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  1. does he have some kind of special good qualities as a personal trainer, or is he good 'cause he's nice looking in a tv kind of way, or is it his personality? activism? sense of humor? personal integrity? cupcake baking skills? or what? there are a few exceptionally good spin instructors at my gym. some are racers. i hate spinning class.
  2. Yep, it's pretty hard. Ok let's see how i did this week, it was kind of a rest week Tuesday: commute 15 minuteswalking, 15 minutes run, ten minute miles Upper body, targeted lats, somehow got the rhomboids involved Wednesday: commute, commute 1 hour coached, mostly cadence drills Thursday: commute i can not remember what else. it was a ride or something... Friday: took 3 naps 25 mile ride Saturday: 43 mile ride Sunday: 30 mile ride this was an accident. we initially set out to do a short ride in the small ring, but we found a new route, which was fun. Monday: race it was short, and i did alright, not great. i didnt warm up right, i didnt prepare my bike for it, and i just did not have it in me to put a hardcore hurtin on. notes: 60 degrees, overcast/sunbreaks, lazer helmet, arm warmers, knee warmers, old champsys jersey and this year's bibs was perfect temp control and would have been fine if the rain came back. wasn't even spent at all at the end. i feel like i kind of cheated myself out of something but it was a great experience to be on that course for that race.
  3. I have no doubt you will do that race another time. Best thing to do is know when to hold em and know when to fold em. See how I did that pun about the knee joint? ha. It's true though. One of the hardest skills to master.
  4. sunday: 32 mile ride monday: commute 25 mile ride tuesday: commute 2 min tread walk, 2, 2 min 6.6/7 int 1 8:44 mile 45 minute trainer ride, standing int and spin ups upper body/core wednesday: commute coach ripped my legs off for an hour thursday: commute, commute, hill sprint was gonna ride but fell asleep friday: commute late night 25 mile ride, really wore me out saturday: rest day sunday: 35 miles on low tires and rubbing brakes monday: commute 25 mile ride
  5. thursday: commute/hillsprints commute friday: commute easy ride, ~25 miles saturday: race sunday: tried to ride ,got rained on, cut it at mile 18 swim - 15 mins fs, 6 bs, 9 fs monday: 26 mile, rowena tuesday: commute treadmill: 11 min walk, 2 min 6.5 5 min walk 2 min 6.5, 1 min walk, 8.57 mile 35 min recovery ride whatever upper body i could manage wednesday: commute thursday: commute/hillsprints, commute friday: hike, decent elevation saturday: 35 mile ride
  6. omg chickpea and eggplant curry. i think i'm gonna make that tonight.
  7. did you puke from working or puke from an upset stomach? i would guess that if it was cold and raining you didn't need so many electrolytes.. some solutions would be to carry your gel in a flask if you don't already, so you can just grab a little swish of it, or carry cliff blocks/gu chews so you can just take 1 or 2 at a time. i never leave home without a cherry larabar... i've convinced myself that the iron in the cherries makes me go faster but it's a good carb boost without the salt. i wish those cherries worked better, i still need to go faster.
  8. you might like this: http://www.herbivoreclothing.com/products/Praise-Seitan-Unisex-T%252dShirt.html pretty classic
  9. The dude has already died 3 or 4 times already. This is indicative of him being a domesticated feline, in which case he still has at least 5 more lives. I wonder how he will go next time... exploding cigar? an anvil dropped on him from a cliff? also, i heard he was spotted in a denny's on an interstate in iowa.
  10. that seems like a really fun race. congratulations on your progress!
  11. i didn't look at the video. but ryan, i would have thought you'd be aware of all the cultural and religious jews, and formal jewish organizations that are against the zionist atrocities toward palestine. the opposition to the occupation is very widespread. lots of people from all walks of life are aware of the injustice of the situation.
  12. what made you sick? the elections? maybe try doing some gentle restorative yoga? hope you feel good enough for the gym tomorrow!
  13. mary, we need to talk! thursday: commute, hill sprints, commute friday: 25ish mile ride dinner - spinach, tofu, pop chips, ice cream, luna bars saturday: coffee, oatmeal, larabar, almonds, 3 cliff blocks trainer race apple dinner-spinach, tofu, potato, ice cream, builderbar sunday: coffee, oatmeal, larabar, almonds, 3 cliff blocks trainer race apple some other food burrito and pita chips for dinner monday: very hungry commute 1 hour trainer tuesday: commute, commute 1 hour spin, threshold work whatever upper body i could get away with, injuries were killing me wednesday: commute, hill sprints 1 hour coached
  14. It was mind blowingly fun. The weather was so gorgeous, I actually wondered whether or not to wear knee warmers. Then I remembered, my knees never get overheated, so I wore them. It worked out! Sunday: 4 mile run started out at a decent pace, slowed down at the end. Was still recovering from the race. Monday: commute 10 min tread walk 9:03 min mile 1 hour spin 85-95 rpm, <125 watts weights: upper body and core Tuesday: commute 45 min spin, 3 threshold intervals 1 hr core work, some bi/tri Wednesday: commute 1 hour spin coached
  15. hey mary if i took that much salt/electrolyte during a 3 hour ride, i would have a blood vessel explosion. seriously. for short rides like that i might take a gel or a hit of gel but i'm more likely to rely on a larabar instead. i'm probably doing it wrong though. what kind of weather was it that day? but you are an animal, dude, your training is amazing. http://crystalcomments.com/6/28426.jpg
  16. depends on the day. usually 6 miles. friday: was gonna practice some aero stuff but ended up hammering out to the flats which left my legs dead. spun back in the small ring with a couple cadence drills. took it easy. legs were achey by the end of the day. i think i ate: coffee 100 cals coffee oatmeal 1 scoop protein with an orange and i think 200 cals of popcorn spinach, a potato, 2 veg patties, 2 luna bars a whole thing of tempt which was softened to perfect softness <- carb load possibly a diet 7up saturday: legs hurt. was ready to go though. coffee a very few walnuts and almonds 150 cals oatmeal w cinnamon and ginger part of a gross larabar 3 cliff blocks race a couple walnuts and chocolate chips a few bites of apple a couple handfuls of chili lime chips half a large poutine, it was the yummiest some onion rings a couple more chocolate chips and walnuts
  17. wednesday: commute 1 hour coached, hard thirsday was gonna train, needed to sleep instead commute, commute
  18. having the longest period of my life. feeling very depleted. friday: commute i cant for the life of me remember what i did but i think it must have been hard. i'm pretty sure i ran a mile on the treadmill saturday: 25 mile ride sunday: 1 hour trainer time trial: sloooooow monday: commute, 2 hill sprints slept most of the day and night tuesday: commute 9:08 treadmill mile bench press shoulder press a chest/ab/tri circuit 45 minute ride in aero
  19. thursday: double commute, tried to get some sprints in. friday: commute 5 min tread walk 9:23 mile, cool down 50 minute trainer ride, chill some upper body, but injury was incredibly painful again food- miso - ginger-water coffee/soy scone bagel & pnut butter & celery miso-ginger-water trail mix bar salad greens, 2.5 veg burgers popcorn, 2 tangerines
  20. http://bigcats3.tripod.com/catgifs/Goofy-Lion.gif
  21. i think i'm going to be on the regular here. i missed you guys too! tuesday: 32 mile ride started with completely dead legs, sore, opened them up riding in traffic that was like a wild west rodeo. it felt good to finally get them open. wednesday: commute 1 hour coached. had to hit the inhaler, and it made a noticeable difference. by the end i was ready for another interval. i have to keep my attention on my lungs, more oxygen = better performance. i can not forget that even though i can function just fine in most situations with reduced lung capacity, to be a competitor, i need my lungs at full capacity. food- 2 muffins diet 7 up trail mix salad greens, 2 veg burgers, 2 luna bars, a couple fake meat chunks apple blueberry sauce
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