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  1. This is not the case. and for you to imply that this is the exact situation only further weakens your argument for illegal immigration . Apparently you both have trouble dealing with the truth and your only argument againt it is to call me names. My talk isn't cheap. My work, for years, has been studying immigration. I don't have trouble dealing with the truth either. And, I have not argued against your initial post by calling you names. It's weird you would say I did. Please re-read carefully. You've used a lot of logical fallacies in your posts here. The one you just used above is called an ad hominem attack. That's when someone attacks the person they're supposed to be debating with, instead of their arguments. So, I'm not gonna talk to you about this any more, VeganJoe. For people who are interested in reading more about the topic, these are good places to start. There are more complex, in depth, and boring analyses available too, if you want more. http://www.aollatinoblog.com/2008/04/14/do-immigrants-pay-their-fair-share-of-taxes-you-bet-they-do/ http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=881584
  2. I wanna address your whole first post, Veganjoe, but I kind of feel like it's flamebait. There are a lot of inaccuracies and misrepresentations in it. Did you post it to get an honest inquiry and discussion going, or to get people mad? I don't get it. One thing I would like to hit on though is the figures on undocumented immigrants use of services. It is true, some "illegals" use services, but they also pay taxes. Compare the numbers and you'll find that undocumented immigrants in the US pay more $ in taxes than the amount of services they use. It's a net monetary gain for the US government. I think that those kinds of emaily propaganda list things are nasty because they just serve to rile people up and shut down discussion and critical thinking.
  3. Yesterday (Saturday) 60 mins on the elliptical/crosstrainer. I was so bored. I was planning on trying to run, but my leg hurt going up some stairs so, no. Decided I'm not gonna be adding any more weight to biceps or triceps for a while. My body likes to make muscle there! Maybe I'll just do more sets when it gets too easy. Food 2tsp miso big big coffee with soy WOKOUT tomato and a veg burger nappa salad with slivered almonds 1/3 cup of some wild rice stuff a salad roll with some veggies inside a bunch of stir fried veggies a piece of delicious vegan cake with delicious fudgy vegan frosting that gave me a headache then I fell asleep at the table till Michelle bonked me a little nibble of 70% chocolate another tomato and a veg burger
  4. Thursday: no workout, worked 12 hours. Usual work week diet, added a some tomatoes and lettuce with flax seed as an afternoon snack. Friday: 50 mins of cardio on elliptical, then 10 on the treadmill for the first time since my leg started hurting again. I walked 9 mins between 3.3 and 3.6 speed, just to play around with my leg. I ran one minute to see how it felt, I couldn't give it a week rest. It felt kind of swelly, but not too bad, not really any pain. That was on 3 ibuprophen right before the workout. I probably won't run on it today. I was thinking, this flare up happened when I started doing back bends again. I should probably stop. That shiatsu guy suggested back bends for me to stretch out my quads, and I had already dreamt twice about backbending, so i have been, but... This is hard for me to write. Yesterday I was thinking about all the blocks I put in front of me to prevent myself from getting really fit, and how I've worked so hard to sweep them away. Now I think one of my challenges is going to be to learn how to combine that with taking good care of my body, not pushing too hard, and coming to terms with the fact that there might be things I can't do, even though doing them can make me feel really good, both physically and mentally (at first.)
  5. Mmmm salad. Go there and look around and ask your body what it really wants and needs. Then get that. I'm trying to do that more often. My kids do it much better than me. Or how about the grossest and kind of yummiest salad? Go to subway and get all their veggies in a bowl and sprinkle a little of their vinegar on top. It has no nutritional value and is probably more toxic than a can of pesticide, but it's delicious!
  6. This thread and all you runners are so inspiring to me. I have a general question: How often do you think it's necessary to get new running shoes?
  7. Yah that's very true. He's in a really tough spot. He can never take McCain's bait, always has to measure everything he does and says not only in terms of regular politics, but of image and race as a black man as well. I do think he has a groundbreaking opportunity here though, or his handlers do. This is "job application" of his is so high profile, and he has so many "respected" supporters, intellectuals, politicians, media figures, plumbers named joe, that his campaign could have slipped in a little more analysis on race, and kept it away from his mouth.
  8. Monday workout - gym 60 mins cardio, no running, trained deltoiods, back, and abs Tuesday workout - cycling fun fun fun Wednesday workout - gym 60 mins cardio, no running even though i was revving to go, trained biceps, triceps, abs Diet: the usual, except i ate 3 cups of popcorn tonight, and it was magically delicious (craving salt)
  9. Yep. I know it as The Bradley Effect. (I know it from my work.) Polls on presidential races are usually dead on target, especially as they get closer to election time, but these polls won't be. It's why I say McCain is gonna win. I hope to hell I'm wrong, but I don't think I am. I think one mistake of the Obama campaign is to not call racism when it happens. If they charmingly (so as not to offend the fragile white sensibilities of denial racists) pointed out how the other side is using race both subtly and blatantly, it would help undo the particular dynamic of the Bradley Effect.
  10. Hurt my leg today. Left the gym limping. I am so not happy. I'm slamming ibuprofen in hopes of bringing some of the swelling down. I did 30 mins on the elliptical today and ran 5 mins on the treadmill. I'll wear a brace all day and do the elliptical tomorrow and see how it feels. Bike on Tuesday. Ok a couple things to switch the perspective to positive: -I'm not going to let this make me stop. -I ran the way the chiro showed me, I hurt myself when I wasn;t paying attention, while I was slowing down for an interval. In the future, I just have to pay better attention. -I will swim if I have to but I really don't want to. -I got complimented on my arms today. Food: 2 tsp miso Coffee, soy WORKOUT bowl of veggies and a vegburger gross amount of pickles grossly thirsty so a gross diet soda a couple tomatoes some gross sugarless candy bowl of spinach, veg burger gross amount of rice cakes 1 tsp flax
  11. Welcome. I like your icon. Hope you have fun here!
  12. Socialism is when the means of production in any given society are partially owned by the people. In the US, this is the case in some sectors of economic activity (education system, highways and roads, firefighting etc.) Palin does not want this trend to increase. She does support government making it easier for big money corporations to keep the big money coming in, albeit not for the benefit of "the people," only for the benefit of her corporate benefactors. And possibly anti-science illogical creationists, pseudointellectuals, and phonies that she will hire to work for the government. But that's not the same thing as socialism. Sorry, back to the regularly scheduled romp with the dinosaurs.
  13. offense, those are some harsh words about Gov. Palin don't you think? For those of you who don't know Southeastern Pennsylvania is Obama country. He has more supporters their than in any other part of Pennsylvania. Outside of Pittsburg and Phillly the rest of the state are conservative racist rednecks. I know because I've lived in rural PA. No, she really is a dumbass. She really wants to have our kids learn that dinosaurs and people walked the earth at the same time. http://bygonetv.com/shows/the_flintstones/images/family.jpg
  14. Woke up early, then slept late, then drank a bunch of coffee, then ran 10 straight minutes on the treadmill after 30 fasat hard minutes on the eliptical. Then I did 10more minutes of random cardio. (I was bored with the elliptical today.) My leg is a still a little sore. I'm gonna run for at least one more day, maybe two, then take a break on Tuesday. I love how running makes me feel so free. Food: 2 tsp miso Coffee, soy WORKOUT biodynamic veggies with a veg burger 1 tsp flaxmeal random veggie munching all afternoon 1 pickle a bowl of broccoli and nori with a veg burger I'll probably carb it up with some popcorn and yeast in a little bit.
  15. I hear ya, Jaleel. I'm glad you posted this. I hope your knee is feeling better too!
  16. I have to be honest here. If I'm going to write a letter or do some other advocacy about US military policy in Iraq, it's not going to be to save the life of a dog that might get "shot in the head execution style." (A little hyperbolic, I think.) I think it's wonderful that people are worried about the doggie, and I hope little Rachet is ok, but he isn't on the top of my priority list of U.S injustices in the Middle East. I think that a lot of mothers of Iraqi kids that have been killed there during the war would take offense at this rallying around a dog. This makes me think that those of us who have the privilege of living outside a War Zone where the billions of dollars are being spent to destroy the people and infrastructure so some rich people can drive their SUVs more comfortably might be a bit blinded by that privilege.
  17. I'm voting for Obama. I think all the big names that are running are either scumbags or insane, but it's really likely McCain's gonna croak any day now, and a Palin presidency would be more hideous than any other option. I see no significant differences between Obama and McCain except for reproductive rights, and since the next president is more than likely going to get to select a couple of supreme court justices, either McCain or Palin would be a disaster for the future of preserving those rights. Otherwise I wouldn't bother voting for president.
  18. Congratulations Hayley! Ever think of moving to Portland so you can train the vegan mafia up here?
  19. Cardio sucked today. Then I ran 9 mins on the treadmill, easy. I could have gone longer but my leg was bothering me a bit. It was also one of those special days, maybe that had something to do with it. All in all I guess it didn't really suck, because I reached my cardio goals with relatively no problem. So! Yay! No suckage! Wahoo! Food: all morning: hot water with a little miso noonish: 4 tomatoes, 3 rice cakes, a tsp of flax (and a partridge in a pear tree) 2 coffees with a little soy WORKOUT dinner: subway salad topped with salt, lemon, sriricha and 2 veg burgers then: 1/2 bowl of green beans 4 rice cakes
  20. Tuesday: Workout - Bike commute, my leg feels realy tweaky from it Food - the usual, but i was craving carbs badly at night Yesterday: The chiropractor recomended i swim instead of run. I'm not going to swim. It's to messy logistically to swim after work, and it will be hell on my hair. I told him I'm jusy gonna keep running for a while and he showed me some helpful postures. He's a good guy. So when I did cardio after that, even though I amazed myself with how strong and fast I was, I only did a couple of 4 minute intervals when I got to the treadmill. I was feeling kind of spooked from his talk to me. I'm going to have to think about this. The eliptical isnt real challenging for me anymore, and if I increase the tension on it too much, it's not good for my bad leg. Food The usual But craving carbs like a mofo at night. Today: 12 hour work day, no workout Food will be the usual I need to switch more into winter foods
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