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  1. You seem like a good coach, Jason. People aren't usually into working out for asshole coaches. And I bet Joe had an enjoyable time too.
  2. Wow Paige, way to represent! Congratulations! How fun was it?
  3. Awesome running! What kind of computer do you use? I think we might need to start a gear review section here...
  4. nice. You should teach a bikram iyengar class with heavy dumbells.
  5. Hey MadameSchmetterling, if I were you, I would intensify my workouts and just take the calories down a few notches. A 21 k ride in an hour isn't really too intense of a cardio workout, honestly, and my hunch is that you don't have a wide selection of heavy weights at your house. Working with light weights won't really do too much to help you transform the you want. You would have to lift heavier. So I would say, if you can't join a gym, just intensify your cardio and start doing more body weight workouts (a lot of push ups, pull ups, etc) and start tracking your calories. Fruit calories really add up fast.
  6. Hope you kill this thing fast. If I were you, just to hedge my bets, I would start slamming probiotic kinds of food... yogurt, miso, kefir, saurkraut (omg i hate saurkraut) and lay off the yeasty stuff like beer and bread.
  7. Thanks, most days I have so much pain, when I have bad days, they're really really bad. It gets old. A lot of times I just want to give up, I guess it's a lucky thing I have such a bratty streak. I don't know how long that will hold me. I like hammer gel better than cliff or anything I've made at home. I think hammer is slower burning than cliff too.
  8. BW, nah, I don't have quick access to citations for those, it's just like stuff I've seen come up repeatedly over the years, and it always resonates with me, because I do see a lot of people who go veg* because they think it will make them skinny or healthy, and oh yeah, they love puppies and kittens and most nice ponies. But then it wears off for some reason. Like they get weary of refusing to taste the bacon they love the smell of on their friends' plates at the trendy diner in the neighborhood they just gentrified. The happy meat phenomenon is such a problem, I think it relates to the same fundamental lack of ethical commitment though. Wouldn't it? I mean, objectification is objectification whether the cow ate lovely green grass in a field or chicken poo in a crate for the last meal before the slaughter. I guess we could look for studies and see what we find, I'm not feeling super motivated to though...
  9. Yeah that stuff is awesome, only 115 calories a serving, and So Delicious! Do you guys have Grocery outlet there? It's like $1.50 a container there. Saturday: 4 mile run. paced the whole way. Sunday: 30? mile ride thoroughly massive pain, it was a really awful day. I did the same ride 2 weeks ago and was ready for more and did more. sunday i was just hurting way, way too bad. ugh. it pisses me off so much. So, how to end on a happy note... um... positivity... oh, a nice big hit of gel helped me get home.
  10. I get what you're saying though, Cold Fission. I've read various studies over the years that find that people who switch to vegetarianism or veganism for ethical reasons as opposed to weight loss or other health reasons end up sticking to the change at way way higher rates.
  11. Sweet! Great race! Lakes can be so gross, weeds are the worst! Bleah, I've asked myself why I hate them so much, mostly I think it's the slime factor. Yuck! Your wheezing might have been from the wetsuit constricting your upper torso: you may have had race nerves (which are good, obviously) and you were giving it your all, so the normal things you do subconsciously to clear your lungs during training couldn't function fully and properly with the wetsuit squeezing your chest. Uh, don't know if that makes sense, sorry, I haven't had my coffee yet. I'm curious about the bike race. Was it draft legal? If you got to do the same race again next weekend, would you eat four bananas a half hour before the race? Wow I am so happy for you, living vicariously through you too... So psyched for you! All your training is paying off! Remember when you could barely swim and you had to figure out how to clip into your pedals?!?!?!?! Fucking awesome.
  12. Waiting for news... So proud and happy that there's more strong vegan chicks on stage! You're the greatest!
  13. I noticed something similar too, but I wondered if it was just me, or a placebo effect or something.
  14. have you gone back for more iyengar? i love iyengar.
  15. towel pull ups seem hard. are they harder than regular ones?
  16. If you get to go, that will be great. but honestly, it won't be that big of a deal if your first time is on race day. you'll be so surprised at how fast your wetsuit makes you go, you'll already have an advantage! but you're not going to win any triathalon in the swim. have fun!
  17. You guys are the greatest. Really really really. Knowing that you're all out there, getting your vegan athlete on, really inspired me to work so hard at getting better. John, it only seems like I'm doing a lot because I'm just going so slow. Friday so far: pt at the gym (plus skullcrushers, super weak lat pds, and cable pressdowns) 30 min swim 15 bs, 15 fs food so far: banana. 2 scoop protein a little popcorn a little ice cream (carob pepperment)
  18. Well, there are certain "rituals" that a lot of, for instance, cyclists participate in.
  19. Pardon the interruption but I got a news flash. Some one in the building said vlv's back. After a lot of time spent with orthopedists, trauma specialists, chiropracters, physical therapists, massage therapists, and an accupuncturist, recovery is still ongoing. I probably won't be racing this summer. But I'm not closing the books on that just yet. recent activity friday: 50 mile ride saturday: 4 mile run sunday: 40 mile ride monday: could barely lift my arm but i pulled off some bb skullcrushers, amazing 3x20x20 significant arm pain 45 min swim: 15 breast, 16 lengths fs, fs/breast mix. 16 is prob too much tuesday: 45 mile ride wednesday: 4 mile run thurday so far: 21 mile recovery ride 1 hr spin thursday food so far: coffee/soy frozen banana, 2 scoop protein 6 cups low fat popcorn frozen banana, 2 scoop protein 150 cal oatmeal vibrance bar 2 sunrise bars lettuce and some fake meat some cherries a lot of icecream
  20. mary, do you supplement with flax oil at all? my doc put me on it, it's good for reducing inflammation. you could kill 2 birds with one stone that way. wait, this is a vegan website. you could rescue two birds with one net.
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