefer just to eat and see how my body responds.
  14. Thanks Lena. I actually felt better last week due to glutamine, but now is back. Today I felt it while I was walking in the market, is not annoying when you are doing routinary activities, but in the gym it can be horrible. I decided Im going to give it a rest and try maybe in two or three weeks. I guess leg days are now abs day...
  15. Thanks guys! Is incredible... there are in the gym these guys that dont work out legs, they hate those excercises... me on the other side... I love leg day, it was my favourite...
  16. Scream all you want if you are working hard, but dont do it if you are lifting 10 Kg xD I do lots of faces in the gym, alot like this one Follow this guy advice: xD
  17. Hi guys! Ive been training my legs once a week since a month and a half. I do four workouts that day including squats and leg presses. Lately Im feeling some sort of electric shock in my right foot. It happens even when Im walking. It also happens while Im working out so I cannot perform the excercises correctly. Should I take a break from doing legs? Thanks guys and sorry for my bad english!
  18. Hey Rainura! Is cool to be motivated. I feel great pumping some iron (specially leg day ). I train hard but I do just enough, I like to listen to my body. Ive seen guys working their asses off in the gym for half of the morning and yet they dont seem to be gaining any muscle or strength. I get to the gym early in the morning, train without talking or give any advice (no matter how bad they are performing an excercise...and boy... Ive seen some things... ) and then Im out of there. I forgot about it until the next day, so this is my way to be motivated, think in the gym while you are there and then forget about it and center in your life
  19. I think you are right... well Ill wait another months and compare it with the right one. You know Bodhi, the strongest part in my body and more muscular when Im training are my forearms hehehe and I dont even train them directly
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