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  1. As I see it, Brendan suggests that we use soy and analogs as condiments rather than main courses. I am trying to work some elements of the thrive diet into my daily diet but I find the concept of being able to really follow it to be overwhelming. I would appreciate anyone with experience with it shaing their experiences, results and tips.
  2. Never heard of the Blossoming Lotus. Where is it?
  3. Hello everyone.. I have been vegan for over 18 yrs and started a work out routine doing cardio on an elliptical machine and resistance training using my Bowflex Selectech 552 Dumbbell set about a month ago. I am very active in general and do something outside of my workouts every day.. long walks with my dog, ocean kayaking, hiking, camping, etc.. I am 5'8", about 160 lbs and I would like to add about 5 to 10 pounds of muscle and tigthen up a little but I am not striving to be a world class bodybuilder and I feel healthy overall but like perhaps I have been training a little too often with weights. I have been doing some of the 14 day body sculpting workout from the body sculpting bible for men but I think it's really excessive and much more extensive a workout than I need. Their workout is 4 days of resistance traning a week and two days of cardio and abs. I am desperately seeking a dumbbell and cardio work out routine that will help me achieve my goals. Bulk up slightly, tone up a lot. I deeply appreciate anyones input or recommendations and welcome all of your questions, comments and suggestions.
  4. Wow, now the mystery is finally solved for me. Soy mustve given me the "gay" too. Next you will tell us that roids will make us straight again.
  5. Hello everyone. I found this site while trying to reserch vegan weightlifting. I am not a true vegan, but striving in that direction. My diet has been 95% vegan for over 18 years but I have consumed some dairy and egg in baked goods, etc. and I do try to avoid animal products but can't claim to completely follow the vegan ethic. I am 39, in amazing shape and improving every day but finding it very, very difficult to attain adequate food and especially protein intake. I live a very active lifestyle. I have a 6 year old Schnauzer who is my constant friend and companion and we go for daily walks to the beach, ocean kayaking on the weekends, camping, hiking. I am so priveleged to live amongst the beauty of the island of Maui and I try to take it all in as much as I can. I am hoping to learn from you all here and hopefully to make some friends who share similar values.
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