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  1. "-Peanut Butter and Jelly in a burrito (it's really not that bad!)" QUOTED FOR TRUTH! I eat a LOT of spaghetti. 209.4 body weight, 360 1RM flat bench. Edit: I also pack in a lot of french fries and all-you-can-eat pancakes.
  2. Still have Men's White sleeveless shirt Large? or any light blue? (large) <- none according to list, but figured i'd ask.
  3. absolutely correct. Some weeks I just do a 1 set burnout with medium-high weight and still see growth. It's all about muscle failure. I agree push-ups are great. I've seen people get amazing pecs with tons of varied push-ups alone.
  4. Bench to fatigue on 4th set followed 120sec later by fly machine. There are keys to growth... Fatigue your muscles. If your muscles don't need to get bigger to do the work you are doing, they wont. Eat the appropriate meal/supplements directly after your workout (I suggest within 20min.) REST. Huge one, and since we dont use casein, may need to eat before bed again . My chest workout is: Flat Bench: 135lbs. x4 rest 30s then 225lbs. x2 rest 90s then 275 x8 rest 180s then 315 to failure then a spot assisted rep (usually 4+1 for me). 120sec rest Fly machine: 90lbs x10 rest 30 then 100lbs x8 rest 45 then 110lbs x8 240sec rest Incline Bench: 165x10x3 120sec rest Dips: I do my dips with knees lifted to reduce pressure on shoulders and target the lower chest more. 2 sets of 10 then last set (3rd) to failure. (usually 8 or 9 for me). ----- Current 1 rep flat bench max: 360 Flys are my favorite; SLOW, PERFECT FORM flys with a half second pause at the pinnacle of movement and a HARD flex of the chest. This exercise really plays a key role in fatiguing my chest. And you don't get to relax at the top like flat bench flys. The peak of this exercise is the best part, why destroy it by lying down and having the weight basically travel down your arms to your shoulders and onto the bench. use the machine or cables The pecs pull the arms to the center of the body. That is their job. Remember this and you will see flys in a new light.
  5. Interesting read regarding your question, Troy: http://www.getbig.com/articles/protein.htm
  6. Kale and quinoa actually compliment each other awesomely. I make pilaf out of it. In this recipe I use kale instead of celery... http://www.elise.com/recipes/archives/001825rice_pilaf.php
  7. YOU BASTARD! I want to give you nice compliments, but I HATE YOU! You've done in 4-8mos. a little MORE than I've done in 2 YEARS! I want to rip your eyeballs out and SKULL FU... Ok, I don't want to go Chris Benoit on that ass, but you just motivated the hell outta me. I've been browsing this forum for 4 months. and never looked at your pics untill now. No longer could I watch silently. I had to register and SCREAM AT YOU! I was skeptical about your training program (though I LOVE the idea of splitting chest and back because my shoulders ache painfully 24/7 [it's sometimes difficult to lift the toilet seat without sharp pain]) Because I didnt think it would train the entire body often enough in one week. My usual training was: Mon - Chest, Tri, Legs, Abs, Calves, Forearms Tue - Back, Bi, Shoulder, Traps, Abs, Calves, Forearms Thur - Chest, Tri, Legs, Abs, Calves, Forearms Fri - Back, Bi, Shoulder, Traps, Abs, Calves, Forearms I now am seriously considering running your program; in fact I logged on a few min ago to check it before I went to the gym, then by chance decided to check your pics. Now I'm PISSED ENOUGH to lift the entire friggin gym! I usually neglect the most important factors of gains : rest and diet. I typically get 4hrs sleep a night and an additional 3hr nap during the day, and eat whatever I can as a lonely vegan in a carnivorous household. I play too many video games late-night. NO MORE! I will DESTROY YOU! I HATE YOU! I love you... Good job man... I need a hug... *whimpers softly to self* Congrats man, you reap what you sow, and you, my friend, are a helluva farmer.
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