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  1. I would probably benefit from foam rolling, but i never do it. I do a lot of stretching and leg movements to keep things ... i guess supple is the right word. Yes. I am supple. I could be suppler. Yeah that chocolate wasn't as good as I thought it would be. Probably because I was craving carbs, and it was pretty low carb. I did just eat a wheat free chocolate chip cookie though and it was utterly magnificent. 1/27 rest day i still have the doms i really wanted to bike to the bar today but i was good and i didn't. diet was fabulously junktastic garbonzos, green pepper, celery, tomato, yeast, tbs tahini popcorn, olive oil tofutti cutie chai, stevia, coconut milk french fries tofu, baby spring mix cookie larabar
  2. That sounds yummy. Sorry you're stressing over work stuff. I can relate. It's not a bad thing to feel sick from HIIT necessarily, unless your sick or something. Good for you for pushing it. I wonder if you'll be sore from it.
  3. Does anyone really know why they drop plates on their feet? It's like an age old question, Why are we here. Where did we come from. Why is this plate on my foot. Drive safe to L.A. Rob.
  4. sounds good.food logs help me too. i think i need more help.
  5. rest dude. you got to get good for that outside run!
  6. Yay Mary, nice to see you here! 1/26 DOMS diminished alot in quads although knotty. Glutes/hams still so sore. coffee 2x oatmeal, raisins, hemp 2 hour ride tofu, celery, yeast, ~1.5 tsp olive oil popcorn ~1.5 tsp olive oil commute+coffee 2 veg patties, mixed veg, fake salami grapeleaves, raw lavender chocolate at this point it was late, i was not tired, i was pretty sad about work situation, and i was still wanting food. i think i could call it hungry, but i'm not sure. i needed to get some work done and i couldn't focus. i looked at my chia/protein stuff and it just looked so gross and disgusting. i had been avoiding the leftover cookie dough in the fridge all week, it wasn't appealing at all. i felt like i needed carbs though so i ate it. it hit the spot and let me settle down, but now it's wearing off fast and i think i should have probably nuked some frozen peaches. if i had to go back and be in that moment again, i think i would be able to say honestly it's not worth it.
  7. that sounds like fun. how about a jumprope too? you could get down like muhammed ali
  8. Yay running! So excited for you! How exciting! Did it male you feel DOMS or fatigue or anything like that?
  9. oh, it's so hard for me. i have to really stay on top of the balance training, i lose it. it's not hard once you get the hang of it though, if i can do it, anyone can! 1/25 3 hours of riding. my legs were so sore, it's amazing i went anywhere. i was surprised i was fast at all. oatmeal, raisins, hemp oatmeal, raisins luna bar, celery, scoop of protein powder eggplant, tomato, tofu, yeast, fake salami nuked frozen peaches 4 squares of chocolate chia/protein if i get hungry later but i'm beat and hopefully i can fall right asleep
  10. Rainra does amazing bodyweight workouts. How's it been going?
  11. Ha! No. No it definitely is not. 1/24 coffee oameal, raisins, hemp a few more raisins and some walnuts 20 minute tread walk forward 5 minute tread walk backward 3xcircuit: 20 single leg lunges, 50 weighted crunches, 20 db pullovers: increase all weights each circuit 3xcircuit: 20 quad ext, 20 ham curls, 10 wide pull downs seated leg press 4x20 x235 some smith thing 2x20x200 1 hour easy fast light flush spin, 1/2 in the arrows lunabar, 3 squares of chocolate tofu, yeast, tomato, chard fake salami nuked frozen peaches w/stevia chia/protein pudding if i get hungry later doing this late night of work i tried to go light on the leg weights, but it felt weird, and i know that i dont have much time left before racing to bulk up the legs, so i went heavier. pleased to find how heavy i could go. i could have gone higher on the circuits/lunges, but if the weather cooperates tomorrow i'm riding so i didn't want to torch them too much. i could see my calves twitching between sets.
  12. Hey RC, drive safe and have happy travels! Remember, rest days are for mental recovery as well as for physical recovery. Moving is stressful, you need it!
  13. Paige, do you prepare the pumpkin with anything or just eat it plain out of the can?
  14. Yes. The Pats will dominate! I dont really even like football, but the Pats are my homies! Your new cereal concoction looks off the hook. Is it as yummy as it looks?
  15. This thread is making me giggle. Srsly though Lobster brings up a good point. There's a difference between talking about the per centage of ingredients in your food or diet being raw, plant based, or carbohydrate, and whether not your intention is to live a compassionate life free of animal objectification. You can eat a certain per cent of death-free ingredients. You are either vegan or you're not.
  16. 1/23 3 hour ride 100 cal oatmeal, 10 raisins, tsp hemp 100 cal oatmeal, 10 raisins celery, lunabar, scoop protein powder tofu, zucchini, yeast beans, roma tomato, jalapeno 2 lunabars
  17. i guess i'll call today a rest day. the whole sunday got away from me. got to keep that from happening again 1/22 coffee oatmeal w raisins, walnuts, hemp .5 hr spin bike, no burn, 95-100 rpm, arrow bars bench: 45x20, 2x55x20, 3x65x6 chia/protein/agave pudding, sunflower seeds accidentally drank a little sugar soda, it's all natural though next possibility for rest day is friday. i think i should take it and re-set my rest days for then. we'll see how it goes. depending on the weather, if i can get into the gym early this week, i'll start training legs a little. the weather this past week has really messed with my bike hours. i'm going to need to re-think my attack plan if it doesn't change. i just hate sitting on the trainer. sometimes my best gear just doesn't cut it. i'll try to be braver.
  18. i look forward to bench press day a lot, but i have to say i like training legs on the bike better than anything else.
  19. 1/21 the sun came out! coffee a couple bites of bread some granola crumbs 3 1/2 hour ride << 1 scoop protein powder, an orange, 3 papadums about 25 raisins no dinner yet but i have a feeling it's gonna be yummy.
  20. Yes. And also, if we want to stay in bed 'til noon, we should be able to do that! At least that's how I felt today. 1/20 1 hr trainer 3x5min int, 2 cadence pyramids 3x20 superset lat pull down, tris 3x20 seated balance bi curls
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