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  1. Yeah, they're absolutely great. No question! But give yourself credit too. This is what you are capable of. This is really your game, and no one else's, and you're rocking it hard!
  2. Yeah, isn't it great? Keep updating! But Synny, honestly, I have no doubt that with or without this forum you'd do just fine, because you're so committed and motivated. You got this!
  3. Yeah it sounds good. It would be easy to make some kind of yummy mustard out of maybe, a nice nutty dark ale and some celery salt. 2/4 4 mile run I had to will myself through this. Not one of my best days, although towards the end of the run I gathered more energy and felt better and ran faster more comfortably. Part of my issue was I was gonna go fasted, but then my feet froze and got numb, which meant I had to wait for them to thaw out, which meant I got hungry, which of course meant I needed to eat some crappy tortilla chips and a muffin. I never eat like that before training and it made me feel like shit. Also I was tired. I think I'll make tomorrow a rest day!
  4. Whoa Gaia! You women are hella strong! How long have you been lifting like this? Btw, I'm with you. Leg & shoulder day is one of my favorite workouts when I'm off the bike.
  5. Wow 4 pounds, that's excellent! So now you know you can do it even with a few cheat days. Is the next step to schedule them? Or do you think just doing what your body tells you to works better right now?
  6. ugh is right sister! it sucks. theyre cranky because thats all they have in life ;D so at least tomorrow you'll be all rested, refueled and ready to roll!
  7. Aw, thanks, C.O.! I hope so! I love how sparks can catch fire like that. I hope it happens a lot! Lobster have you thought about doing freelance editing? You're hot shit. Celery mustard would be delicious. Unfortunately, that was a typo, not even and oxford comma typo. 2/3 2 hour ride quad still not right. kind of ran out of time again too. windy as fuck out there today. I kept at about 32 mph consistently in the flats with a tailwind. ride took me over a couple hills, one with a headwind. Trying to remember to drink more water during the day which is hard to do before i ride because i hate stopping to piddle, especially if i have bibs on! 1/2c dry oatmeal, protein, stevia, 19 raisins ride tbs of hammer gel to see if it went alcoholic. it did not 7 papadums 6 potato chips, cashews maybe some dinner in a bit
  8. It actually wasn't to bad today. It must be getting better. I think this happened to me once after after a century. My adductor, same leg, cramped hard, and it hurt like hell and made a lump for about a week after. 2/2 Such a gorgeous day. I had to ride, and I wanted some challenge, but I didnt want to go too hard. Plus tomorrow might be a rest day, depending on weekend plans that aren't quite planned out yet. But maybe not. So I didn't want to go too crazy cuz I could do that tomorrow. Plus I kind of ran out of time cuz of work. So I just did hill repeats for about an hour. coffee oatmeal, rasins, hemp ride tofu, celery mustard, yeast larabar larabar commute 3 grape leaves, 2 veg patties, mixed veggies, yeast chia/protein/raisin pudding with a lot of raisins. way too many raisins. they were so good though! maybe i'm anemic haha
  9. Jeez, eight miles is a long way to walk on cement. I don't know how you did that! You're a machine! Do you do icing since the surgery? Either cake frosting or frozen water.
  10. Yin yoga is love! It feels really good to me, like it's just what my body needs. It feels very healing and restorative. 2/1 30 mile that pesky quad thing was burning, and crampy. i rode it through though, for better or worse. other than that i felt really strong. i tried to remember to ride in the small ring, which was fun!
  11. Yeah, chocolate is a food group! I'm trying to wean myself off it after I saw the recent cnn investigative thing about kids on chocolate plantations. Wow, congratz on your first post-op 5k! There's no turning back now, you are back, sister! Cute story about the hubster. Think you two will be running races together this season?
  12. Yep definitely a lot of shades of gray that aren't touched on in this relatively simplistic article. I suppose a vitamix is a little like a juicer. But if it gets you to eat your dandelion leaves, then that's a pretty good thing!
  13. Hi C.O. Thanks! It's fun going back and reading through it. John, you made me laugh. Tuesday, 1/31 yay I logged every day so far this year! Took the day off the bike and foam rollered, stretched, yin yogad, and ran. Still a bump where my quad hurts. But I ran anyways, I gave myself checkpoints along the way to consciously scan my legs and notice what was going on. I didn't want to tweak my other leg by favoring the owie one. Sure enough, it started, so I slowed down a bit and concentrated on form. 4 mile run coffee run protein, tangerine broccoli, rice, 2 lunabars pretzels wrapped in snow pea pods 2 dates broccoli, 2 veg patties chia/protein w/ dates chopped in
  14. Yeah, I've never done crossfit so I have no idea what it's like in there but I wouldn't be surprised about the demographics. I would guess it's a more middle class/working class thing. It looks fun. And it makes you strong! Nice rewrite, Herc. I don't agree with everything in the original graphic either. I just need reinforcement sometimes about overcoming my own insecurities in the gym or training or whatever. I'm in it to be strong and fit and so my body can do what I ask it to do, not so I can fit into someone else's usually unattainable vision of what sexy is... including to the point of having plastic bags of silicone stitched into gaping surgically induced chest wounds and having bacterial poison injected into my forehead for glamour's sake. Sometimes its hard to read Shape magazine et al and not subconsciously drink the koolaid. Most of the time it's not though
  15. Did they say their bulk instantized bcaa's aren't ajinomoto?
  16. Fabulous! I'm so happy for you. Pretty good time too! Did it feel really freeing? So fabulous too that hubby went with you! Do you think he'll go some more? Was HE sore afterwards?
  17. Personally I think there's some truth to some of it. I do think that it's better for the sugar in fruits to have a good mechanical interaction with saliva. Saliva exists for a reason, and that is to help digest sugars. When we drink juice or drink smashed up fruits and liquid, it makes sense to give it a good swish before swallowing. Saliva is good for other things too, like when you are mad at people... what? I don't know about the fiber business in blended smoothies. It seems like the blender would have to be pretty damn strong to render all that fiber useless. I don't think most regular blenders are that good.
  18. Another vote for chucky t's! although i'm pretty sure the glue in them (or any cheap shoe really) isn't vegan, you can usually find good ones second hand or in mark out stores cheap. i love my chucks.
  19. Yep, John's pretty rad! Hey John, how is the running coming along? Still pain free? And how are you feeling about things since you ditched the food log?
  20. http://morganhillcrossfit.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/crossfit-woman.jpg
  21. 1/30 the sun was out this morning, so i decided to try riding. my leg was ok for about 15 miles. it hurt after that. the swelling is down. so i think it's just a minor tear, no big deal, i just have to take it easy. 30 miles
  22. Thanks guys. John , I debated for a long time whether or not to take any ibu. I don't know if I made the right decision but for today I decided against it so I could feel exactly what it's doing. I figured, since I rode home a ways on it yesterday, I needed to feel what's up. Also, because I mostly pedaled with one leg on the way back, I wanted to see what was up with my other side. I know I missed the initial window to hit it hard with anti inflammatory, but I might start that therapeutic dose if its raining tomorrow, it's not better, and I decide not to ride. The plan today was to swim, but I didn't want to kick with it. It's my vastus lateral, and it doesn't like kicking or pressure right now. I'm icing right now. Paige! It's funny you should mention the foam roller. I actually buckled down and got one of my own today, thanks to Lobster and some in-town friends! You must be psychic! It won't help this particular thing, but it will help in the future. I know I should foam roller more often. Maybe if I did this wouldnt have happened. I woke up this morning and it hurt before i got out of bed. It's actually better now. 1/29 20 minutes tread walk 3x3x20 supersets of lats and tris plus other randoms like a little seated rowing 20 minutes tread walk 5 mins backward hurt so i did the rest forward. I'm glad this happened at the beginning of a rest week, but it's still super depressing anyways. I think it will be better in a couple days on its own. It doesn't matter what I think. It will be better.
  23. 1/28 nice long ride, was rly looking forward to it. i think i tore one of my quads out in the middle of nowhere, and i wasn't sure what happened, i'm still not. so i turned around after a while and i figured out it wasnt getting better. i'll see how i feel tomorrow. i'm avoiding ibu. but idk if that's the right thing to do. i just want to know if it gets worse or whatever. so the good thing about it is that i did hit my goals for training hours this week, even though i'm not gonna ride tomorrow. that could be because it took me so long to get back home and the training was worth shit. but whatever. the other silver lining is that next week is a rest week so i should be taking it easy anyways. i did want to weight train some more, i will decide on that tomorrow night.
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