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  1. hope your shoulders ok what kinds of stuff did you do in your bike class?
  2. that made me giggle, lobster! not brave. crazy! although if your feet and hands get numb enough, you dont really feel the cold... mary, i guess it varies... we just do drills and stuff. so let's see. haven't posted here in a while: thursday: comute, commute friday: commute sixty minute trainer ride, easy saturday: 28 mile ride, 2xten slt sunday: 37 mile ride monday: commute massacre of the legs mostly by lunge a little upper body 45 minute trainer ride tuesday: commute 45 minute trainer ride upper body wednesday: commute 1 hour trainer ride, coached upper body pt
  3. That never really worked for me, i wish it did. my asthma is mostly under control, there's been a flu going around here that's making a lot of people end up with pneumonia, i think my lungs were just extra weak from it. be careful out there, rob! monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride upper body pt tuesday: commute 1 hour trainer ride thirty thirty upper body pt: could not even manage a fly movement wednesday: commute 1 hour trainer ride coached
  4. thanks rob, same to you. thanks mary, i don;t think i do but you are a good role model for it! saturday: rest day sunday: COLD weather ride. asthma, cramps, but also a lot of fun. despite the discomfort, the ride set me straight.
  5. last ride of the year, a shorty, 23 miles. it was so hard to get out there in the freezing cold but i made myself do it as a symbol of ownership over 2010. i was spooked to go out after my last frostbitey ride but i did it. the reward was a beautiful ride, out around under the bridge. my favorite part of the river was dark grey and the sky was pink and purple with pure white mountains on the horizon. it was icy and headwindy. the key word for the next year: courage. i renewed my racing license for 2011 right before i went out. we'll see how that goes. right now i'm off to finish my massive carb replenishment. i'm thinking cookies, pie, and tequila. got to put this year to bed right.
  6. mary, what felt weaker - muscle strength, cardio strength, endurance or what? how much of it was due to down time or the drugs, or the change of diet, or actual detraining? i'm trying to figure this all out for myself right now too... i'm so happy you're getting back to training!
  7. yep mary, i am trying so hard to go hard and respect my limits, it is so frustrating and yet has so much potential. i want to overtrain. thursday: ran out of time i guess, so i made it fast: 1 mile walk 3.7 2.1 mile run finished out the forty minutes walking backwards
  8. tuesday: a little less than an hour riding the trainer, hard, but it kicked my ass, so i called it good wednesday: 1 hr trainer ride, hard as fuck 1 mile tread walk 3.7 upper body pt, one of my injuries couldn't handle much today, it was like 2 steps backwards, but my core felt strong so that's good i guess.
  9. what did you use? i'm thinking chi-running but it's kind of light for you
  10. it was only one full day and a light workout the day before, but wow what a difference. it also felt really different to use weights on my legs after not having ridden seriously for a few days. i was barely sore the next day. monday: thirty minute trainer ride 1 mile tread walk 3.8 finished out the that thirty minutes walking backwards at 3 upper body pt and an actual little bit of heavy lifting!
  11. great day at the gym after a much needed rest. solid hour+ on the trainer, walked a mile 3.7 and weight trained legs without killing myself. i have not ridden outside besides commuting since the awful day of freezing. hopefully i'll get to soon.
  12. hope your birthday was great and you got some extra healing power in there as a result!
  13. been up to pretty much the same old same old. i forced myself to take a couple rest days. one i didn't really have any choice over, it was the day after a VERY cold ride when i pretty much came apart in a freezing headwind that shouldn't have affected me as much as it did. still working around the injuries. fighting a cold right now. i think i might just have to give swimming a longer break than i thought. been running even less... riding the trainer propoportionately more.
  14. i think their stuff is really no different than most other mass produced clothing we in the post-industrial parts of the world end up consuming. the drive for companies to survive in a rationalized profit-driven economy causes this. so i try to buy used as often as possible and make my gear last as long as i can.
  15. have you tried 85? you might surprise yourself. you're doing great!
  16. how does the trainer make your legs hurt? what kind of trainer are you using?
  17. thanks, lobs. i have come a ways, it is true, but i wanted to be further along by now. mary, i guess you're right, i just want to be able to do what i used to do. i love how supportive you guys are. i'm really lucky to have you! last sunday: 45 mild ride. really cold monday: commute legs (quad dominant 1 hour trainer ride, massive watts tuesday: commute ubpt ch/tr 1 hour trainer ride, more massive watts wednesday: commute upbt, boring, burned out 1 hr trainer ride thursday: double commute friday: commute 1 hr trainer ride [lvl ten int] ubpt random sataurday: 1 hr trainer ride, easy sunday: 28 mile ride the original plan was to train legs two days early in the week, monday quad dominant, wednesday hamstring dominant. so wednesday while training i hit the locker room and realized i just couldn't face weight training my legs that day on top of commuting in such cold and using the trainer without recovery. i skipped it. i dialed it back for the rest of the week, which was a good decision, i think, i have been less ravenously hungry since then. i feel pretty well rested this monday morning. i'll try to amp iyt back up again now, but i think i might need to wait til after solstice to really hit the gas pedal again.
  18. saturday: 4 mile run good stretching session before bed... woke up feeling a little better
  19. thanks. biceps are involved with the shoulders, apparently. who'd a thought. it's been a long busy week. sunday: screwed around on the rollers and trainer, an hour or so monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride legs upper body pt felt a weird pull, gave quads a break and went harder on hamstrings tuesday: 1 hour trainer ride x2 wednesday: commute 1 hour trainer ride ubpt thursday: every intention of getting a workout in, the holiday conspired against me friday: treadmill- 15 min walk 3.5 5 k run ~27 mins (not happy with this time at all 5 min tabata jumprope ubpt b/bi i think it's time to get back to that strategy that worked so well for me before of finding at least one little victory i could take from each workout and build on that positivity. i've been feeling pretty down and hopeless about my injuries, it seems like it's been so long, and it has been a hard battle to come back. my health care providers keep assuring me that the reason i have come this far is because i'm putting such commitment into going above and beyond to come back from this. but it's all weighing on me. although i say i don't want to be the person that "was never the same after her injury" i have begun to think that how ever much mind over matter i put into this healing process, there are going to be definite physical things i am going to have to come to terms with eventually. the holiday saw me in a lot of pain. that said, yesterday was the first time i could jumprope since i got hurt. it wasn't pretty, but i did it. i'm gonna hold on to that. yay.
  20. me too well this week started out stupid and got progressively stupider. the lack of sunshine, lack of good heat at work, broken furnace at home, and torrential downpours to commute through didn't help. i'm having a bad case of activist burn out, i think, and there's no reprieve in sight. combining all those things with the new 2 leg days regime and trying to lower my carb intake has me really down. the upside to this is that i keep getting up again, in an energizer bunny, tub thumping kind of way. sure would be nice to have a vacation in the sun though. i know what i'm doing is good, and crucial, and even though other stuff is weighing on me as well, i will still go train this afternoon, maybe run, even though i just want to hide in bed. most likely. i just ate a lot of chocolate chips for breakfast. they were good but i feel a sugar crash coming on. note to self: chocolate chips for breakfast does not solve your problems wednesday: commute 1 hour trainer ride, drained but strong legs [hamstring dominant] i cant remember what else thursday: double shift, double commute friday: commute 1 hour trainer ride ubpt my bicep is still fucked saturday: ~28 mile ride, cold
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