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  1. the title of this thread should be "I can't stop eating pus-laden body fluids of a cow" or "i can't stop eating the commercially marketed substance produced by painful bloody and suffering animal torture" also, it's not the dairy that's made you keep your body fat % low in the past. if you're going to supplement with whey protein, why not supplement with vegan protein powders? the most popular are rice, pea, hemp, and soy. as for cheese, when you feel like you want some, there are pretty tasty vegan alternatives like daiya. but cheese is a pretty low quality food anyways either way.
  2. What are you looking for mary? what's your dream bike? lobster and jason, i'm trying... i feel like a slug though! thursday: double shift, commute, commute friday: family emergency, commute only saturday: 4 mile hill run, 9 min miles sunday: 35 mile ride big climb i used to train with just my big ring, had to shift off it, but crushed it pretty easily
  3. no because then when we flex our clothes will rip like thishttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImLwo5RLZ7Y
  4. goblet squats are sexy though. how about working in some turkish get ups?
  5. Funny you should ask. I'm in the market for one as we speak. Tis the season for buying from people who just figured out they don't like athlons and only rode their bike 4 times. Wednesday: strong commute upper body pt 1 hour trainer ride more pt i rode that trainer so hard i left with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat, it was all i could do to not break down in tears when i was done. idk what came over me. i'm sure the power meter was off but i topped it at 512 watts and i pushed 42something for 3x20 seconds. and although there were some upper body moves i just could not manage, i did manage a few i haven't been able to get before. so that made me smile. i did eat an obscenely massive amount of cornflakes all day. but i don't think i'll ever do that again. i hope not! with this recovery it's so weird that some days some things move and some days they just really really don't.
  6. Can I get a hell yeah http://davezabriskie.com/?p=323
  7. I have that going on too. The trade off is we all must look pretty good in sleeveless dresses.
  8. i did! i was alone out in the middle of nowhere and there were guys in vans stopping to ask me if i needed a ride, and it was cold and misty, so not walking in my speedplays would have been the less preferable and probably lethal option. i kept walking til my bailout got me. i was just so amped to get out between rainstorms that i forgot to strap on my flat bag. the gym was nice! it has 3 pools, a versaclimber, and little cups you can fill with complimentary mouthwash!
  9. getting better, i hope! thanks for asking. look at you with these badass squats!
  10. me too. it's kind of difficult though. saturday: 18 mile ride, flatted without a tube. walked 4 miles in my speedplays, discovered new muscles. sunday: went to the disneyland of gyms. had fun. discovered new muscles. monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride upper body pt tuesday: commute legs (except no i/o circuit) 1 hour trainer ride (zone endurance) was able to pull off 1 set of jarvek deltoids at 8# some other upper body pt finally able to do the bomb pt move ed gave me again
  11. well i just wish i could do more tuesday: commute, doctors, went home for an epic sleep wednesday: commute legs, hard 1 hr trainer ride, more legs quads doms in less than 12 hours, very different from last week thursday: commute 35 mile ride split in half friday: exhausted commute 1 hour trainer ride, medium upper body pt, identified a terrible problem area it feels like i've been eating a lot this week and it hasn't really given me more energy. i know that my muscle:fat ratio is constanantly changing depending on how i can move, so that makes me think i can't depend on a consistent diet plan. i just have to eat to support whatever my body is doing at the moment. it's challenging/frustrating but i think i'm doing ok at it.
  12. so glad you posted about how the zone is working for you. do you see it working for you as you increase endurance training and mileage? hope you're having fun in nyc!
  13. 160 lbs for face pull is just amazing to me. you must have really defined delts.
  14. wednesday: commute 30 mile ride. took a while because of tire failure thursday: 14 hour day, commute, commute friday: commute light endurance circuits saturday: 30 mile ride sunday: 40 mile ride monday: commute upper body pt 1 hour trainer spin had some epiphany about warm ups and performance. one goal for the next couple of weeks is to increase endurance in a way so that i can know where to play the edge of my warm up.
  15. saturday: 5 k run 27:20 upper body pt sunday: 5 k run 27:12 upper body pt running hurt much less sunday, with muscle endurance and cardiocascular i can mantain speed, but it hurts to go fast. i'm going to have to give it time, i suppose. monday: commute 23 mile ride, ran out of light tuesday: commute legs 1 hour spin, pushed what seemed like a lot of wats but i'm nt sure i trust that computer's accuracy tried to end it off with the should stability thing but i just couldn't hack it. legs felt strong, weights went smooth.
  16. sunday: 50 miles. my friend calls it 60 because my tires were underinflated monday: commute 1 hour trainier ride lvl 10 int upper body pt tuesday: commute legs/abs (4 rounds) 1 hour spin class wednesday: commute 30 mile ride not so much legs DOMS as I expected, prob because i spinned after instead of before thursday: commute, commute friday: big shot hill, 30 mile ride upper body pt form check w/ the man still need to work on the protein thing a little more.
  17. i agree! how are those gels working for you? does it make you thirsty? last weekend i pretty much didn't eat any even though i had a whole flask with me. i drank coke instead. it was really nice.
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