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  1. You're making me want to eat a pear right now! You're dedication is impressive.
  2. Today's cardio: 30 mins fast elliptical, 20 mins treadmill running, 5 mins treadmill fast walking, 8 mins crosstrainer. Thed deltoids, back, abs, and stretch. Food: some celery a scoop of rainbow with pumpkin pie spice, chile, stevia, 1 tsp flax, and water random celery coffee, soy WORKOUT alot of pickles some chard and about half a package of trader joes chicken strip things 2 little rice cakes maybe some flax in a while and maybe will eat the rest of that chickeny stuff note: it is true, i always recover faster when i drink electrolyte water instead of plain after workout
  3. Mmm I love that horse video, such cute fuzzy horses. It feels like I'm right there with them.
  4. Thursday: no workout, regular thursday food except I ate some of a vega bar in place of some rice cakes. Today: 20 minutes treadmill running(!!!!!!!!) then two more minutes (!!!!) . This is good because I twisted the knee on my injured leg this morning playing basketball, and I was going to baby it tonight, but I assessed the situation, was realistic about it, and knew what I could and could not do. I feel just as good about that as I do about the 20 minutes! Food: 2 tsp miso coffee w/ soy 1/2 vega bar 5 sticks of celery a cucumber 1 zucchini, 1/2 tomato, a veg sausage 1 green pepper coffee w/ soy WORKOUT a bowl of spinach and a veg burger 6 cups of popcorn a boiled tomato with SALT (i want!)
  5. cardio: 35 elliptical, 15 running, 5 elliptical it was so freaking hot in that gym this afternoon. so i had this thought today as i was running in the heat and wanting to quit: my body is beginning to look like how i want it to look, i might as well stop running, i don't need to today. i talked my self through that and felt great when i was done. REALLY GREAT! Food: 2 tsp miso coffee, soy 1 cup jicama 1 cucumber 1 green pepper 1 zucchini 1 tomato, a veg sausage 2 rice cakes coffee soy WORKOUT bowl of veggies, veg burger 8 little rice cakes flax later
  6. 15 again. I felt really strong! During weight training too. Food: 2 tsp miso same rainbow light drink as yesterday lettuce, tomato, and lemon Coffee and soy WORKOUT a couple bites of carrot boiled cabbage and 2 veg burgers 4 cups of popcorn with 1 tsp yeast some delicious and very gross sugarless candy will hit some more flax later
  7. 15 fabulous minutes again. It felt clunky at first but then it felt so awesome. I could have gone longer - but I won;t for a while. Maybe I'll wait till the end of November. Food: a scoop of rainbow light with water, stevia, chile, flax, and cinnamon (best recipe so far) a tomato and a baby cuke coffee, soy WORKOUT a bowl of spinach and 2 veg burgers 2 cups of popcorn i'll hit some more flax seed meal in a little while the tequila is flowing around here, maybe will hit that too!
  8. Nice quote in your sig, DaNnY. This one time, when one of my kids was in 6th grade, the class went on a day long field trip, and the bus stopped at McD's for a "snack" on the way home. She and her friend staged an impromptu protest against McDonald's and factory farming, right there on the spot. I don't believe the school has stopped at McD's since.
  9. Sunday: Ran 15 on the treadmill again, and increased the resistance on the elliptical. I felt so strong yesterday! Food: 2 tsp miso 1 scoop of rainbow light with water and ginger some lettuce and tomato with lemon much coffee WOKOUT 2 veg burgers and a bowl of broccoli 6 cups of popcorn, with salt 1 tsp ground flax I wonder if I can reach 20 minutes consistently by winter break? Should I rephrase the as a goal? Yeah, I think I can, I can state this goal without putting myself at risk for re-injury. Goals: To run 20 minutes on the treadmill by winter break. To run a mile outside during winter break. To run a 6k by spring/summer.
  10. Wow, your progress and dedication are awesome. Nice job!
  11. Aw, thank you ^_^ no one's ever called me assiduous before! I can use all the cheering on that comes my way too so double triple quadruple thank you! Ran 15 on the treadmill again... I overstretched a glute last night, and it made my knee hurt today... but since I knew the root of this particular pain, I ran through it. I knew there was not threat of re-injuring. It' feels so good to be getting myself back. I'm so scared to get hurt again. I think I'm on the right track though - my quads are getting strong enough to compensate! Food today 3 tsp miso 1 scoop of rainbow light with powdered ginger a little cucumber and tomato coffee, splash of soy WORKOUT a bowl of spinach and 2 veg burgers about 6 cups of popcorn and yeast (it was so delicious) maybe a tsp of ground flax in a little while
  12. No it's not. They have the same freedoms, they have the same rights. (They can hate a well as the next guy). It all about a word. Nope that's not true at all. Heteros who can marry have many more actual legal rights, benefits, and privileges than people who can't have their marriages recognized by the government. This is not only true on the state level for those states that do not recognize homosexual unions, but even for gay couples marries in places where it's legal (Massachusetts, they can not access the same actual lawful rights that married heteros can access on the federal level. The General Accounting Office (the investigative arm of Congress) was asked to look at this issue. Here's their report: http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d04353r.pdf This issue is not just about a mere word. It is not about some people whining over nothing. This is about an entire class of US citizens being denied access to basic rights that other citizens have.
  13. I did like how Hayley said she would. My kitchen is vegan. When my kids were tiny, one of them said she wanted to try chicken. I had explained to them early on a lot about the food situation in the US, whenever they wanted to know. So when the question of trying to eat chicken came up, I very gently offered to give her the tools to kill the chicken she wanted to eat. (We hung around a lot of farms.) I knew she would say no. To this day that kid loves chickens. For sleep overs and party food, I did mostly my own baking and cooking. When we did order pizza out, it was without cheese. My friends and the kids' friends were all kind of veganish or alternative, and the kids went to crunchy alternative schools, so having their dietary choices respected wasn't too challenging. The basic rule as they got older was: if you want to eat animal products, that's your personal decision, just we won't be preparing that stuff in the house.
  14. Thursday: no workout, 12 hour work day, usual food, still digging the aternoon snack of lettuce, tomato, lemon, and flax. Friday: I reached my goal of running 15 minutes straight on the treadmill! Pain free! (Except it felt kind of creeky at the beginning) So as of right now, my gym cardio is 30 minutes fast on the elliptical, 15 (or maybe 13) mins treadmill running, and then 8 (maybe 10) more minutes on the crosstrainer. Then weight training, abs or back, and stretching. Food yesterday: 2 tsp miso coffee, soy 1 up jicama 1 cucumber mint tea some cucumber and carrot 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, 1 veg sausage 4 rice cakes coffee, soy WORKOUT a bowl of green beans and a veg burger alot of crappy sugarless candy
  15. In the United States, it is illegal to discriminate. It would have been illegal for a Mormon adoption agency to refuse to adopt kids out to black couples based on their color alone. (In Mormonism, for a long time, blacks held lower status and were unable to occupy the priesthood.) Discrimination is discrimination, and it is illegal in the US. But more importantly, and something you failed to refer to in your insinuation (note I didn't say explanation, you don't explain, you just point to disjointed websites) a large part of why Catholic Charities of Massachusetts decided to stop their adoption business is because their largest funder said it would quit supporting them if they kept discriminating against gays. Perhaps you should do your own homework, Joe, and get the whole story straight. And again Joe, you have provided us with a total non sequitor. (That's latin for "it doesn't follow" and is used to refer to arguments that divert from the point at hand.) Back to what you were on about before: This never happened. Please provide a source. And please make sure the source indicates that a gay couple wanted to force a bishop, specifically, to perform a marriage, that the bishop refused, and that the gay couple filed suit. Nobody here is falling for your straw man, Joe. This question is still on the table Joe. We're all waiting.
  16. No berries. The sugariest I get is jicama and carrots. Nuts are too fatty for my goals right now. Why do you ask about nuts and berries specifically?
  17. i couldn't get warm today... even when I ran. First five minutes i felt creeky, i felt like i weighed a million pounds and my joints and muscles were covered in rust. 13 minutes running. After about five, i felt warmer and smoother, my lungs weren't cooperating too well, we turned the heat on yesterday, it might be a reaction to that. Or else to partying outside Obama headquarters in the freezing cold last night. Food: 2 tsp miso coffee, soy 1 cup jicama 1 cucumber alot of hot herb tea 3 rice cakes 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, 1 veg sausage 3 sticks celery coffee, soy WORKOUT 2 pickles artichoke hearts (Hi John!) chard, and a veg burger 3 little rice cakes a couple slices of carrot and a tsp of flax meal
  18. Heterosexist isn't an insult in and of itself. It's what you are, by definition. Heterosexism is insulting, and it hurts and kills people. Xenophobic isn't an insult in and of itself. It's what you are, by definition. Xenophobia is insulting, and it hurts and kills people. White supremacist isn't an insult in and of itself. It's what you are, by definition. The doctrine of white supremacy is insulting, and it hurts and kills people. This is the link you posted: "The mission of this forum is to provide a fun, friendly, welcoming, respectful, mindful, tactful, and friendly environment for members to discuss topics revolving around the vegan bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle. All members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner towards all other members, moderators, and administrators of the forum." You hammering your anti-gay, anti-any-culture-except-eurocentric, hateful, trolling attitude does not further the inquiry around vegan body building and fitness lifestyle. I, for one, do not sign into these forums to have to look at your hateful closemindedness. I come here to learn and talk about fitness for vegans. You said you were going to stop posting this kind of stuff. You keep doing it. The logical conclusion is that you can't control yourself.
  19. OMG John. I'll never eat another artichoke again! Bike commute day. It was cold! My speed could have been faster. I would like to explore just how much my monthly cycle (no pun intended) affects my performance, and how I can improve it. Food: 2 tsp miso coffee, soy 1 cup jicama some baby peppers some cherry tomatoes a zucchini. a tomato, a veg sausage 3 rice cakes stewed curried spinach and a veg burger a bunch of rice cakes In other news, the election has just been called
  20. This study doesn't establish a causative relationship between sexy tv shows and pregnancy. Causation is not the same as correlation. Correlation just means two things happen at the same time. It would be like saying: when people eat more ice cream, they commit more crimes. That might be true, but ice cream eating doesn't cause more criminal behavior in a population. Hotter weather does. Hotter weather also causes people to eat more ice cream. Ice cream eating and crime rates are correlated. There is no causation there. Saying that watching sexy tv causes pregnancy is bad, crappy, irresponsible science.
  21. Your point? People from all over the place will be eating dead animals to celebrate all kinds of different elections. We all know your heterosexist, xenophobic, white supremacist agenda, VJ. I thought you were gonna give it a rest. If not, at least use a new avatar: http://communitiesonline.homestead.com/files/troll_2.jpg
  22. This morning playing basketball, I had no energy to jump, so this afternoon at the gym, i didnt go on the treadmill at all. My total cardio was 60 mins on the elliptical, no running.It's getting hard for me to break a sweat on that thing, but I went pretty fast. Lifting was hard (biceps and triceps) but it felt good to challenge my muscles! By the time I got home, I was so hungry. Food: 2 tsp miso coffee, soy 1 cup jicama a cucumber passion tea with splenda zucchini, tomato, a veg sausage 3 pieces of celery 3 rice cakes coffee, soy WORKOUT 2 pickles chard, artichoke hearts, veg burger about 200 calories of popcorn 2 tsp ground flax a couple more pickles
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