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  1. Perhaps it's not a matter of doing more cardio for you, perhaps it's upping your game in the weight room. Cut back to what you can maintain long-term, 1000-1200 ish, add an extra 20 minutes to your routine and dedicate yourself to an extra day of weight lifting. I've found that 4 days a week really does make a difference.
  2. At that height, weight, and bf, maintenance averages around 1200 if you're not exercising. With light exercise it's around 1400, and with moderate around 1600. Of course, each person is different. If you're that afraid of gaining fat, you might try staying around 1300-1400 calories, alternating weights with cardio, and eating high-protein, low-fat. Do you currently lift? Those calorie ranges work for me, and I'm 5'7. She's 4'9, though. Tough situation. One of my best friends is about 5', and if she eats a freakin' slice of pizza, it shows. I guess it depends how much and often you lift.... 1000 calories a day does sound awfully low, but if that's what works.... (bring on the steamed veggies!!)
  3. For cut muscles, you will have to do much more than what you just listed. For weight loss, adding cardio will help you tremendously, but be careful not to overwork your legs. Run on the same days that you work your legs, give them a day to rest while you work your upper body. In terms of calorie intake vs. expenditure, this is a good place to start: http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calories-goal.php Keep a food journal, train harder and longer, add cardio, and you'll reach your goals in no time.
  4. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Not even from a vegan perspective.... I mean, raw meat? My bf is a big omni, and he couldn't watch it either. Ugh. That dude is gonna get so sick.
  5. Down to 126, bitches! Been working hard and monitoring my calories closely. AND, my knee pain has all but subsided. Working my legs has absolutely helped---and the pain only starts to creep back when my mind wanders and I'm executing bad form.... so it's a nice little reminder to keep my head in the game! (I've also been stretching my quads a few times a day--that seems to be helping quite a bit as well). Going to Germany for 10 days tomorrow. I'm actually really worried about staying on track. It's been about 10 years, but I remember being stuck with mostly cold cuts and cheese. I'm packing a ton of clif bars, and planning on sticking to breads. I really don't want to undermine all my weight loss efforts with high calorie carbs, though. Well, we shall see!
  6. DAMN, dude! You must be ripped! If I wore a hat, I'd tip it.
  7. I feel like I've had a revelation.... I decided randomly to take a 6am sculpting class at my local gym this morning (which I almost convinced myself I didn't want to do as the alarm went off at 5:15)..... and it was one of the best workout experiences I've ever had. Lots of parking.... no fighting for weights (or getting stuck with weights that are either too light or too heavy).... only 5 people in the class.... and after all was said and done with (class, solo cardio and stretching).... I was out of the gym by 7:45 ready to start my day! I then came home, read the rest of my book, got my car cleaned and did laundry. AND IT'S ONLY 11:15!!! Mornings rock, I've discovered today. Just thought I'd share. (It's the little things )
  8. I'm about your height (just under 5'8). All bodies are different, but I can let you know what has worked for me in the past: If you're trying to *lose weight* as a pretty active person, I wouldn't advise going over 1500-1600 . At least I know that I can't without maintaining/plateauing. *For me*, 1500 calories a day while keeping to a pretty diligent training schedule has worked well, and is plenty for adequate energy (assuming you are being calorie efficient, and eating healthy, whole foods). For the periods that I've worked out less, I've found that 1500 calories maintains my weight, and 12-1300 calories results in weight loss (of course, I wasn't working out then, so I'm sure I was losing muscle as well). This is a pretty good guide: http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calories-goal.php Hope that helps!
  9. That's an interesting take on rape. Gee, I hope I never get 'mistreated'.
  10. Thanks for that, you've certainly given me adequate food for thought! And opensecrets.org is great, thanks!
  11. Whoa! Very interesting, I didn't know about that. Good to hear it's been 6 long years.... I'd hate to give up my Very Vanilla!
  12. Been on a 'Sports Night' kick for the last week. Aaron Sorkin is so cool.
  13. Yeah, rice milk can be a little on the watery side. SO with you on the almond milk.... yummmmmmm.
  14. It could definitely be the brand he's drinking..... there are some brands I can't drink. The diner I work at has the most ing Soymilk ever... The only time I ever have my coffee black!! I forget the name though. And hasn't everyone tasted dishwater?
  15. Silk is definitely Vegan. I wonder why it doesn't say so on the carton? Is the thinking that a Vegan label might turn off omni's who assume everything 'Vegan' tastes like grass?
  16. Just read this article: http://tangergreen.com/rice-dream-rice-milk-contains-unwanted-chemicals/ Apparently the Vanilla flavored Rice Dream milk has the ingredient 'natural flavor'. Here's the site's hypothesis as to why this particular flavor would need an additive: The writers of the site then wrote to the company to ask what the 'natural flavor' was exactly, and got this is response: Hmmmm. Kind of a vague response...... Blimey! I love vanilla flavored Rice milk. I'm going ingredient hunting at Trader Joe's TOMORROW!
  17. Don't know if you (or myself, for that matter) are up for trying alternative teeth cleaning methods, but I've been reading about baking soda for teeth cleaning and bleaching.... which would be SO cheap! Here is where I have been mainly reading about it: http://greenfertility.blogspot.com/2006/05/secret-to-white-teeth-not-toothpaste.html However, the writer on that last link promotes the use of Arm and Hammer, which as we know is very much non-Vegan. This link is a good starting place for cruelty free baking sodas: http://tangergreen.com/cruelty-free-baking-soda-boycott-arm-hammer-buy-bobs-red-mill/
  18. Oh wow, I just watched the first part of the Geraldo one. I didn't know those videos existed! I hate that it was friggin' Geraldo that interviewed him. That guy is such a joke. Someone like him definitely has 'something to prove' at all times. Even the way he was sitting.... legs wide open, hands on his hips..... I really can't watch him.
  19. I think it's all about confidence. If you say to people who are used to seeing you with a drink in hand 'I'm not drinking' with any hint of embarrassment or remorse, they will encourage you to give in and drink..... But if YOU accept it as part of who you are, and don't take any shit about it..... your friends won't care. Especially if you don't make it weird. If your friends are really friends, it'll be fine.
  20. Not when Palin is your running mate. Absolutely. Much bigger issues. This one simply got brought up. If you'd like to hear the myriad other reasons that are non-health related, by all means PM me, and I will make you a list.
  21. Really good question! I hope you get some responses, and I'm going to do a little homework on this....
  22. That is already a concern. He repeatedly refers to countries that no longer exist, cannot remember what countries border one another in the middle east, cannot remember what our own generals in Iraq names or responsibilities are, cannot remember who the Suunis and Shiites are (thereby continually giving false information to the american press, and saying things like these two groups 'don't have a history of violence toward one another'), and cannot remember who are the figure heads of what countries (Putin from Germany??). And I do think his health is of concern. He has had cancer 4 times.
  23. A good performance.... but I think the text about eating animals, things that are 'better' than us, is designed to make him look crazier, unfortunately. It's unfortunate that vegans and vegetarians don't have a better image in the media. But I suppose that's the bigger goal for all of us.... It's true, though.... It's ironic to live in a world where 'equality' and 'sanctity of life' are preached, and yet factory farms and needless slaughter exist.
  24. That is just mean. A really shitty, mean spirited thing to do. And so very puerile. He sounds like a bully in a school yard. Perhaps this isn't the most mature advice, but what about fighting fire with fire? It sounds as though you've been mature and patient up until now, why not annoy him with his own game? When he calls and tells you about his 'delicious steak', ask him if he can taste the growth hormones and feces? Ask him if he can feel residue from the antibiotics sticking to his colon? Ask him what he thinks that cow's name was? Was she a passive cow or was she a fighter? How long did it take her to die? Does it bother him that his meal was begging for its life just a few days ago? Ask him coolly and unemotionally, don't give in to his temper. Enough responses like that.... and I'd be surprised if he didn't stop bothering you. Not the most mature thing to do..... but I did this to a co-worker who would incessantly talk about how 'stupid' my decision was. It shut him up two times quick. Especially the 'begging for its life' line. That one WORKED.
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