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  1. I did make it to the gym today with some intricate planning and some trickey wardrobe magic. Treadmill progress: one minute walking then running intervals for ten minutes. After the first minute of running my leg started hurting and then got kind of gimpy but i did the whole ten minutes that way. Yay! It will be good to take a few days off and just bike around for a change. Potential ways to talk myself out of keeping this up: I will reinjure myself. Solution: Be brutally honest with myself. Go slow, make slow increases. Baby steps! (litterally.) I don't have enough time. Solution: Make this a top priority. If I absolutely can't make it to the gym, do fast sprints on the bike. At least maintain on the weekends. I'm too tired. Solution: I'm always tired. No excuse. Remind myself that running increases energy. Don't be afraid to drink coffee in the afternoon. Don't stay up late to hang out with you-know-who. Good music for the treadmill today: Captain Bligh - Filter 5:12 Rock on. PS: think about adding more weight to lateral raises.
  2. Hi! Welcome! Hope you stay for a while! We have our methods of subtly and secretly indoctrinating you into our ways, and before you know it, you'll be begging in your sleep for more defatted soy flour! Just joking. Well actually.... Yeah, just joking.
  3. Some people say there's a relationship between stress and ab fat. I believe it. Supposedly calcium is supposed to help. It's genetic too though. I have heard that chinese medicine can help too. I'm gonna find out soon, I'll keep you posted.
  4. OMG thank you so much for the support. I don't think I'll get to the gym for a few days - only bike commuting. So here's today for the record: I used higher ramp height in the cross trainer. Added 30 seconds to treadmill running (running!) My idea for next time is to do 5 intervals of one minute run, one minute walk. I just want to take it really slow so I don't re-injure again. I'll probably drive the people next to me crazy but they will just have to deal. Music that worked good for running today: I Woke Up Today - Port O'Brien 3:21 Jumpin' Jack Flash - Rolling Stones 3:44
  5. I like it. The kids eating that food really grossed me out. I don't know if meat eaters would get ed by it. I think if it's too over the top ing it wouldn't be effective. I think it might reach a few parents.
  6. I need to start a workout log. I want it to focus on the good stuff, to keep me motivated. I've been getting most of my cardio at the gym from elipticals, cross trainers, and bikes sometimes but the bikes don't do much for me. I've been throwing ten minutes of fast treadmill walking on top of it and yesterday YESTERDAY... I ran on a treadmill for the first time since I got injured. Time: 2 minutes. Got my quads strong enough to compensate for my injury. Gonna try more really high ramp height on the cross trainer to increase strength. Go me
  7. I got off my inhalers with yoga and cycling. I still keep them around for emergencies, which don't happen too often.
  8. I'll keep my eyes open for you guys. Welcome in advance to stumptown, puddletown, the city of roses, and pdx!
  9. There has to be a psychological component for food likes and dislikes. We know that even with the basic genetic programing of our tastebuds, our tastes are aquired, and what we think is acceptable food or not is learned. I got to say though that I think spirulina is ing. The other night I was really wanting some pasta, so I got a packet of those noodles made out of tofu or soy or whatever. The package said: boil first and drain and dry well to get rid of the natural healthy aroma. I did it and it didn't work. That was probably the rankest thing I have ever cooked in my life. Uh, not including eggs way back in the day.
  10. I love the smell of my grapefruit Giovanni body wash but it's a little drying. That's ok though, because it came with free body lotion. I will have to try the tea tree and spearmint kind. Yum. I like the Shikai body wash and Trader Joe's one too, but they're not too moisturizing. I love the Jason lotions cuz they don't have paraben and the vanilla smells bomb. I use some kind of expensive under the eye moisturizer called Fruit Juice that I LOVE so much. I use Tom's toothpaste but my dentist hates it because she says it's too gritty or something for enamel. I don't know if I believe her.
  11. Here. I would like to be on the email list - it would be nice to meet vbbf peoples.
  12. Vegans recruit! I think I would like one of those t shirts. Yup freeganism is cool! It makes sense to be freegan if you have gone vegan for political/economic reasons and/or if you're pretty poor. I've been eating a mostly raw vegan diet all summer except for some frozen vegan patties and good tequila. Idk if Hornitos is considered raw Any opinions? I don't drink the stuff with the worms so I'm pretty sure it's at least vegan. Thanks for all the welcoms, you guys rock.
  13. Hi I am really happy to find what looks like such a supportive vegan workout community! This is quite a unique and cool resource. Congratulations on making such a fabulous thing. This might sound weird, but I first stumbled on this sight a month or two ago when I saw someone wearing a Vegan Bodybuilding t-shirt at my gym and googled it. I've been vegan for a lot of years. Actually it's probably more accurate to call myself freegan - sort of in old school Food Not Bombs tradition. Also - if my great aunt goes to hours of trouble to make me a casserole that has caseine soy cheese in it, I'm not about to sweat her over it. Lately I've put on some weight and I'm working on really changing my lifestyle to take it off and keep it off. I'm really glad I found Vegan Bodybuilding. We don't need no Jenny Craig, right? I'm a Portland female, bike commuter, single at the mo, and pretty committed.
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