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  1. Very cool...thanks! Really looking forward to it I also just received my copy of Off the Hoof....from the UK site. It's great!!! I'm on my way with Melissa's training program, I'm doing really well. Now all that remains to do is to work out my career issues!!! I'm bored stupid of my job..and would much prefer to be in the fitness world!! Thanks again..Aly
  2. Wow that was hard! Just done my workout with a bit of a head cold...plus been to Manchester for Comedy and Jilly's night club!! Thank goodness I don't drink!!! Yesterday's and today's food was a bit all over the place... Yesterday went like this: 2 scoop soya protein drink with barley grass first thing ( about 35g protein) Gillian McKeith energy bar in the car...7%protein, 65% carb, 3% fat...bar weighs 70g. Few naughty sweet treats on arrival, only a bit though Meal in china town - big plate of tofu, and I mean big! For me anyway, prob about 250g tofu! Asked for it not to be deep fried as per the menu...no rice or noodles! Had plent of carb in the energy bar. Lots of water whilst out.. Then a salad platter before bed..no dressing. Today was a bit trickier... 1 soya yoghurt in car, 1 gillian's energy bar tea - out...a good size bowl of bean casserole with a salad plate That was it, feeling a bit sluggish and couldn't manage anymore today. Workout: Did biceps, abs, lunges and shoulder press before leaving yesterday morning. mostly 3 x 12, biceps 6kg shoulder press the same 3 x 100 crunches on the ab roller lunges, 3 x 12 with 5kg each hand..reps each leg Cardio 20mins - brisk walk with K9 Tonight: seated rear lats - 3 x 12 3kg bent arm lat raise - same front raise - same 3 x 50 crunches on fit ball 3 x 12 split lunges with 5 kg each hand 3 x 12 3kg kick back glutes Had xtend throughout cardio was walking for miles around Manchester this morning! V tired now...toddler monster up early in the morning!
  3. Day 2 of training (officially) Well, I’m finding the food intake changes a bit difficult! It’s a lot for me…but I’m trying. I having quite a bit more protein…and more frequent meals. I just about fit in 2/3rds of what I was supposed to have. Not bad!! I’ve managed a full weights workout: 3 x 12 x 15.5lbs overhead press 3 x 12 x 33lbs upright row 3 x 12 x (2 x 8.8lbs) lat raises 3 x 15 x 22lbs split lunges each leg 3 x 50 twist crunches on fit ball 3 x 25 back raises on fitball, This is all after a rubbish day at work starting at 0830. I’ve got my son ready for bed…got all my work stuff ready for tomorrow and done a 1000 doc for work. I managed cardio too on the exercise bike…yuk!
  4. Well, started with the personal training program today…OMG my legs are going to fall off!!! What a workout. I was told my legs would be trembling and they most certainly were!! So, this was my workout: 3 x 12 x 25kg Single Leg Leg Press 3 x 12 x 5kg each arm Incline Flys 3 x 12 x 10kg Rope Pulldown (found this particularly difficult!! Unchartered waters!) 3 x 12 x 30kg Leg Extension 12 x 15 Dips 3 x 6 Pushups 3 x 15 x 22.5kg Standing Calf Raises Extra, 3 x 8 x 14kg barbell bicep curls My food for the day: Protein shake with loads a fruit Protein and raw food bar Lentil soup 12 almonds Marinated and baked tofu, salad of celery, greens, tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber and hot pepadew peppers! 3 pieces Fresh fruit (planned but no room!) My knee is a bit painful from the leg press I think. I thoroughly loved the workout! The girls in worked asked to my tidy muscles today…which have improved again since my recent pix. They were most impressed..felt really good 
  5. So, what I was going to write the other night was.............. I was at the gym,and amazingly have upped my over head shoulder press, free weights to 2 x 6kg dumbells, 3 sets of 8!!! That's a whole total of a 2kg increase!!! I was so pleased. Plus, I went a did my free weights reps with a ll the big boys in the specific area of the gym, rather than taking the weights I want and going away to a different corner. I felt soooooo confident. But I guess all of that was after one of the trainers asked me about my vegan diet..and my approch to strenght training. I told him I was planning to do a Vegan Fitness Nutrition Course so I can advise others. Then HE said, well when you finished it...come and speak to me cos him and a friend are opening a free weights core strength training studio and want to provide some holisitc stuff for clients. PLUS he said they want to use me for pix and a testimony to show vegans and veggies how it's possible to weight train with such a diet!!! And they want me write something up for them to use as, and I quote " you're obviously in good shape, care about your body...and are great advert for any woman who wants to get into body building"!!!! OMG howcool was that. Ifelt really honoured and extremely flattered. Also, I'm getting good in pull up training on the bars. I can do 10x1 sets of slow drop down from rasied position...in prep for when I can lift myself up from lowered. Gym tonight, so I'll dropin to update later. Off work now! V tired as completed a 5000 word project last night for uni!!
  6. Damned internet, was half way writing my blog for today, which was amazing...only to lose connection half way thru. I'll do it tomorrow, bed now. Work ealry tomorrow. Goodnight!!!
  7. Hi, I went to the sports store before going to the gym tonight, in search of gloves as my hands are getting quite sore from using free weights and pull up bars etc. The were all leather! Does anyone know if non-leather gloves exist? Keep in mind I'm in the UK Thanks, Aly.
  8. Well, went to the gym tonight...after a very long day at work, so I'm knackered! Did nearly all my ususal workout, but did some different new stuff too. Workout: Cardio warm up 5 mins level 4 on bike 3 x 10 x (2x5kg) over head shoulder press 3 x 8 x 7kg screw bicep each arm 3 x 15 x split lunch each leg with 2 x 4kg 2 x 25 crunches - head to chest and knee to chest simultaneous Cable squats with 35kg 3 x 12 rep back lifts on fitball - 1 x 25 rep frame - bar lifts, 10, with aid of foot rest..shortened bicep to slow release (make sense?) Not too much as got talking to the fitness guy in the gym. Pretty good news really, he has just started a business with a frined, the friend does massage and he does the personal fitness training. They're after someone to join them from time to time giving talks on vegan and vegetarian nutrition. I'd better get my skates on with some study to finish my nutrition consultant diploma, so I get on and do the Vegan and Vegetarian Nutrition Consultant Diploma (level 3) This is really where I want to be....not in the charity work I'm doing now, it's draining me of my passion dayby day. The trainer from the gym also asked if I would be prepared to write a testimony with a couple of pix! He said I would be a fine advertisement for a vegan female body builder, and felt it would encourage more women to get into it. Cool or what, I felt really honoured.....and buzzing!! Food today: 40gm hemp & soya protein shake with barley grass and strawberries half a sprouted raw food bar roasted tofu, spinach and seed salad with pepper, celery, watercress, cucumber and tomato other half of sprouted raw food bar spicy lentil soup with mushroomsand soya beans Lots of nice tea with soy milk. I so need to get into water!!!
  9. Hell's Bells!!! I've been reading your blog...from the beginning! Talk about committment, how do you fit it all in? An inspiration for other women I'd say. I'm just at the start of my journey, but I really hope to be able to keep it up. It's often difficult for me to get to the gym.... BTW do you happen to know how to get a photo of yourself up on the side of your posts. I've looked in editting my profile, but can't seem to find it. Bye for now, Aly
  10. Wow, you've madesome incredible changes!! I work 4 days a week and have a 2 yr old son...so makes getting to the gym a bit tricky. Plus I get tired a lot. I want to retrain really...and go back into food/nutrition and vegan consultancy. Not much call for it though, that's the problem! I'd like to have a cafe/bistro serving only vegetarian and vegan food. As well as vegan products such as jackets, belts and shoes. Maybe even some vegan specfic candy (we call it sweets). I just bought myself a 'fake leather' vegan jacket. It's really cool, bomber jacket style.Really looks like leathr and it's really warm too! Just what I need in this weather. Anyway, I'm turning in now, the toddler monster will be waking me up at stupid o'clock tomorrow! I'll try and get a pic of my tat!
  11. Wow!incredibly helpful graphics. Now I understand fully. The tat is a Mauri gheko..on the rib cage! And no it didn't hurt too bad. Not sure how I'm gona get pix of my back...might have to ask someone else to do it for me. Skin has vastly improved since becoming vegan and having lots of barley grass powder and vit sups. There just doesn't seem to be the interest over here for a vegan lifestyle. I mean, there is some...and lots of raw foodists, which I tried for a while, but to be honest I missed my soups and tofu. I just signed up to the online personal trainer program advertised atthis forum. Not heard anything yet. Do you work out and work too?
  12. OMG!! It must be becuase I'm from Wales or something...what on earth is a DELT and even more so, a TAT?? Help me out here??? Plus, which bit of my bicep is the SHORTHEAD?? And you can see my lats? Yes, my middle is prob the fav bit of my bod and that's after having a baby too!! I went flat within weeks. Now flat is not enoyugh. Me want ripped!!
  13. Thanks!! It was however, taken before I'd eaten. I'm sure why, but my definition seems to decrease after food. I'd like to get to a stage where it just gets ripped, and stays ripped! Long way to go then eh?
  14. Aha....yes, they're not too bad. It took many, many goes though! So is it only the photo quality that's any good? Or are the muscles any good!!??
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