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  1. Hey! Two families with vegan kids! I raised my family vegan too. Welcome!
  2. AND the point goes to Veginator! Back to the topic of this thread - I think it would be a pity if McCain/Palin won, reproductive rights were retracted at whatever speed in the US because of their party stance, and we all end up being forced to live Jerry Springer lifestyles like the Palin family. "But my mama wouldn't tell me how to not get a baby inside me, so I believed my man when he said I should just jump up and down after we played his favorite naked game!"
  3. Thurs & Fri workout and food: I went to the gym with all intentions of working out hard. I won't explain why here, but both nights I had to bail after 30 mins on the elliptical. They were good 30 minutes both times, although my leg was sore. Thurs night a did a lot of abs work when I got home. It was good to shake up that routine for sure. Fri night I was gonna use free weights on deltoids when I got home, but I ... ... ... forgot. I wasn't feeling good, for real. So on the way home I got some ground flax seed, gonna add 1-2 tsp per day to my diet. Probably 1. Maybe 2 to prime myself then down to 1. Also got some dandelion/milk thistle/oregon grape root compound to at least help my liver detox from losing weight. My skin and the rest of my body are doing weird things which I am almost ready to go visit the GOD of naturopathic health care about.
  4. Congrats! My friend just moved back up here from Venice, and she misses it - but she was always back and forth because the airfare is so cheap. It's a doable drive too. So have no fear - the people you love will always be a just shout away, and never more than a couple hours of travel. Way to live your dreams! I hope I randomly bump into meeting you before you go! (I'm off to the gym in a couple minutes, hint hint)
  5. Back at the gym today. I really needed that day of rest. I wasn't even tempted to fall asleep in the staff meeting, and I had decent energy to work out with. I even added another minute interval of running with no problem. (2, 2, 1, 1, 1) Baby steps, baby steps... My thighs do not hurt at all right now. Way to rock that workout Maybe it was due a little to a change in my food schedule: 6am 2 tsp miso coffee 1 cup of jicama 12:15pm 1 zucchini, 1 tomato, 1 veg sausage patty (80 cal, 10 g pro) 2 rice cakes 12carrot stubs 5pm coffee WORKOUT 1 veg burger, 1 cup cooked collards, 1/2 pepper, 6 carrot stubs 4 rice cakes 1 tomato
  6. No gym today, half a day of work, napped, blew off an evening work meeting. I feel really good. On the bike commute today I massacred a hill. Happy with the way my strength and coordination are improving. Food: 2 tsp miso 1 cup jicama 4 sticks celery baby greens and broccoli salad 4 rice cakes 150 calories of mixed veggies 2 veg burgers 2 more rice cakes
  7. Yeah, good one! Love about the gym: All the equipment The cardio theater Seeing people I know or my friends and family there Watching people of all colors, ages, shapes, and sizes gettin' down! The basketball court! Getting free swag sometimes Bothered by: Anorexic or severely emaciated people doing long stretches of hard cardio, I just want to give them a hug and a nice yummy Soy Dream. Hate about the gym: I want to be clear, this is not a list of annoyance, this is a list of HATE The assault of synthetic crappy perfume. Tonight I could taste the perfume of the chick next to me. Sometimes I can smell it even after I get in the car. The occasionally overpowering smell of man butt sweat. There is a shower in the gym for a reason. It won't kill those guys to take a quick rinse before they scent up the entire place with their bad hygiene skills.
  8. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day and I love it. In Portland there's a locally owned microroaster that uses fair trade coffee. It's smooth, dark, bittersweet, organic perfection. I go on and off of caffeine. When I'm on, I try to drink that, yum yum. Thanks for this reminder, IYM, I need it. If I'm following you correctly, I don't agree with your logic about injecting caffeine/vit C into rats. First of all, some of the decently grounded protest over animal experimentation is based on the fact that while many organisms have much in common, test animals are not humans. They don't have the same physiology as we do in many (not all) important ways. Like, vitamin D is toxic to rodents in much smaller doses than it is to humans. Another reason is that no humans, well not very many, are injecting straight caffeine into their veins. Although now that I have that idea, hmmmmm, it could make my work days more energy filled.
  9. It was a "special" day today. I got to the gym, tired, but all ready to go. I just couldn't go. I still did my regular cardio, a little less intense - only one minute of running on the treadmill, it hurt everything to run today. Lifting went ok, but I didn't do any abs cause the gym was so gross and smelly and crowded to me tonight. I'm exhausted. Plan: take a day off the gym tomorrow and bike commute to both workplaces. Intake: coffee w/ a splash of soy 4 celery sticks 1 zucchini 1 tomato A couple leaves of spinach 2 rice cakes A couple carrots Coffee WORKOUT Baby greens, broccoli, tomato and 2 veg burgers 2 more rice cakes
  10. Way to go for it. Awesome job! Thanks for writing about your b12, you reminded me to go take a C. Yum!
  11. 12 noon: 2 veg sausage patties, baby spring greens, a tomato 1pm: coffee with a splash of soy 5pm: coffee WORKOUT 9pm: 2 veg burgers and 200 calories of mixed veggies Ran the same schedule on that treadmill (2, 2, 1, 1) but not gimpy at all! It was tiring, yes. When I got done, I hurt, but not as much as the past few days. Good news! Now to figure out why. Possible causes I ate protein earlier in the day before workout. I slept late. I carbo loaded with tequila last night. New shoes. (I really doubt this, they allow me to pronate too much) Effect of serious stretching of quads and hams after yesterday's workout. I'm injuring myself and killing my nerves and making them numb. My tolerance to this particular discomfort is increasing. My muscles are actually adapting. The rest of my cardio and lifting was pretty strong today, so I'm inclined to think it has something to do with rest and nutrition. If only I could get enough sleep to do this every day!
  12. Cherries, grapes, sea salt and vinegar chips, tempeh seared in olive oil and tamari mmmmmmmmm, ice cold coke out of a glass bottle... All of my mom's vegan adaptations of any of her traditional recipes. They all contain like 1/4 cup of oil per serving so she can make up for the supposed nutritional deficits. But damn it all tastes so good. At work the other day there was this new kind of pastry from startbucks that looked healthy, it was in the shape of a star, and had dried oats and fruits on top. I almost buckled by rationalization... That's the favorite of a good friend of mine, she has to have freshly ground three-color peppercorns on it, and it is a big deal to her! Don't mess with her tofutti if you value your life!
  13. I love it too. I have the power to order pretty much whatever I need at work to get the job done.
  14. Oooo, ice skating, roller skating, or skateboarding? We might wanna be thinking about a vegan roller derby team...
  15. Doing it! I got really mad at myself yesterday. I got new running shoes (very cute ones) and decreased the resistance on the crosstrainer, but I still can't run on the treadmill the way I want to. My legs were killing me again and my lungs were even burning. Yesterday there was a guy next to me who was running like he was floating through the air, and he kept it up for about an hour. I was jealous. I felt betrayed by my body. It's always done what I've asked it to do. I guess I have to be more patient as I get older. Lessons in humility, patience, and self-love. (there's a dirty joke waiting to happen.) Food: 2 tsp of miso coffee, splash of soy coffee Forgot to eat till 5:30pm 2 veg burgers and 180 calories of mixed veggies 2 corn chips some kind of gross salsa from a bottle 2 BIG shots of tequila some kind of margarita drink handful of popcorn
  16. food today: 2 tsp of miso 6am 1 cup of coffee, 1 splash of soy 8am 3/4 cup of jicama 9:30am 2 baby cukes 10am 12 oz of chopped up tomato and parsley 12:15pm 4 rice cakes 1pm (aha looking at the gap in here, it makes sense to me why i get so tired in the afternoon) coffee at 5 *Workout start 5:30* 2 100 cal veg burgers and 200 cals of mixed veggies 9:30pm 2 cups of popcorn 10:30 <-- carbotreat The same cardio as yesterday, but my leg was very gimpy after the second 2 minute run. Afterwards my thighs (quads? femurs?) were absolutely killing me. I don't know if this is because of me increasing the resistance on the crosstrainer or because the running is actually so draining or hurting me. I upped the resistance a few days ago so maybe it's that. Gonna try and get new running shoes this weekend and see if it helps. (And maybe get some new stuff to work out in, the stuff I have now is literally falling off me!) Go me!
  17. Yesterday: Same thing on the treadmill as last time: 11 mins, with 2, 2, 1, 1 minutes of interval running. Worked triceps yesterday, it is time to add more weight! I won't be afraid to make them more muscly because now they just look bleah. Food: Breakfast - a cup of jicama and 2 baby cukes, 2 tsp of miso Lunch - a patty pan squash, 5 cherry tomatoes, 3 rice cakes Snack - 10 carrot stubs Dinner - 2 cups of spinach and two veg burgers Drinks - 2 cups of coffee (stumptown!) and a splash of soy
  18. Eleven mins on the treadmill, ran 6 in two - 2 minute intervals and two 1-minute intervals. It felt good, but - my leg got pretty draggy. I want to use this as an excuse to back off. I will not use this as an excuse to back off. Forward. Maybe with baby steps, but forward. Food for today: 1 tsp of miso coffee with a splash of soy passion tea (a meetng this morning and this tea killed my appetite till noon) 1 cup of jicama 1 small dill pickle 7 carrot stub things 2 tomatoes 5 rice cakes coffee 1 dill pickle spear 2 baby cukes green salad with hot sauce 2 veg burgers
  19. Ran a total of 5.5 minutes in one minute inervals except for a two minute (YAY!!!) running interval. I can feel it getting easier. I did feel a little pain but ran through it and it went away. I'm wondering if this could be a function of heating my joints up. Kicked ass on the rest of the cardio. I tried stripping weight off with no rest after my regular sets on a tricep machine and OMG I was surprised at how much I could do! It made them a bit more pumped than I wanted them to look. Will def try this for deltoids, it will be pretty. Good 4 the treadmill today: Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall 3:21 and a new cut from Ice Cube? Food so far today: Some cherry tomatoes 2 tsp of miso splash of soy in coffee mock tabouli (parsley, tomato, mint, onion, lime, salt) 3 rice cakes veg burger will probably steam some zuccinni later and maybe eat another veg burger Planning to take a day off from the gym tomorrow so my quads can catch up to their training, I'll try (I'm feeling pretty lazy) to go some extra miles on the bike or pack more weight.
  20. Yesterday was a ridiculously sucky unexpected 11 hour work day, but I still dragged my sorry butt to the gym. Only 40minutes of medium exertion cardio -no lifting. By 9 pm I just had it, I had to get out of there and come home. Still, yay for me for doing at least something. Today, ran 6 out of ten mins on that treadmill, on top of the regular cardio! Also added 5 pounds to lateral raises. I do think that keeping this journal online is helping me focus. I'll have to see if that holds true as work gets more hectic. Eaten so far today: 4 tomatoes (2 biodynamic) 4 cute little summer squash (biodynamic, yeah i love saying it) 6 rice cakes 2 tsp of miso splash of soy in coffee
  21. Yeah very true. I'll be more likely to pack my gym gear if I'm scheduled to, I'll be more likely to go to the gym if I'm exhausted if I have my gear with me. The stress and energy levels at my day job can go crazy without warning. Thx Rich. Progress: Increased resistance on the eliptical and immediately felt pain, backed off, then raised again slightly, it was fine. ran treadmill at minutes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, upped it to speed 5.7 from 5.5, only pain and gimpy feeling on the first minute. Maybe that was endorphins kicking in. I don't think so though so yay Good running music for today: Jackass Ginger - Poi Dog Pondering Intake 2 tsp miso coffee splash of soymilk a cucumber 15 carrot stubs 4 rice cakes coffee 2 veg burgers (100 cal 10g pro each) 3 cups of broccoli maybe will eat a tomato tonight or a rice cake I am beat... but happy
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