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  1. the trainer workout. i think you should race if you can do it without a higher risk of more injury. and if it's fun. only if it's fun. because if it's not, then you're gonna do stupid stuff. then what's the point? how is the aerodynamics on that bento box? can you just take salt the day or two before if your race is in the morning? can you just tape gel w/ electrolytes or whatever to your bike if you don't need more than a couple? i've even stuffed my asthma inhaler down my sports bra...
  2. Thursday: i'm so hungry. should have eaten sooner 1 hour coached training/recovery notes anchor on sit bones, no roll pelvis forward, stretch lower back, keep feet loose loose loose, work that pedal stroke Food: coffee 2 lunabars, banana a bunch of popcorn, peach, vanilla yogurt, 100 cal oatmeal, coffee workout lettuce, tofu, 1 tbs flax oil, 2 lunabars, 3/4 thing of frozen blueberries, tbs peanutbutter
  3. How did you roll out those intervals? What are you going to use that bento box for? tris? My friend had some of that chocolate peanutbutter, omg i could not believe how good it was. Yeah, good luck on saturday!
  4. Yeah, really. Who cares what the parasites eat. Just don't let them eat anyone you care about.
  5. Could he have gotten to the outside by going into the hole, through the walls, and out some way you haven't identified yet?
  6. The new shades are working out, except for the money, they shouldnt be making the bridge of my nose as sweaty as this. I am de-buffing in the upper body. I do not like this at all. But if i really try to find a positive, it would be I suppose, that this is giving my body a chance to recalibrate and show me what muscles it really needs to emphasize to be the best i can be performance-wise. tuesday: docs, felt awful, made it a rest day. no choice there, really wednesday: 36 miles note: these recent miles have not been counting my summer commutes. note: my last 2 rides have been full of wondrously beautiful sights and intense self transformations. note: tequila is not a food group. neither is ice cream.
  7. You are kicking butt with these workouts. Two running races in one day must have been fun!
  8. Wow Paige, your food looks great for Tuesday. Do you use low carb soymilk? Do you use gemma for the amino acid profile? I can't handle too much of it, I just mix a little with rice protein, 3:1
  9. Keep at those hills. You train up so fast on everything... you'll be burning them down in no time at all.
  10. I sympathize with you over the foot, sister. Have you tried arnica gel, accupuncture, or k-taping it? Chiropracters can adjust those things too... Maybe check with a physical therapist too, my pt has this device that works pretty good.
  11. Oh Lobster, I was checking prices in Performance Bike a couple times and both times the stupid salesdip left me to go wait on men. It reminded me of the bad old days in computer stores. We're pretty lucky around here though, except for stupid Performance, our bike shop people are great, I hope those Performance guys get their leg hair caught in a chain. Monday 36 miles
  12. flax oil bromelain turmeric (the high quercetin kind) ginger and cinnamon to a lesser extent many people consider these really powerful medicines, do your research and check with your health care providers before you use them.
  13. I got mine from Sierra, they came with gray, amber, and clear lenses, and they were kind of big for me, but the fit was perfect because i ride in the rain a lot without fenders and they worked the best i ever had to keep grit out of my eyes. The sad thing about it is that the person who finds them isn't going to appreciate what they are. Sierra has great deals on shades, keep checking... You can also try on shades at a retail store to find out what you like, then go to the manufacturers website and order your frames with amber. Stomach is still woozy. i ate tater tots and drank more tequila last night. saturday 4 mile run sunday 44 mile ride (inc mtx2, rb) i didn't feel like i did any good work till the last 15 or 20 miles, but my good work was really good. it might be because my food had a chance to kick in.
  14. oh look out, now i'm in for it. crossfix, i didn't coach, i got coached. i'm glad you like my training log, i don't think it's that great and i wish i could do more. friday: 24 miles, then 6. lost my amber lenses today, picked up some new shades, i'm gonna miss those old friends. new ones are cool though, i obviously haven't done any races with em yet. food's been weird. i've been going through a bit of something, my stomach's hurting because of it.
  15. tuesday 26 mile ride wednesday rest day, just a bunch of commutes thursday 1 hr spin coached to almost the point of barf
  16. Don't forget about all those countries whose governments are tied into some christian (often catholic but also orthodox too!) political machine that have laws about abortion, marital infidelity, prostitution, homosexuality etc.
  17. sunday 34 mile ride monday: 36 mile ride drank a whole bottle of h2o and a whole bottle of 1/2 strength luna crap on the road with a larabar got home feeling the need to refuel badly, my stomach's been hurting a lot lately maybe i'll finally try some of that tofurkey pizzza
  18. yeah it was pretty cute, it looked all fluffy and the white on it was really white. the beaver was a total surprise though (that's what he said) i was not expecting to see over there. friday 30 mile ride saturday 4 mile run (paced) ~15 mile ride
  19. tuesday: rest day lesson learned- hornitos is not a good source of carbs, especially if i haven't drank in like a year wednesday: mt-rb ride, hella fun, then right to the doc's thursday: 12 or 15 fast on the stupid bike path, saw a baby skunk and a beaver though so it's all good
  20. just a hot place (insert a joke about hot people) saturday 4 mile run sunday 39 mile ride inc rb
  21. meh. i'm sick of having patience. i want it back. i just can't get there yet. thursday: 4 mile run 1 hr pt 1 hr spin/train friday: pt gym, plus skullcrushers and lats, balance work swim 15 min bs 15 min fs took a pouch of vega sport before a hot spin session. it gave me stomach cramps but once i got past that, i had better performance, relatively speaking.
  22. Monday: rest day- but i ended up rolling 12 miles at night, idk if that counts Tuesday: 27 miles Wednesday 36 miles, inc rb I am slow and I am weak. It blows me away, it's like there's some kind of disconnect between what my brain thinks it can or should be doing and what my body can actually produce. Very interesting feeling. I hate it.
  23. Cav has some serious guns too, for a pro rider. Have you seen his arms?
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