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  1. wow, i hope they bought you lunch. that sounds like an expense account kind of job. good luck! how do you think it went? i love your shoes. i love your shoes-to-be too. orthopedic shoes are hawt
  2. fool y damas ... that made me laugh... the dummy and the ladies. how was your injury after running?
  3. I'm always inspired by how you include fruit in your diet. I would also like to see a picture of your new shoes.
  4. Wut?!?! A bike?!?!?! oh yes you will. how's your injury doing?
  5. Yay Linus is back! When I travel, I just pack a tub or large baggie of whatever protein powder I'm using at the time, along with some sandwich baggies with individual serving sizes of it. It ends up being way, way cheaper than ore packed single serving sizes. I also always make sure I have a good supply of whatever bars I'm using at the time, which may or may not be a good thing if you have a lunabar addiction like me. Nuts are a dangerous thing for me to travel with. I like tofu jerky for a salty treat, I can find it in bulk at our co-op. Baby carrots, apples, celery sticks, etc are things that travel well for me too. As I was reading through this thread, I remembered something that you might already know about, but I figured I would mention it: The Q Center has a trans resource list which has a section for personal trainers. Have fun on your trip!
  6. Thanks buddies! I'm still a little out of it, it seems weird. Lobster, I'm training for a number of things... mostly bike races, but if I can get my injuries in order, I want to see if i can swim regularly again. Can you swim these days? 1/11 2x15 mile rides one was uphill into a serious cold headwind, which was way way fun. steady hard work. by the time i got home, i couldnt get warm. it took me over an hour to feel my toes, sitting in front of the heat with warm socks on. i think the cold made me really hungry coffee 100 calories oatmeal, stevia, 10 raisins, 1 tsp hemp protein ride # 1 celery, 1 scoop rice/gemma, luna bar, 100 calories oatmeal, stevia, 10 raisins ride # 2 1/2 cup beets beans, lettuce, tahini 2 luna bars cup of soy yogurt, a small piece of thin pita bread luna bar 1 tbs chia in 1/2 cup soymilk
  7. Nice journal! I especially like this line: I love that feeling of having "done it" even when i was tired. I don't have any substitutes for greek yogurt, mostly because I don't know exactly what it is. I think it might be thicker than regular watery yogurt made out of fermented cow teat secretions? I really like soy yogurt, and there's stuff made out of almond milk on the market too. My favorite brand is Nancy's, it's organic and so good. If you're be more specific about your workouts and amounts of stuff in your diet, someone here might be able to give you specific feedback. What are your goals? Do you have a personal trainer?
  8. Wow! Am I ever glad I have been posting in my journal every day! Cool!
  9. It's good for you, Lobster! 1/10 I ended up having some kind of stomach thing last night, so I didn;t get much sleep but I ended up sleeping late. I don;t think I ate anything off... I did eat some frozen spinach from a discount grocer, maybe that's what did it. When I finally got up, I ran: 5k run, up and down hills and stairs, and speed intervals The plan was to either jump rope or do some easy spinning later in the day, but these hard days of running really take it out of me, and I didn't have much to begin with after the night before. So I just followed my instincts and took it easy in the evening. I ate and a lot of ginger and yogurt so I should be good to go tomorrow!
  10. Lobster, it's so funny. Whenever I'm at the gym and I see someone doing goblet squats, I think of you. It's like your signature exercise, I think. Get down with your bad self and your sexy goblet squats.
  11. i like your split a lot. two leg days seems like a great idea! are you thinking you'll need to have a substitute routine for one of those leg days once you start being able to run again?
  12. my favorites! 1/9 2*15 mile rides i was really tired today because i didn't get much sleep last night, but somehow i had pretty strong rides. i was able to get some steady work done. but mostly kept it low key. i think knowing that i have such a low volume week scheduled on the bike is making me think that i have to make the most out of what time i do have in the saddle.
  13. hey kara, one really good resource for all kinds of proteiny things is truenutrition.com. you can make custom protein mixes and blends with a variety of flavors, sweetners, and additives. they have soy, hemp, rice, and pea proteins... and it's way cheaper than most stuff you can find in stores.
  14. hope you're feeling better! can you use the arm bike at the gym while your pelvis gets back into its former pelvicness?
  15. they've always been great with my vegan orders. just got one of custom stuff, as a matter of fact, and it was all fine. i would think they wouldn't want to be alienating their vegan customer base since they started marketing a vegan meal replacement.
  16. 1.8 4 mile tempo run coffee smoothie w/ bcaa's glutamine, protein, tangelo, a little custom electrolyte mix, ginger, and stevia 6 papadums 1/2 a oat cookie some corn chip crumbs a couple squares of low carb chocolate some baby carrots tabouli, hummus, falafel
  17. last night after a long day: 1st course shredded raw kale with lime and salt drizzle 2nd course brown rice quick curried chick peas and spinach: -1 sauteed red onion -add 2 cans of chickpeas -add 1/2 cup coconut milk -add 1 lb frozen spinach -add 1 tsp ground coriander -add salt, pepper and curry powder to taste -cook till tender 3rd course chocolate chia pudding -mix 4 tbs chia seed, 1 packet of stevia, 1 cup low fat chocolate soymilk, cinnamon, in a glass jar before dinner, shake, eat after dinner
  18. 1/7 fifty mile ride. pretty fun. had an epiphany about equipment to ride this year. tried perpetuem at half strength and it wasn't too bad but i'm kind of bloated now. i feel a little more focused about what i have to work on this year, and how i have to train. still formulating it.
  19. 1/6 rest day, and my legs are sore. it's been a week and a half. can't wait to ride tomorrow.
  20. 1/5 basically chained to my chair for a crazy day of work. it made me so sore. then: 4 mile run: tempo painful yet restorative yoga then i craved hummus, so i ate a lot of it.
  21. Yep, got to take those rest days. Running is hard on you, especially on a treadmill. I'm not seeing too many anti-inflammatory stuff in your diet. Do you eat a lot of cinnamon and ginger these days?
  22. 1/4 24 mile ride. fast and snappy, although i did not have a computer and i was alone so i don't really know. but i am feeling strong and replenished. significantly, i made the decision to cut my ride short and come in out of the rain. i felt plenty strong, and i wanted to end strong. there's room for me to thrash myself later.
  23. Hey welcome back! You can make this happen. The hardest part is making the time to do it. Is it possible to have a couple of back up plans for when work gets out of hand? Jump rope, straps, bands, ab ball, a few weights... walking lunges and dips... you know what I mean! Have fun, G!
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