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  1. I don't think it's absolutely necessary for a child to be healthy, but I think it is the priority and ideal to encourage the biological mother and father to take that responsibility and to be accountable above anyone else since it's a direct result of their mutual decision. Maybe when queer right advocates can admit to this distinction, I'll be all about supporting their right to have a marriage recognized by the State. None that I know of. They all seem to just want marriage licenses with the exact same benefits as though they have the same responsibilities of breeders across the board no distinctions. Where has there ever been a counter ballot initiative produced in any state in the USA where they propose that the marriage laws distinguish between non-breeders? Where does adoption figure in to all of this? And what about gay people who do have their own children? IE: A lesbian that chooses to get artificially inseminated?
  2. Your original argument states that 'gay rights advocates' agree that a biological father and mother is ideal..... what advocates are you referring to specifically? There will always be children, gay people getting married will not change that! There will always be heterosexual couples that procreate, there will always be gay men and women who procreate through whatever means feels most comfortable for them.... and there will always be unwanted babies and children in need of loving homes. Only the 'Yes on 8' advocates would say that a child needs a biological mother and father to be happy and healthy. Children need love and support, whether from two biological parents, two adopted hetero parents, a single parent, or two same sex parents.
  3. There's a vegetarian zombie in the remake of 'The Day of the Dead.' I haven't seen it, it's supposed to be terrible, but there's a vegetarian zombie. I suppose it would have to be a vegan zombie then, right? Zombies can't cook eggs or eat cheese, after all.
  4. I'd eat way more soy and faux meat, that's fer sure. I'd definitely stay a vegan, but I wouldn't worry about whether something was organic or not, and I'd eat ALOT more fried foods.
  5. I hated "Fast Food Nation', though. LOVED the book, and was excited about the movie coming out. I thought the first 40 minutes or so were great, and then it took a major nose-dive. For all the great narratives it had set up, it suddenly lost it's focus and didn't end up impacting me at all, and I was a supporter going IN. This isn't one I would recommend to anyone in hopes of turning them on to veganism or the evils of the fast food world.
  6. No, I haven't been to one yet, been working hella hard for x-mas season. But I'd like to start going to them soon. I'm definitely joining the efforts to boycott businesses that supported Prop 8 here in Cali. For anyone interested, here is the list I've been able to amass thus far: Cinemark movie chain, which voted almost $10,000 to 'Yes on 8' The PF Chang's in San Diego (owned by Michael O'Grady) * C&L Restaurant Group - Largest franchisee of Burger King locations in So Cal; Richard Cross, restaurant operator, donated $4,000 to the campaign. Donation verified on LA Times. * T-Bird Restaurant Group - Exclusive rights to franchise Outback Steakhouse in California. CFO Mikkel Christensen donated $2,000. Donation verified on LA Times. * WKS Restaurant Corporation, company with franchise rights for El Pollo Loco. Roland Spongberg, President, donated $6,000 to Yes on 8. Donation verified on LA Times. On their website Denny's and Corner Bakery Cafe were also listed. * Yard House - Restaurant Partner ("Owner"), Executive Chef Carlito Jocson donated $100. Donation verified on LA Times. * Real Mex Restaurants - Steven Tanner, CFO, donated $500.00 Restaurants under their belt include all: El Torito, Chevy's and Acapulco, as well as smaller concepts Las Brisas, Casa Gallardo, Who Song & Larry's, and El Paso Cantina. Donation verified on LA Times. There are smaller LA businesses that are being targeted as well for donating smaller sums, like El Coyote. Not that many of these are exactly vegan-friendly establishments that I would ever go to anyway, but just as they exercised their right to donate and support, and I'll exercise my right to take my money elsewhere!
  7. Thanks for that, I enjoyed seeing the issue from that perspective. For anyone interested, here is the full article: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-cannick8-2008nov08,0,3669070.story But I agree that it's not fair to single out one community, there are many communities in which we failed to reach out to..... the last statistics I read were that 49% of Asians, 53% of Latinos, and nearly 50% percent of Whites (who represent 63% of California voters) voted in favor of Prop 8. EDIT: Ha, sorry, didn't realize veginator had already posted the same statistics.
  8. Are you then saying that fertile heterosexual couples have more of a right to marry than infertile heterosexual couples? Or fertile couples who don't want children and take precautions (ie: getting fixed)? And how do the "responsibilities, risks, and burdens of an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy" have anything to do with the right to a legal marriage? Two people wanting to partake in each others life and holdings, as recognized by the state and IRS?
  9. Well, I don't think that's quite possible! But kudos to you for knowing you would stay true to your feelings, and not let machismo crap get in the way of a possibly wonderful relationship. As liberal as I usually consider myself to be, I'm not sure I would be able to be as open minded.
  10. HA HA! He's an interesting one, that giuliani.
  11. I love how the 'prouder moments' of his legacy have absolutely nothing to do with him.... volunteers in africa fighting disease, and americans willing to take action after a national tragedy. Nope, none of that would have happened without him!
  12. Good for her! And fantastic that a small conservative town would choose to focus on experience over appearance and sexual orientation. The times they are a-changin'. (But skimming the comment section was definitely a bit saddening).
  13. I've read about this! Only it seems the food would only last you about 3-4 days (if you were stretching it), and for $100 a box..... thaaaat's a bit pricey!
  14. Holy crap that's intense! I hope I can find it on the internet, cause I don't have a TV. Thanks for posting!
  15. I thought hippies were anti-work or is that just a phase? I think it's more anti-establishment and anti-big business.
  16. I have considered colonics many times.... but it just sounds so awful! Isn't it painful and uncomfortable?
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