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  1. I love reading your journal. Your workouts ROCK. Do you ever take a rest day?
  2. First of all, I love your hair. Second of all, your calves don't look too different to me. Third of all, nice arms! The way you're working at it, your lower body will be as strong as you want it to be in no time at all, I am sure.
  3. 1/19 1 hr+ trainer ride lvl 10 race, hard bench press 2x20x45 1x20x55 2x10x65 taped afterwards commute diet was awesome except for cookie dough i broke for because i messed up and didnt eat till late afternoon random thoughts: this carb thing doesn't seem to agree with me at the mo. i need more protein. i cant wait so long to eat in the afternoon. if it's time for a rest day, i need to take it, otherwise my training gets wishy washy and i'm just wasting my time. if i'm trying to wait for some kind of scheduling thing, then i need to go hard if i'm going to train at all, otherwise, rest and take that extra day.
  4. Yes! Even a short little workout is better than nothing. At the very least, it will keep you from backsliding. Sounds like a fun, productive trip.
  5. i usually heat them up so they get yummy, and sometimes i sprinkle cabbage, lettuce, or parsley in them, and very rarely earth balance or tofu mayo. that sounds gross! but it is good. i'm really into papadums lately, low calorie, good protein, salty, and crispy! super yummy.
  6. i went through something similar. after you know what happened, i was so depressed, but then it got worse as the injuries set in. my guy was such a great cheerleader, it got to the point where he could look at me and tell what was going through my head and undo it. i really believe the practice of good physical therapy is an art. sounds like you had great people! i was afraid to stop going to mine. were you? when the time came i cried once i got in the car.
  7. 1/18 coffee ---1 hr trainer ride: 4x5 min int inc diff larabar ---2 mile run apple, chia/protein powder, 2 tortillas 2 tortillas 4 papadams 100 cal oat w/ scoop of protein powder ---1 hr trainer ride: 8x3 min int of standing sprint 5 cashews kidney beans, tomato, nut yeast hi protein cereal i think the hi pro cereal will be a good sub for luna bars although i guess it doesnt have as many b vits. maybe it can be a stepping stone to finally breaking this hideous habit.
  8. my pt kept telling me how important consistency is. he would be proud of you.
  9. hey, is there any ginger in that menu plan? also, have you thought of boosting your turmeric intake? bromelain is also a good natural anti-inflammatory, your chiro will of course be able to help you with doasage.
  10. hope it's feeling better today. glad to see you got some help at work!
  11. yeah it was quite a day! the snow was great though. 1/17 snow sprinkles all day with snow forecasted tonight and tomorrow, and since the day got off to an unusual start, i just trained at home today with an eye to possibly having to do the same tomorrow. 20 minutes jumrope 3 circuits no rest of of: -20 bicep curls -20 overhead tri ext -50 crucnches 1 hr trainer ride: 5 x 4:30 @ 110 rpm inc diff food: a couple bites of zaataar a few pumpkin seeds in shell a big bowl of quinoa with cabbage, lemon, and tobasco 2 tbs chia, 1/3 cup soymilk, 1 scoop protein fat free refried beans, cabbage, tomato, celery, 4 tortillas luna bars some raisins
  12. 11/16 walk for coffee corn tortilla, a couple small slices of beet fast 4.75 mile run << snowed on and attacked by a doberman 1/2 smoothie of protein, tangerine, chia, ginger <<< food processor exploded corn tortilla sm portions of zaataar, rf beans, sweet potato 1 hr trainer ride <<< easy tortillas, earth balance, cabbage 1/2 sm pumpkin stuffed w/ tofu ginger mousse, tahini spinach, 8 fusilli pasta luna bar the day is pretty much over and i have tons of energy. considering where i am in my cycle, i should be completely spent. i'm not even craving any more sugar or luna bars. i think it's because i've upped my carb ratio. as far as day to day energy, it seems like this could be a good thing. but i have been thinking about long races, and how specific upper body muscle groups can help clear lactic acid in certain situations and even ultimately convert it into glucose. i need to find the sweet spot of upper body muscle/protein/carb balance. hmmm.
  13. I like to use gel flasks like this on the bike, because they have a grippy shape http://www.coloradocyclist.com/img/product/full/h/hamraqxh.jpg personally i don't like to have sugary stuff in my water. i keep water and electrolytes separate, and if I want something sugary, i can grab it out of my pocket. it ends up being better on your teeth too, if you're not constantly bathing them in sugar water.
  14. That's a long day. Looks like you're taking god care of yourself though... Way to stay on it with the limited breaks! Well done!
  15. yay niners! and yay chocolate cake. now i want some.
  16. 1/15 woke up this morning and realized that even though i drank 4 cans of fizzy water/soda after my ride yesterday, plusother stuff, i only peed a little bit. So that cemented it for me, I made today a rest day. went out for brunch: steamed veggies and tofu. grabbed some chocolate almonds at the store, and came home to some oatmeal w/protein powder. prob eat some kind of stir fry later. i'm exhausted. i know i owe my training plan an hour on the bike, but i'm not too worried about it because yesterday was so off the charts and tend to ride into overtraining territory more often than not. walked around town a little, like a tourist, partly on one of my running routes. it was fun!
  17. 1/14 busy day today. i ditched my group ride so i could have more control over the timing. i thought i could get a couple climbs in or at least some flats if it was too cold. got caught in a windy sleet storm. cracked in the cold headwind. still recovering. not the kind of training i wanted, but i sure hope it made me harder. i still have an hour of riding to do this week, but it looks like snow, so maybe on the trainer. 28 miles.
  18. 1/13 rest day, except i didn't rest... it was so sunny out, and the air was so nice and chilly, hence- 2.5 mile run probably should have taken the rest day especially since i only slept about 4 hours last night. diet as of 7:25- 200 calories oatmeal, 1 scoop rice/gemma, a few raisins scoop of rice/gemma, tangelo some papadums probably go out for a salad later the run felt great once i got out there, but i'm exhausted right now
  19. Yeah, hummus. I totally concurr. She's a smarty. Another thing I do is use some kind of microwavable plastic thing and put some dry oatmeal, cinnamon, and stevia in it. If I get hungry near a microwave, just ad water, press a button, and voila. The q center is http://www.pdxqcenter.org/ . Happy travels, Linus, let us know how it goes!?!
  20. Thanks! Good luck getting back into running. It's so gratifying get back into something after an interruption. Don't know if I'm eating the pudding you've been reading about. It doesn't taste slimy, exactly, it tastes morel like politics http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/chia%20pet%20obama.JPG see what I did there? 1/12 I think Thursday is going to be my slow ride day. I was out for almost 3 hours and didn't cover more than 29 miles. I kept it totally chill, to the point of it being frustrating. I did get to stomp a couple times, which felt REALLY good. I imagine it must be something like what it feels like when a pet escapes out the back door and TAKES OFF. It was so good. a small commute a little later in the day. I am craving sugar so badly right now, that when I looked in the sink and saw my gel flask soaking in water, it looked delicious. I'm fighting something like a virus, and the weather on top of that is making me want carbs for sure. So I just ate 2 cliff bars and some raisins. I'm also wondering about my macros. Pretty sure I need to drop some protein off the program. I'm afraid to though!
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