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  1. hope you don't have to have surgery though i know if anyone can get through it and recover like a trooper it's you
  2. i think you badasses do have bike skills. the only skills i have right now is point and shoot. i still cant really even dismount on the left. i forgot what cashew butter tastes like. it must be good. im glad i don't have any. tues: commute upper body pt 1 hour trainer ride finished on the trainer ready for another hour, had to go though, the ride home felt ridiculously easy, i wonder if the new program is working or if i'm just riding a natural peak in energy... im exhausted today so maybe yeah
  3. Mary, these days are you taking any efa's? Monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride, took a while to get down to business focused shoulder pt legs not much at all in my legs to take me home, which is awesome
  4. How do you like almond butter? One of my favorites is tahini. If I'm going to eat nuts though, I go for chocolate covered almonds Saturday: no bike for a change! treadmill: 5 min warmup 3.5 2o minute run 2.3 miles 5 min cooldown 4.o 5 min backwards 3.o upper body pt: shoulder stability, chest, tris swim: 25 mins mixed bs fs the swim was tough on my injuries, i need more time, or something, maybe a new body
  5. it's this stuff http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2010/07/cool-new-product-alert-peanut-flour.html i haven't relied on peanuts for a long time... they don't make me feel really good, and unless they're organic, they're usually full of all kinds of crap. but this stuff is pretty cool for a little switch up, and relatively cheap. friday: ~26 mile ride The Hill felt totally strong climbing, was ready to try hill repeats, everything hurt after the descent, stayed in the flats instead.
  6. i am very glad to see this resurrected. good luck with this!
  7. Personally, i would love to read your daily food log. I like your girlfriend but i think she's a little pushy and overbearing.
  8. wednesday: commute, rest thursday: 46 mile ride. flat, fast, wet, windy, cold (like your mama) instead of my usual recovery smoothie i heated up some lentil soup left over from dinner last night, watered it down and added a lot of ginger, salt, and hemp and peanut protein. it was DAMN good. i didn't eat any of it last night so i don't have that to compare it to but it was super filling and way more satisfying than the usual protein/fruit smoothie.
  9. Yeah I mostly like it. It's not actually all that much of a big deal hill, but this particular climb has a special significance for me. And it's and easy place for me to do baseline comparisons. Tuesday: commute upper body pt 1 hour trainer ride (progressive hills) upper body pt able to work in some weight training, it is feeling ok. i pretty much could tell what works and what's not going to happen. hopefully things will keep improving, especially after last weeks reversal in progress.
  10. nice mistake to make though, huh? kind of reminds you how much of this is psychological.
  11. Good luck. It's going to be fine. Don't worry... your adviser wouldn't let you do it if it wasn't great! You've spoken in public many times and presented research. You're smart and confident and witty and sharp. You don't have a thing to worry about! Go raise your glutes and blow off some steam, doctor. You're going to breeze right through this!
  12. Would it help to get those danger carbs completely out of your house? how's your back doing?
  13. monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride legs, new routine heavier weight, less reps, explosive movement on the trainer i saw 508, 502, 502 watts then i cracked. was able to get it back up into the high 4's after that but i was trashed. the seat was angled down a bit, i think i get more power that way. concentrated on form, got really strong when i dialed it in, esp dropping my heels.
  14. saturday: 24 mile ride: The Hill sunday: 28 mile ride 1 hour w/ ed
  15. wednesday: commute 1 hour trainer ride pt thursday: commute, commute friday: 48.42 mile ride late start, ate 100 cal oats before, larabar on, got kind of bonkish, gel helped
  16. here are some lady pythons for you http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/dynamic/imgs/050321/151820__mrs_l.jpg
  17. Monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride upper body pt was able to move my arms in a pec fly motion. i cried. i think it was tears of joy. Tuesday: commute legs (5 rounds) upper body pt 1 hour trainer ride
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