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  1. i'm working on that this week too. it's really a challenge for me...
  2. i've never been a fan of her. i'm disappointed that she thinks her body is telling her to suck off captive cow udders and eat something that comes out of the butts of hens that were most likely tortured. the article makes it seem as if she's insinuated that vegans have to watch their iron levels more than egg and dairy eaters, but there's not really any iron in eggs and milk.
  3. where are people getting their pea protein these days? is there any inside scoop *pun kinda intended* on TP gemma?
  4. wow it has been a while. i quit logging here because i got so busy in my personal and work life, i was following a plan which is logged elsewhere, and i think i needed a break from this forum and all the drama in it. i miss my old buddies though! i figure i'll just write about the past couple days while it's fresh in my mind, just in case i need to look back at it sometime. headed off to race saturday, pretty prepared, not obsessively so though. i was in kind of rough shape from a long period, stress, training on new geometry with my injury, and some other things, tired too. i had to go to a work retreat the day before so my diet was off too. asthma attack in the first few miles of the race. doc said no racing the next day. so i ran instead with lungs preloaded with inhaler. it was fine. then rode some miles in the freezing cold with some kids, again, fine. decided to flog myself at the gym on monday. trotted out a 9.30 mile, then did spin ups and standing drills for 50 minutes. hit weights for abs and upper body and did 2 sets one legged lunges 10#. topped it off with lats and tris. i think i'm gonna be ok. sore today though. aha re-reading this reminded me to tuck my inhaler in my pocket for this ride i'm about to do. also i am noticing my recovery times are seeming longer.
  5. oh mary congrats on your first run! how exciting! and super duper congrats on joining the speedplay cult my sister!
  6. nope. at this point i am only able to ride a bike that would normally be too small for me, but this week i might actually pick up a tt bike i've had my eye on for a while. it's hard to ride this bike in the drops for a long time, and i would rather ride in the drops than in the little draft legal aerobars. wow i have not logged workouts here in a while. i've been keeping to my training plan except last week i did less upper body than i would have liked. lunges are coming along nicely. some highlights have included training through a sprained finger, penicillin sensitivity, and riding over razor blades. i've been SO tired. just been coming home and crashing right out. yesterday was the first day i started to feel like myself again. i didn't log miles yesterday but i was on the road for 3 hours, three sets of different kinds of intervals. it was way fun cuz i got to do a route i've been wanting to do for a long time. left it all out there. wicked fun.
  7. ha! i doubt it. before i forget: friday: commute 1 hour trainer upper body, inc supported pullovers saturday: i forget how many mile ride, Hillx2, cadence drills sunday: eeeeeeeasy group ride monday: commute 1 hr trainer ride, hellish intervals legs tuesday: commute 45 min trainer ride easy upper body bench day! 6x45 6x85 <-- fail 4x12x75
  8. Have you tried the peanut flour from Trader Joe's yet? It tastes really good and it's pretty versatile. I personally don't like to use it too much because of the way nonorganic peanuts are grown. I just use it to switch things up a little bit. It's really cheap, and the numbers are okay on it. It may be a little too carby for you right now Paige, but here's the nutrition data for it: http://www26.netrition.com/protein_plus_peanut_flour.html
  9. There's a lot of good climbs around here. We'll have so much fun. And pain. @RC yep vegan portlanders in iron! @Lobster it was pretty challenging. I didn;t think it would make my glutes sore because they didn't fatigue at the time, but they did end up being a little sore from it. Thursday: 1 hour training ride, single leg and cadence drills Friday: commuted, realized my legs were toasted, and just hung in the weight room in the gym, but did it endurance style with a little plyo thrown in for good measure. Also benched again, this is what that looked like: 6x45 12x65 3x12x75
  10. I hope you find something good, Paige. I've been poking around a bit and found: http://www.livestrong.com/thedailyplate/nutrition-calories/food/trueprotein/gemma-pea-protein/ http://dailyburn.com/nutrition/true_protein_gemma_pea_protien_powder_calories http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/true-protein-gemma-pea-protein-isolate-non-gmo-mango-unswtnd-1857257 So I guess this is one of the problems that's bound to crop up using such highly processed foods. I never made the connection between Gemma and my crazy unquenchable thirst. I'm pretty sure I don't have diabetes . Even though this sucks royally, I'm not going to throw mine out. I guess i'll just cut it heavily with pure rice protein, or some other kind.
  11. or you could add just a little pea protein to a custom mix that's mostly rice...
  12. thanks, i got inspired by my friend who did a hundred a few nights earlier. saturday: the hill that's been calling me since last spring. sunday: another hill ride monday: complete and utter rest. didn;t eat too much, i think tuesday: commute legs upper body - no tris a little plyo 1 hr spin wednesday: 1 hr coached got to ride the independent crank bike, didnt do too bad!
  13. hey mary how are side planks for your shoulder? do they irritate it at all?
  14. thank you so much for sharing this, paige. i'm interested in knowing if this is recent or not. it could explain something i've been wondering about. sometimes i get inexplicably really thirsty...
  15. tuesday: commute 1 hr trainer ride, relatively easy pace legs [light], upper body wednesday: commute 1 hr coached thursday: commute commute friday: commute 1 hr trainer, recovery pace upper body injuries were killing me but i benched 75! i was like henry rollins in that gym
  16. how is swimming feeling on your foot? can you kick as much as you want?
  17. for sure! it's supposed to be nice out next weekend... thursday: commute, commute friday: commute easy ride with a few accidental cadence drills upper body saturday: rode The Hill, soaked to the skin equipment failure sunday: complete rest day. fixed the bike monday: Hillx2 38 miles the sun came out, i think i went faster.
  18. i see you're using the elliptical... are you gonna start running again?
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