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  1. Wow, it's obvious you've all worked so hard. This is such an inspiration!
  2. I got to challenge myself on the eliptical more, it's getting way too easy. The machine says 350 calories after 30 minutes. Maybe I'll make the resistance stronger and see how much it hurts my quads. I wasn't really feeling a 9 min run again today on the treadmill so I went 1, 4, 1, 4 intervals. Bike only day tomorrow Food 2 tsp miso coffeee, splash of soy 1 cup of jicama iced passion tea with splenda 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, veg sausage 1/2 bell pepper 10 baby carrots coffee, splash of soy WORKOUT bowl of collards and artichoke hearts, veg burger I'll eat some flax later
  3. Went 9 mins on the treadmill again. I'm thinking I'm going to have to take in a little more fuel before running if I want to keep increasing distance, and do it after long workdays. I'm still only going to increase slowly. Baby steps is still the motto! But, yay me for doing this. Regular cardio was fun today, watching Drumline on the TV. Food 1 tsp miso Big coffee, soy WORKOUT a delicious pickle a bowl of collard greens and a veg burger 1 tsp ground flax veg burger, bowl of mixed veggies about 400? calories of popcorn (no yeast )
  4. Hilarious. She massacred Palin without being sexist. The thing about murdering wolves from helicopters that makes it so unconscionable to me is that the fight isn't anywhere even close to approaching the illusion of fair. At least with regular hunting of wolves, hunters can make the case and try to fool themselves or others into thinking there's some training or talent involved that makes it a fair fight. Helicopter hunting is just an example of the blatant dominion over whatever the hell those pigs want dominion over, at the expense of wildlife, the environment, other people, and common sense.
  5. Yesterday (Saturday) Cardio was relatively unchallenging. The treadmill is improving, maybe I should look to weekends for challenging myself a little extra. I ran 9 minutes (rocked it!) and maybe an interval after that, I think I did, but I honestly can't remember! Food: 1 tsp miso A big coffee with a little soy WORKOUT 1 veg burger, 4 tomatoes, a little spinach & broccoli 2 cups of jicama 1 veg burger, a bowl of greenbeans and carrots (with sriracha, tamari, and lime, omg) about 500 calories worth of popcorn and yeast
  6. Yesterday: Cardio went fast and my heart rate never topped over 145, and that was challenging myself. So - I must have been fighting a bug or something. People at work have been dropping like flies from it. So I guess I should consider myself lucky! Treadmill went 1 min walk, 7 mins run, 1 min walk, 2 mins run. I could have gone longer in the first interval but I wanted to check my heart and take it easy. Food: The usual Except I accidentally popped a few raspberries in my mouth. They were yummy, but not something that my mouth told my body to keep eating because there's something in them I need.
  7. I think I'm fighting something off. I got to the gym today, after drinking my usual coffee. I got on the eliptical and did my usual warm up, which wasnt easy for the first time all week. Then my heart started pounding so hard, and it felt like it was going irregularly too. The machine said my heart rate was in the 220s. So I went for a total of only 11 minutes, then I went to lift. My heart was still feeling jumpy. I finished lifting and I wanted more. So i walked on the treadmill only at 3 mph, for an hour. My heart rate stayed between 103 and 123. It felt calmer and more steady, but still not quite right. In the last 10 minutes I did a few 1 minute intervals of running, just to see what happened. The first 2 went ok, hr topped out in an acceptable range. The third interval, my hr went up to the 220s again. I walked it off, stopped, and spent some time stretching. Maybe I got some bad coffee? Maybe whatever I'm fighting is doing this? Maybe that massage Sunday did weird things to my system? (detox, or structural - I was so headachey last night and today, or some misplaced accupressure?) Maybe I'm a hypochondriac? I got 6 hours of sleep last night, kind of usual. I ate the normal meal plan. No gym tomorrow anyways because of my work schedule. I'll try again Friday after work and see what happens. I'm afraid that I'll subconsciously use this as an excuse to not stick to my cardio. The way around that would to go to the doctor and get a green light to cardio hard, but I really don't want to go to a fricken cardiologist. Food today: 2 tsp miso coffee, splash of soy 1 cucumber 1 cup of jicama 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, 1 veg sausage 3 rice cakes 10 baby carrots coffee WORKOUT bowl of broccoli, veg burger, 1 tsp ground flax lettuce, lemon, 1 tsp ground flax edit: just for record keeping - I took a hard fall today at work, maybe that has something to do with today.
  8. A day like yesterday usually adds up to be 600-800 calories. I haven't had a good carb day in a while, I'll wait till the weekend. No gym today, my lungs still hurt but I'm beginning to think it's partly structural from the massage I got the other day. The bike ride was so fun today. I need to make it a priority to ride more. Food: 2 tsp miso coffee, spalsh of soy 1 cuke 1/2 green pepper 1 tomato, 1 zucchini, 1 veg sausage 3 rice cakes 10 baby carrots a bowl of spinach and a veg burger 1 tsp flax
  9. Either the air here was really bad today or I'm getting sick. Cardio was ok, but running 4 minute intervals was so hard! My lungs were killing me all day, I think that's what was up. But also lifting was pretty hard. I'm gonna hit the sack in a sec, Food: 6am 2 tps miso 8am coffee with soy 9:30am1 cucumber 11:30 am 1/2 green pepper 12:30pm 1 zucchini, tomato, and a veg sausage 1 pm 2 rice cakes 4pm 10 baby carrots 5pm coffee with soy WORKOUT 8:30pm a bowl of green beans, veg burger, 1 tsp flax 9pm 3 rice cakes 10pm lettuce with lemon and 1 tsp flax
  10. Amy, you're great for staying strong! It doesn't really matter what his parents say to that kid. You're living proof to him that people can think independently and act with conscience. That's such an important lesson. It's too bad other kids don't have role models like you in their lives. Probably your family is acting on 3 different motivations. They must be worried about you. You can counteract that with just really basic info that vegan diets are healthy. If they want more info, give it to them, but in my experience, it's counterproductive to bombard them with it. They probably also see you as rejecting their values. That can hurt pretty bad, but they'll get over it once they fully realize veganism does not equal Jim Jones Koolaid cult style family rejection. They could also see your lifestyle as a threat to the status quo lifestyle they're trying to instill into the next generation. My advice to that is to make their worst fears come true, and turn all the little ones in your family into raging vegan storm troopers, however you can! Keep those vegan fires burning! (unless you go raw, in which case, keep those fires out!)
  11. Treadmill today was victory 8 mins straight of running. Yay yay yay yay I'm doing it! The regular cardio was amazingly easy, but lifting was very difficult (deltoids.) I think i might be headed for a huge switch up of the routine. Did I mention I ran for 8 straight minutes? 5.6 speed, down from 5.8. I'm not going to try to duplicate it this work week unless I'm really feeling it. I got a massage today, and he seemed surprised at how tight my quads are. They're pretty flexible, yet knotted up, especially on my injured leg. I need to hold my stretches much longer. And I ran 8 straight minutes today! Food: Big coffee with soy WORKOUT 1 veg sausage, 2 baby cukes, 1 tomato MASSAGE much water 2 sticks of celery, 3 rice cakes 1 veg burger, mixed veggies, 1 tsp ground flax
  12. I think I'm old school. All those pics are great! Marcina your hair is so cute, and zinzen, omg those pics made me giggle, you guys are down! I mean, you guys are so scary, those boneheads better watch out!
  13. today: Treadmill running was 1, 4, 1, 4 again YAY! The rest of cardio was pretty good. Lifting with M was really fun. Food: Big coffee with a splash of soy WORKOUT a bowl of stewed collards, spinach, green beans and tomatoes protein shake with 1 tsp extra flax 2 sticks of celery 3 rice cakes NAP mmmmmmmm 1 veg burger with mixed veggies 1 rice cake
  14. It depends on how much personality you want. Patches and tees are so easy to DIY, it doesn't get more punk than that. I think of it this way: punk started as a movement of poor kids taking things into their own hands and part of that was making an anti-hegemonic, anti-authoritarian statement with their clothes. The rcaa, hot topic, and target can try to copy it, but they can't ever get to the heart of it. Wear your recycled, old, anti-fashion, anti-corporate clothes to shows, write on them, rock in them, make them yours with needle and thread your own way. Love them (in any way you care to interpret that statement.) Hate them. They're just clothes. Most of all, have fun in them. And if you happen to get some superglue on your jeans after you squirt it in hot topic door locks, (not that I would ever advocate such a thing) you should probably wash it off, so the cops don't suspect you. *this post is for entertainment purposes only, no advocacy of illegal action is implied in the above.*
  15. Friday (yesterday) I got to the gym, turned off the car, and fell asleep for 20 minutes with a coffee in my cup holder. Woke up, did the usual 50 mins of cardio fast, the treadmill went 1min walk, 4 run, 1 min walk, 4 run. I'm pretty happy I could do that again! Lifting seemed really difficult. It was a deltoid day. Food: 2 tsp miso, coffee, splash of soy 4 baby cukes 2 sticks of celery 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, 1 veg sausage coffee, splash of soy WORKOUT 1 cup of collards and a veg burger 1 tsp ground flax 5 rice cakes
  16. Me and my friend watched it from the gym. She made it longer than me, I couldn't stand to listen to either one of those manipulative liars. I'm feeling pretty bitter that for so long, we've heard from both parties, things like our country doesn't have enough money to (research alternative fuels adequately, insure good health care for everybody, give our soldiers decent body armor, provide working psychiatric care for soldiers returning with PTSD, have free university available to everybody, give decent educations to kids in poor school districts, etc etc, etc anything having to do with money) but all of a sudden we can front billions and billions of dollars to bankers because they need more money after ripping what they could out of our pockets. I got so ed watching them, that I left the treadmill and went to lift extra weight. So I blame both guys for interfering with my quest to do 2 hours of cardio per day. Curse them. I'll vote for Obama only because he won't try to destroy reproductive rights the way Mccain/Palin will, and also because he doesn't believe dinosaurs and people walked the earth the same time. Next time, me too!
  17. Yay, today was awesome! Even though it was a busy work day, and there was a 2 hour staff meeting after work, and i didn't get to the gym till 6, it went well! Strong, fast cardio, and more treadmill running! It went: 1min walk, 4 mins run, 1 min walk, 4 mins run. It's hard for me to believe that just a few weeks ago I was struggling to go 1 minute with a gimpy leg. I am not going to push myself to do this again too soon, I'm just going to let it come to me (within reason.) I would die if I got injured again. This week is the beginning of the time of year when I will most likely have one day, quite possibly two per week where I can't do any workout or training at all. I'm thinking I should be ok if I keep my food intake like it's been, and I amp the training up a bit on a day after I miss. The hazards are going to be if I get over tired and flake off a day or two after my off days. I don't know how to combat this, I know I'm going to be really tired. I guess I can always bike to work except for thosedays... but I'm gonna need more... more cardio, more access to weights (and more sleep!) Possible solutions: sleep every chance I get (that will be great for my social life) drink more coffee (that should be great for my complexion) better time management (I can't even imagine what that would look like) or just don;t sweat it and don't miss a beat in training even though I miss a day or two a week. I can think of this total physical down day as recovery time, not a missed opportunity. me going slow and carefully will turn into an excuse to slack off Possible solutions: knowing that I am a pro at rationalizing laziness, and fully understanding what drives my fear to succeed. On the other hand I need to completely understand what is motivating me to get fitter, celebrate it, and find even more reasons. Ok maybe I missed my calling as a shrink. Food today: 2 tsp of miso coffee with a splash 1 cucumber 1 cup jicama 1 veg sausage, 1 zucchini, 1 tomato couple rice cakes coffee with a splash WORKOUT 1 veg burger, 2 cups artichoke hearts, 1 cup collards couple more rice cakes NOTE TO SELF: DON'T FORGET YOUR FLAX GO TAKE IT RIGHT NOW! ok, ok self, I am going!
  18. Yesterday: Only bike commuting. It went fast. Yesterday food: The usual, plus 2 diet sodas at work, which made me feel like a hippo Added an extra cup of veggies, I think the cold weatheris making me really hungry!
  19. Lots of energy for a Monday... although C told me I looked ragged and tired. Cardio went fast, and I increased treadmill intervals to 3, 2, 2. I'm going to hold it there for a bit or maybe even decrease it, so my muscles can catch up. I'm really happy though! Food: The usual, no earthshattering changes.
  20. Fast cardio today. Lots of reggaeton on the ipod! The treadmill went well. instead ot 2, 2, 1, 1, I went 2, 2, 2, 1. I wanted to do more, but I am holding myself back. I know I have to go slow. BABY STEPS! I was thinking today how bummed I would be if I re-injured myself yet again. I would probably give up completely. I am finally finally coming back and I like it. Food so far: 2 tsp of miso Big coffee with a splash spinach, a tomato and a veg burger 4? rice cakes 1 tsp of ground flax 1 cup of green beans, veg sausage maybe another tsp of flax in a sec
  21. Wow nice pics! How'd you get people to put cash at your feet like that?
  22. Workout: Treadmill was hard at first, but I got through it, not too winded! I stopped after 11 minutes and only 6 mins of running (back to 2, 2, 1, 1) just so I don;t overdo it. More will happen. It will. My legs are not sore at all, and no pain or gimpiness. Cardio went easy. I added 10 more pounds more to one of the deltoid machines too. Harder, better, faster, stronger Food: Coffee with a splash Baby greens & tomato with lime, veg burger, tsp of flax 1 Cup of broccoli 6 rice cakes Veg burger and 150 cals of mixed veggies
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