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  1. 2/16 5k run commute 2/17 1.5 hour ride: hill repeats 1.25 hour yoga class
  2. 2/15 3 hour ride usual wednesday food having great epiphanies about how lats and shoulders work for me on the bike. two different coaches tried to get me to get it and i am getting it now. also starting to understand a little more about why i'm getting more muscle cramps and feeling so weak. lately been going right for carbs when i get back from longish rides, and have been eating more carby foods around workouts. it's been a wining strategy so far.
  3. Yeah, it was really good. Crappy wheat flour is so delicious, omg. 2/14 gym day! i think the instructor got a little irritated at me because i didn't follow his wacky spin routine at all, but oh well. he wasn't doing anything that could remotely be related to the kind of training i was looking for. i just wanted some loud music and something different to look at so i could make my ride super duper hard. i went relatively easy on the quads because of what happened a few weeks ago. we'll see how that works out. 1 hr spin bench press 3x20x45, 20x55, 3x10x65 2x3 supersets lats/tris 3 supersets quads/calves
  4. if you do it with your green smoothies, you wont have to wait to get home before you eat.
  5. i love arms doms. it's so nonintrusive. you're a lucky woman.
  6. 2/12 30 miles coffee 1/4 c dry oatmeal/raisins/hemp 1/4 cup dry oatmeal/raisins, celery, lunabar, protein powder/water rice and beans, veggie focaccia 2 veg patties, spinach/lemon chia/protein powder
  7. 2/12 5k run was supposed to be a rest day but i just had to run at least a little. coffee run protein/orange, 3 papadums rice and beans saltines veggie foccacia random protein bar someone brought me
  8. 2/11 47 mile ride had 2 good shots of hammer gel on the road with no problem but it wasnt very cold. right leg wanted to cramp up later in the day but it didn't. i also ate a few super salty pretzels... not sure if that had anything to do with it, i only ate a 1/4 cup of dry oatmeal with a few raisins before going out. ate a lot of veggies and rice for dinner, plus some almond thingys, a cookie, and part of a margarita.
  9. 2/10: sucky day, got away from me. ended up getting on the trainer late in the evening 1525 calories 90 min trainer ride, pretty chill with 5 lb 4x30 bi curls and 5x5x20 jumps
  10. That's a cute smilie. Which asana is it doing?
  11. 2/9 5k run commute crazy busy stressful day. only had time for a short run, but it was with the german shorthair pointer, which meant i had to run like a freakin ferrari at top speed. but i also had to keep stopping to adjust my ipod and the leash. super fun! coffee, 1/2 cup oatmeal/raisins/hemp tofu/celery/yeast/mustard, pita bread coffee spinach, 2 veg patties, 3 papadums chia/protein/5 raisins
  12. Hey Linus. Just checking in. Hope all is going well!
  13. I try to eat as few bananas as possible. Even if they're organic, the way they are grown, and the horrendous exploitation of the land and workers on banana plantations are worse than many, many other crops. Banana plantation workers often exist in slave-like conditions or worse. Add to that the fact that the bananas have to be transported over hundreds and often thousands of miles using destructive fuels makes them super unappealing to me. Not sustainable in the least. Not worth it to me.
  14. BEAST. Hey I usually cheat and keep lighter weights right next to me for the thing I need it for, like your push press. It lets me advance on the other moves but keeps me going on the difficult one. Lately since this last injury, it's been a motivating strategy.
  15. OK Mary, sufferasana tomorrow? I like cliff blocks ok. I agree with Mary, they're like gummy candy, and most of the time I dont want to chew them if I'm in the middle of something intense. I do like the taste of them but I like them a lot less since I barfed some up one time. I love hammer gel the most. It tastes super good to me when I really need it. I also like the way the packets are shaped for easy mouth ripping on the bike in a hurry. The other thing you could do is get a flask and put some in and water it down to your taste, or make your own. Or you could put a tablespoon or so of it into a water bottle. But if you're gonna do that you might as well use a drink mix, right? 2/8 usual wednesday ride, but i got DUMPED on by rain and the headwinds came back for a spell during it. WHAT A RIDE. I started doing some HIIT which felt good. But for the rest of the day my whole body was on the verge of cramping up, until finally once i settled down at night, a crazy intense cramp in my right adductor. I couldnt walk or move. So either my electrolytes are off or I need more calcium or both. coffee 1/4 c oatmeal/hemp/raisins 1/4 c oatmeal/raisins, celery, lunabar, protein/water a few jellybeans, 3 bites fruit leather tamale, brussels sprouts, yeast, 2 veg patties, raisins tamarind popsicle, chia/protein/5 raisins
  16. Wow, it looks like you've been working really super hard, jeez. I know you'll get the results you want. For me, I usually find that if the results I want aren't right there for me, I get so frustrated, and I push harder. But so often what i really needed to do is just step to the side for a moment and be gentle with myself. My body rebels if I don't do right by it. Easy does it, my sister. Wishing for anorexia is not going to get you good results. Listening to your body and being kind and supportive to it will, as you know! Lunabars are my weakness. My goal is to get down to 1 per week. I feel you on the wtf food. Last week I ate corn chips and a muffin before a ride, haha I never do that!
  17. Yes. Must keep groin safe. Groins are special. Do you think your elbows hurt from swinging your arms to get you up the hill? One way to get that under control is to get two 1/2 cupfuls of water and practice running around and not letting any water spill out. Hill sprints are a hardcore way to get into running. You guys are toughies.
  18. 2/7 fun ride ~ 1 3/4 hours hills and rollers weird day. it was way colder than i thought it would be, than it was supposed to be. i got bonkish even though i ate before i went out. i didn't want to eat while i was out because it would make me colder, so i just stopped and then powered through it. when i came back i put real live actual sugar in my oatmeal. new plan if this should happen again is that i go straight for gel or cliff block, which i will always have with me, and i usually do just in case, because i dont think gel would make me colder like a larabar would. coffee oatmeal/raisins/hemp, 4 saltines ride oatmeal/apple/rice-gemma/sugar 3 papadums green beans, cabbage/tofu/yeast chia/protein/raisins/soymilk
  19. That is damn good time for how long you've been running. Keep this up, and they'll be featuring you on the sports network pretty soon. Re: hang cleans... you might want to add more weight? So cool that hubby's decided to run once a week. I hope this is the beginning of a new habit!
  20. Love you too! Ha Ha torture, now why didn't I think of calling it that. Ok maybe i'll skip the sufferasana tomorrow. 2/6 massively windy today. lots of fun. ~35 mile ride coffee 1/4c dry oatmeal, hemp, 11 raisins 1/4c dry oatmeal/9 raisins, celery, luna bar, protein w/ h2o pasta w/kidney beans, tamale broccoli, 2 veg patties, corn & sesame chips chia/protein pudding
  21. What's up with your shoulder? Is it a recent injury?
  22. Yeah I was pretty happy with myself about that! 2/5 REST DAY yipee i really needed it but it felt awkward as expected. Spent a long time working in the cold basement on bikes, then riding in the cold on the back of a motorcycle, then standing around in the cold. I ate a lot of carbs. During the game I ate a really yummy pizza with daiya on it, daiya always makes me feel like i've guzzled ocean water. So one of the great things about today is I learned that two pieces of daiya pizza is way too much daiya! There were a lot of other great things about today too.
  23. How did he do? This is really great news that he's amped to run, huh? How did you like that game? I HATE THE GIANTS. We should probably talk about ghost writing sometime...
  24. Yeah, I do. Sometimes I'll just grab someone for a walk, screw around with the jumprope, or go dance or something.
  25. like this? http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/PowerCleanJerk.html
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