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  1. saturday: 33 miles,the hill, fun. form still suffering from injuries
  2. oh i have been super busy and not feeling so hot due to injuries and being sick... monday: commute ditched the plan for the gym, went home to gear up for a ride, passed out on the couch till sundown. took a little ride to the gym, pt tuesday: double commute, sick wednesday: commute 60 min trainer ride lvl 10 int legs 4 rounds thursday: double commute friday: commute hike drank 2 cups of coffee and passed out in the coffee shop 1 hour trainer ride, mostly chill pt diet has been mostly carbs. i need to deal with that.
  3. saturday: the whole (vegan) enchilada sunday: commute 5k
  4. yeah ready to be hauled behind someone in a burley trailer. wednesday: 35 minute trainer upper body pt thursday: 14 hour workday, double commute friday: prob just commute
  5. this one was mostly dates and pumpkin seeds, maybe some walnut crumbs. i love dates so that's prob why i liked it. tuesday: 1 hour trainer ride, 50 mins > 100 rpm upper body pt did better on carbs
  6. sunday ~25 miles, the hill, legs were good monday: commute 1 hour trainer ride legs and upper body pt
  7. this.hope you feel better soon. you will once you get off that fixie.
  8. 34.08 mile ride, had nothing in my legs, i could sprint ok surrounded ride with carbs, then protein the rest of the day except i sampled some raw granola with cashew cream which was off the hook.
  9. wednesday: commute. planned on working out but the doc suggested i didnt after i got treated. thursday: commute, 1 hr trainer ride, chest/tris/abs 3 round hi reps low low lowweight, pretty much pt after 2 days off i hit the road really strong and snappy. my quads were sore since monday night, the recovery time did me good. bf 31.something friday: commute 1hrtrainer ride, 50mins>100 rpm prog res lvl 10 10 min tread walk 3.5 15 min bw treadwalk topped 2.5 4 rounds upper pt
  10. i would see what i could find out about the terrain... the pedals on your road bike should be fine because you won't be dismounting and mounting on the course right? so maybe just run some nobby tires if it's going to muddy, depending on what can fit on your bike. sorry, i forgot what you're riding. you might want to rethink your brakes set up if it's going to be super muddy too. sounds like a fun race!
  11. yeah haven't been able to track stand again since then... i keep trying though... monday: commute 1 hour training ride legs, upper body pt gym food: coffee/soy 2 lunabars scoop of protein plain sesame bagel, banana plain sesame bagel, nectarine, green pepper oat bar, coffee WORKOUT 2 veg burgers, salad greens, tsp tahini 2 cups popcorn w/yeast, some pita chip crumbs, peach
  12. wow, they should have had more volunteers in the water... it seems like they just didn't organize the whole volunteer aspect of the event at all? isn't there a boy scout pack nearby they could use? glad you're feeling better! have you seen the road on the bike course for those tris you have coming up?
  13. sounds like a nutrition issue... or maybe the thing katz asked you about i keep a couple lollipops, a gel, and a larabar in m workout bag in case something like that happens to me, it usually takes care of it.
  14. saturday: 35 mile ride sunday: 58 mile ride still can not for the life of me dismount on the left but i did manage to mount from the left one time even though it was pretty sketchy!
  15. friday: commute 24.34 mile ride, downhill with a tailwind the whole loop trackstanded (trackstood?) for a tiny bit for the first time since that day, it was a good thing because i was doing it in front of someone important and falling would have been mortifying food is not so hot, mostly carbs, i'm going to try to slam a lot of protein this weekend to get in the habit. i need to rethink my food plan for the work week. possible solutions: 1. slam protein as soon as i get up before i get a chance to think about it 2. fill my shake cup with protein instead of miso and ginger, and figure out a way to take miso and ginger to work, maybe in a baggie, that's not too good to do though 3. don't let myself eat any fruit or carbs until i hit the protein. this is difficult because i want carbs after my commute since i commute on an empty stomach 4. start throwing a boca burger in my lunch again. 5. force myself to drink a scoop or two of protein in the evening 6. or each day choose 2 options from the above list 7. or do all of the above every day honestly the thought of upping protein seems really gross to me right now. i need to do something about that... i'm going to have to think about it this weekend. maybe i'll just naturally move away from fruit since it's going off season and i'm taking multivitamins super consistently again.
  16. hey mary, i'm looking forward to daily reports on the affects of the foot cortisone. have you figured out of swimming or especially biking hurts it? did he use k-tape on it?
  17. lobster, sorry your knee is acting up. I think that's such a good plan of action though. Have you tried easy biking or swimming to see how that affects it? good luck on the apartment
  18. I'm pretty sure it's from a batch I ordered in the summer of '09. It smells ok, nice and chocolate banana-ey...
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