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  1. mary... what kind of rx did he give you? one of my doctors says that the only use for anti-inflamatories is to take down the inflammation so healing can happen... so massive doses for 10 days, then that's it. that turns into 20 days, 30 days, etc...accupuncture helps a lot. we need to talk more, girlfriend.
  2. oh yah and the companion website: sexybikeshortstanlines.com friday: 1 hr squat routine, modified saturday: 35 miles sunday 35 miles faster, little bit of hiking
  3. that's a lot, lobster, is it underwater video? mary! nice race!!! is this the first time you pre-rode the bike course? do you think it seems easier or harder during the race compared to your pre-ride?
  4. Can you rent wetsuits out there? If the water's warm, a sleeveless suit feels ok and can still give you a little advantage...
  5. That's a nice run. Hope youre feeling better.
  6. I think she wants you to carry her through her next race like you're doing to that guy in the picture.
  7. What? When? WHEN? Congrats on the TA-ship. Good luck on the show... Go get em!
  8. oh my god chewy. that last rep was killer. nice, nice work! you are looking really buff too.
  9. it's so sexy though when you try to get warm in the hot tub after a swim and you have those deep red goggle-shaped indentations all over your face... it's amazing we make it out of the gym alive. tuesday: 21 miles, rb, on fire wednesaday: 28 miles
  10. Paige: not training for anything at the moment, but i think it's important to log my journey through all this. thanks for the compliment. i wish i could do more. mary: it's probably just because you're so hot. monday: 4 mile run (paced)
  11. I know there's a debate developing in this thread over salt, but one of my favorite recipes is really great for getting healthy, non-junky, vegan electrolytes and carbs. Get a ripe lime, roll it on the counter a couple times with the weight of your arm, then juice it into a glass. Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt (iodized if you suspect you have thyroid trouble) and a few ice cubes. Then add 2 or 3 shots of 30 dollar a pint tequila. Patrón is good. Sip slowly and watch the world go by. This recipe is also good for reducing stress.
  12. My ritual is to get my goggles wet in the water then get them to suck on my eyeballs as quickly as possible, which usually works to prevent fog but hurts my eyeballs. Sunday: something like 45 miles.
  13. Paige, you're so good. I don't know, it's just a theory, but I've always thought that training legs then doing cardio like running or cycling is always going to be more intense than doing that kind of cardio after training any other major muscle groups. Does all that gemma bother your stomach?
  14. Did I tell you about the time a couple weeks ago when I was trying to track stand again? Lucky thing it was early sunday morning and the only ones who saw me go down in flames were the millions of people out on training rides. 18 miles! niiiiiiiiiiiice! did you get bored?
  15. Galvanize is going to be awesome! I wanna tell you to not be nervous but, a little bit of pre-competition nerves is good! You're going to have so much fun... You've worked so hard and done so much and come so far... it's true. You have already won.
  16. I love it! You got to do what you got to do. Body and soul, right? You're so consistent in your training, anyways...
  17. i don't usually have problems with my shades fogging up, i can;t wait to see how these new natives with vents work out. i think it has everything to do with the coating though. my coaching isn't 1:1 but he's pretty much the best coach in the world so it doesn't matter. friday a cool opp for adrenaline and endorphins then a hike saturday: 39 miles
  18. omg i feel my inner 15 year old trying type a response to this.
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