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  1. I've argued my thoughts on that plenty on other threads. But if the R ticket won the presidency.... I'm pretty sure we'd experience a Palin administration before the four year term were up. McCain is no spring chicken, with admitted health problems.
  2. Well in the end.... someone will no matter what any of us thinks.
  3. My uncle sent this my way.... Subject: PBS Poll Very simple procedure. They do not ask for any personal information. PBS has an online poll posted, asking if Sarah Palin is qualified. Apparently the Republicans knew about this in advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes. [They're always better organized than we are.] I know it's only a poll, but it will be reported on PBS, picked up by mainstream media and can influence undecided voters in swing states. Please do two things -- takes 20 seconds. 1) Click on link and vote yourself. Here's the link: http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html 2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voter you know, and urge them to vote and pass it on. The last thing we need is PBS having to say our viewers think Sarah Palin is qualified. Thanks.
  4. oh my gosh, that's so terrible. i can't even imagine.
  5. An interesting question.... Found this here: http://www.groovyvegetarian.com/2008/02/14/what-to-do-with-vegan-inmates/ Recently a criminal by the name of Love Sky Dancer (of course) was incarcerated, and as a vegan, he requested he be sent to a prison where vegan meal options exist. Apparently the penal system in London accomodates vegan inmates. The judge approved the request, and Love Sky Dancer is now in London. So should vegans be allowed to transport to vegan-friendly prisons? Was the judge right in accomodating Love Sky Dancer? What should the American penal system do with Vegan Inmates?
  6. Slowly, but surely. Being inactive 'cause 'o my stupid knee has slowed things down. But tomorrow I'm planning on easing my way back into the weight room. I'll start with some leg machines to gauge how 'knee friendly' leg strengthening will be for me at this point. Blerg! (that's me. pouting. a good likeness, no?)
  7. When I first went Vegan, my skin broke out like nothing I've ever seen. It took everything in me not to go running for a grilled cheese sandwich! It took about a month and a half to work itself out of my system. I didn't cut back on fats (although I never have all that many anyway), but I did make some modifications to my diet..... I upped my fruit consumption by a billion. I tried to go to bed hungry and only have fruit the first few hours I was awake...... to aid in bodily detoxification I suppose. It got worse before it got better, but now it's gone. Truly!! I also tried to be nicer to myself..... I went to bed earlier than usual and 'destressed' as much as I could (breaking out was making me nuts---I didn't want to leave the house). Good luck! It WILL pass.
  8. omg, offense. I just clicked on the link in your signature to the church of the flying spaghetti monster..... I love it!
  9. Good point, and so true. However (and I know I'm young.... this is only the third election I'm voting in), "this time" things ARE worse. 8 years ago the Patriot Act didn't exist, all the major phone companies weren't cooperating in 'freedom driven wire-tapping', our reputation in the world at large wasn't bust, the national debt wasn't bankrupting the country, and we weren't teetering on a financial depression. Perhaps as the years and elections go on, I will feel more inclined to give my vote to a Green Party candidate. But "this time", things feel just too awful not to do everything in my singular power to try and keep McCain and Palin away from the White House. True.... and I realize the irony of my posting anything in response to this! But again, I've never felt so scared. My bank just closed! I can't afford to fill up my gas tank! I just can't justify not using my vote to keep McCain away. So.... hypothetically speaking..... if Nader were more a player in this election..... and he were getting the press and following and aid that he got in 2000...... in the America, world and election of 2008..... then you agree that it WOULD be aiding the conservative machine? 'Cause those guys stick TOGETHER! That's the strength of the Republican party.... simple slogans and a deeply loyal following. If we, as 'liberals', more evenly divided between the 'liberally minded' parties, none of them would carry any weight. It's one body of people..... in a time like this, can we afford not to stand together? True. Sigh. You're a smart vegan cookie, Veginator. Thanks for your response, it puts things in perspective. However, I still feel the same way. And sure, it's more motivated by 'fear' than 'hope'....... but it's a scary time...... scarier than I've ever known. The day comes that my bank account is secure, I can afford to buy the groceries I want to buy and fill up my gas tank, I will vote 'hope'. I actually get nervous depositing my work checks! I joke with my boyfriend that I'm going to become one of those paranoid old ladies that keeps all her cash under the mattress. Haha!........ But really, that might happen.
  10. My point is that this election marks a pivotal time in our history.... never has the country been so divided, never have we been so hated worldwide. I voted for Nader in 2000.... I'm all for following one's heart.... but never have I been so worried about my personal liberties as an American and as a woman. In 2000, only 8 years ago, it wasn't unheard of to be a centrist. Today, that doesn't exist. I'm digressing, I don't want to argue anything. In light of the situation of today, election time 2008 in the very unstable America of 2008...... versus election time of 8 or 12 years ago, I was curious what Veginator's (or anyone's!) thoughts might be in regards to voting for your first choice..... does our situation today versus our situation in less imperative times make a difference? Should it? (Obviously there have always been issues to stand up and fight for.... I'm not saying 2000 was any utopia!)
  11. Very much NOT looking to argue any of your points or engage in a political back and forth, I completely understand and agree with everything you've written..... However..... no third party candidate is going to get the following or press coverage needed to win. I wish the media and debates were fairer about that (oh the dashed hopes I've had for Kucinich!! ). But I'm curious..... wouldn't you concur that this particular year it might be better to vote for the 'lesser' of the two evils? McCain could very easily end up being our next president.... freakin' PALIN could very easily end up being president! Wouldn't you agree that that would be so much worse than Obama? Simply pitting their prospective reigns side by side? Really.... imagine a Palin presidency for a second....!! Seems like something out of a bad 80's movie, doesn't it? Try sitting through that entire Katie Couric interview. Again, not trying to debate any of the facts presented..... just thought I'd ask your opinion on this particular thought. Cause things are BAD. If McSame wins.... well.... Canada better have a couch for me to crash on!
  12. 1- The Thing! 3- EFNY!! (nice avatar, btw!) stumped me on 2.........
  13. Aqua fitness it is! And no, I hadn't thought to try the rowing machine. Good idea!
  14. Oh dude, that's one of my all time favs. In his day, Carpenter was the MAN.
  15. True dat. "They mostly come at night. Mostly."
  16. I actually know what you're talking about, I've seen it illustrated in fitness magazines before. Yeah, I think strengthening my leg muscles will help. For now, I'm trying to enjoy the time off.... and the knee is getting better every day!!
  17. Friday the 13th is the epitome of slasher gore! I kinda love that one. Have you seen 'Black Christmas' (the 1974 original)?? I just recently saw it, and was pretty impressed. People credit 'Friday' for creating the blueprint of modern horror, but 'Black Christmas' came out four years earlier, and knows what it's doing. So with you on the 'torture porn' crap that's been the trend for the last 5 years. I'm over it. The funny thing is that I think it's an outgrowth of the Japanese horror market that became trendy just before..... but of course american producers latched on to the 'torture' part and not the ethereal artistry that fans were responding to.
  18. 'Horror' is a big industry, I would definitely put 'Devil's Backbone' in there. Even Pan's Labyrinth had it's roots in horror, though not solely designed to scare. But no, I haven't seen 'They' yet. Now that I have a recommendation, I will! Have you seen 'The Orphanage'? A little slow, but it has some pretty brilliant sequences.
  19. 'The Devil's Backbone' - Del Toro rocks so hard. Anyone else a horror junkie?
  20. Our bodies are naturally a bit uneven, and just by going about your day, one side will work harder than the other. For some people, it's more noticeable than others... and something you will continually have to work on and be aware of. My theory is that your right side is simply tighter---keep exercising and cooling down/stretching as you are, but try adding extra stretching time before and after your workout on just that side for a few weeks, and see if the soreness stops or subsists.
  21. Oh dude, all that is so freakin' true! You're right.... I think the key is staying on track, but focusing on other things. Thanks for the encouragement!
  22. Same here! *hanging my head in shame*
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