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  1. "There is no doubt riding long hours on your bike consistently for months straight will strike a righteous fitness profit in your legs. But, let us not forget: training is not only about your legs. Training must primarily be about the mental connection between you and your legs. " - dan harm


    working on it.


    it's gonna be a good summer.

  2. saturday: repeated a ride that killed me last year. no problem

    sunday: rest day, super fun hike

    monday: 30 miles

    tuesday: 1 hr trainer ride, chill with a few intervals. bench press sucked, i was weak, probably lack of iron. happy with myself for not pushing past where i should have pushed. i loaded up the bar, asked for a spot, and could not put it up. next time for sure!

  3. aha! squatting, i see! very nice.


    yes, john, i'll take it easy for sure! not going for upper body muscles at this point, mostly core strength, but it's nice to know i could get past a sticking point i've had for a long time!


    well i learned a lot this week. my main lesson:


    a rest week is supposed to be an actual week of rest, not an excuse to work hard in different ways.


    i learned that the hard way. thursday i went for a short 2 mile run, and by the end of it, was really really feeling it in my quads, which were still sore from tuesday's workout. by the time thursday night rolled around, i could barely sit. went for a consult with coachiepoo on friday and caught shit for it but i didn;t need to. i already learned my lesson. so i will take this next week relatively easy i also am probably done with serious weight training legs for now. only very light and plyo if i can manage it. i also need a rest day, because the bike fit i had yesterday saw me pedaling a fair bit, not for long though, but my quads are still sore, so i do need some recovery time.



    2 mile run




    random trainer stuff



    2 hour ride

  4. fifty c&p on both sides per set? that's a lot but i guess it's alternating, so not as much as it sounds? i'm very curious about if you end up sore tonight or tomorrow. and how much weight you used?


    is your injury all better?


    also!!! no stair stepper?!?!?! wtf?!?!?!

  5. 2/29


    1/4 cup oatmeal/9 raisins/hemp

    1/4 cup oatmeal/11 raisins, celery, lunabar, protein/water

    cookie, larabar



    beans, lettuce, 1 tbs olive oil




    85 min trainer ride, mostly spin ups

    lats, bench, balance, stability


    so today i was able to increase weights on lats for the first time since my injury. big day!!!

  6. monday

    38 miles



    1 hr spin with cadence drills and 1-legs

    circuits: split squats/overhead tris/ bench

    seated leg press

    i was gonna train lats but something gross got on my gloves and lats/back stuff hurts my hands

    i think i overdid it considering this is theoretically supposed to be a rest week

  7. Thanks Rob! All better now! It was a very fun weekend


    Friday I did do a little climbing, but it started to hail so I came back so I didn't make my sick worse. Saturday I went out to do a bit of gentle riding and some openers, but I got hailed on again, so I came back frozen but I did get a little work done in the ~25 miles I did get to ride. Sunday's race went well all things considered, it ended up being an exercise in psychological determination with all the stuff that went wonky that morning. I didn't even get to warm up before the race!


    saturday night food:

    tofu/kale/carrots/yeast cookie a little fruit/yogurt


    sunday morning food:

    1/4 cup dry oatmeal w hemp and raisins

    1/4 cup dry oatmeal w/ raisins, shot of chocolate gel

  8. Thanks Rob and Karen, for the get will wishes. Thanks you also very much again for the prize package, I feel super double thankful for everything!


    John you are right, as usual. These folks are pretty great.



    I think I'm over the hump of this stomach thingy.


    Yesterday after a discussion with my coachy team mate who talked me down from trying to train through it, i just rode my bike to and from work, slow slow sloooooooooooow slow. Which was against advice. But whatever. Came home, ate a probar out of my prize package, kept it down, and passed straight out for the night.


    Gonna try and train a little today, will prob end up taking it easy, but I will try to climb at least a little. Taking the black bike out for the first time this season. Sun's out, pavement's dry, and I am psyched!

  9. thursday 2/23


    its sunny out and today was supposed to be a looooooong hard ride day, tomorrow rest day, saturday easy ride, sunday competition.


    but im sick today. i think it might be a stomach bug. so i kind of dont know how to rearrange this. also superstressed from work stuff. and not having enough work. so glad i got my prize package today, it totally cheered me up and kept me from giving up. i'll report back later.

  10. Thank you so much!


    It just arrived, and it is absolutely phenomenal.


    The tote bags are really cool and the supplement package, oh my goodness, is huge!


    Please pass my gratitude along to all the sponsors for their generosity, and thank you, VBBF for holding this event. It has really helped me focus on my goals.

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