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  1. Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for PS: I hope I didnt offend / hurt anyone's feelings. If I did sorry.
  2. You can't get tone of voice in text. I mean no offense by this and I don't mean it to come off as sneering or any way negative. Buying milk is the same as buying meat in our country. Is liking milk enough to cause animals that have the same feelings as a dog or cat to suffer, then be killed, and butchered for its meat? Does your preference for a taste outweigh another living things will to live and to live without pain? Try soy milk. It will be different at first, but you will get used to it and it is safe. I think the last of my worries is milk. You cant do everything to help animals. Im about to get semi-off topic now. Do you use paper, do you use anything that came from trees? Well if you do your killing millions of animals to. (rain forests destroyed for paper etc etc) FYI not ALL cows suffer. My uncles own a total of 30+ cows, and each time I visit they are treated very well. Ffs they hired a person to do nothing be take care of the cows. They werent cramped, and the area was clean.
  3. Unfortunately I cant ask a Japanese person, because 1st- they are around 16 2nd- cant speak from a bodybuilding / powerlifting point of view. Even if you eat before your sleep your body isnt going to spend the whole night digesting, so it will get some sort of rest. + eating 5 meals a day 3 hours apart, i doubt its going to spend the whole time digesting. Respiratory system system isn't going to be working all day. But I understand what you mean by brain activity. Also not all bodybuilders dont starve themselves, they eat 200-500 under maintenance to lose weight. What I mean by starve is hardly eating anything, in hopes of losing weight. Even if it means eating 1,000 calories under maintenance or not eating at all. Lol thanks. Yes, I came here to get criticism, because I thought I wouldn't get the same response over and over again. For example on another forum, all people posted was, "eat meat!" etc etc. Very few people gave advice other than that. If you really think about it the same thing is happening here. Instead of people trying to look at other aspects of my diet, they look at one thing... eggs and milk. The only other advice I received was add vegetables (which i forgot and will add) and dont eat to closely before bed. Thanks for the site, ill look into it. I might drop the eggs and milk, but what should I replace them with? Guess it wouldnt hurt to try it for a few months.
  4. Theres something about eating meat that makes me feel guilty, dont know why. Came here by mistake thought there were other vegetarians who ate eggs/milk. Only reason Im here now is to give responses to peoples comments. Probably going to stop though, since the same thing is being posted over and over. I love milk, thats one thing im not gonna give up. (still read the studies posted) Eggs ill think about
  5. I agree with Gaia. Just my word about eating to keep providing fuel to your body/muscles during sleep: You've probably read this in bodybuilding magazines, as I did, they're telling the samething every week and every month in each issue. "Drink a 40 gram protein drink before sleep otherwise your muscles will melt !". Then all readers are scared to death every night, and even at each moment of the day, for the rest of their life, to lose their muscles if for just 1 minute their stomach is empty. You also said that the body turn first to muscles, then fat. Because you read that, doesn't mean it is true. Yes, when the body needs fuel, if there's no food, then it will turn to fat or lean mass, both of them. The body will choose what it needs less. If your muscles are very useful to function in your lifestyle (like at work everyday or lifting weight at the gym every couple of days), it will be more likely to burn fat instead. The body will eat your muscles too, but less often. Fondamentally, we eat during day, because we can't eat during sleep. When it is time to eat, eat; when it is time to sleep, sleep. Each thing in its time. You're right when you say we must eat before sleep because its 8 hours without nutrients.Yes, we must eat before, 4 hours is ideal because when you go to sleep, digestion will be over so your body will be 100% to sleep, not troubled by digestion. Sleep= rest. But if you eat before bed in a way that it takes all night to digest, your digestive system never get any rest, because you eat during the day too. So when a muscle works 24/7 all year long, it will brake soon or later. No wonder there's so many colon cancers. It is true that the digestion is optimized if you stand up or even walk. Digestion is slow when you're lying, and therefore, nutrients assimilation is not optimum. All that being said, it's not that bad for health to eat before sleep, there's thousands of things worse you can do to your body. But I tought I could tell you my opinion so you can choose what you think is right. Do you have a study for that? No I didnt read it from magazines, if I did I would probably using something else before bed. So from what your saying a person can starve themselves and lose fat and lose minimal muscle? Thats just crazy. In that case so many people would get a 6-pack easily. And what about your heart? Thats one muscle that works 24/7 if it didn't than we wouldn't be alive. Or what about the diaphragm, should we hold our breaths a couple hours each day so it can get some rest? Your body is constantly working, Ill work on getting you scientific studies to prove my point about bed time nutrition. If you have any recent studies saying pre bed time meals arent needed please share. One more thing, your body is constantly digesting the food. If your stomach isnt working your small intestines are. if your small intestines arent working your large intestines are. (removing water) until your ready to take a shit.
  6. I did change it to brown still dont know why people keep mentioning it. Unless they are refering to something else. have any studies/sources about horizontal digestion? Never read that before.
  7. Yeah.. Well, I would atleast think about it. When people say drop milk/eggs because of __reasons I pretty much ignore them. I respond better to studies. Edit: havent tried it yet, just here to make sure I didnt miss anything, and to make it better.
  8. how much do you weigh? more you weigh more food you need. i gain weight easier and was eating 3,000 calories at 150 lbs. You may be gaining 2 lbs a week, but its impossible to be all muscle. Body can only create .5 lbs of muscle with good diet, training, and sleep.
  9. Refined is basically just stuff that is over-processed... maybe it was changed so that something valuable was taken out, or perhaps a chemical addition or alteration., just to make the food more attractive for people to eat. My rule of thumb is that if the food doesn't look like it grew that way in nature, i try to avoid it. Sometimes it's difficult to tell though (ie, white rice vs brown rice... they can come from the same plant but the white rice is refined in the sense that the outter shell was removed - the shell is a significant source of fiber). Maybe im typing it wrong. I dont know what in my diet is refined.
  10. lol thx I still dont get what the hell your referring to when your saying refined.
  11. Like what? And what would you replace it with? edit: I meant brown rice not white sorry :S The bran is the part of the grain that is taken away with refining. It has most of the fiber, most of the vitamins, most of the minerals, and a lot of the protein. You will not see big differences in numbers on a box because food manufacturers fortify some of the refined grain foods, but they can't put back everything they take out. They are still discovering new nutrients and they don't know what humans need to use supplements. White rice, white flour products are *almost* pure starch with *some* vitamin fortification: translation: empty calories I understand what you mean by empty calories, and refined but what exactly are you refering to?
  12. Milk isn't any better than meat. Aside from milk and eggs the other flaws I see in your diet are using refined grain products. Empty calories. If you use whole grains and whole grain products you will get much more nutrition. Like what? And what would you replace it with? edit: I meant brown rice not white sorry :S
  13. Milk and Eggs have great source of protein. (amino acid profile wise) Eggs contain niacin, riboflavin, biotin, choline, vitamins A, D and E, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, iron, iodine, copper, zinc and sulphur. Casien in milk is slow digesting making it awesome to drink before bed. (slow digesting) Dont plan to take them out, but thanks for your input. take them out, don't worry about protein so much, I know if your a beginner vegetarian your worrying about everything but don't if you want good sources of protein eat quinoa, soy, and thing like these Anything besides the eggs and milk?
  14. You can get all of those things from vegan foods, in quantity, without the increased cancer risk, without the increased risk of cardiovascular disease, without the increased pollution to the environment and without the animal cruelty. No offense meant, this is a vegan bodybuilding forum so people are going to tell you the good things about going vegan and they will encourage it. In terms of health and ethics, milk is liquid meat None taken, but besides the eggs, and lack of veggies do you see any other problems? I often post on bb.com forums but the people there often reply with "eat meat", and dont give constructed criticism in the flaws of my diet.
  15. Last meal is one hour before bed. With that being said, your body is still burning calories during the night. You wouldn't recommend someone to not eat all day would you? Even if they are sleeping all day? Benefit eating before bed: - Fuels muscle throughout the night. When body doesnt get food it goes after muscle first. - Eating before bed is very important because you wont wake up in the middle of the night. Body needs 8 hours of rest and if you wake up your REM cycle will be disturbed. Haven t had break out for a while now, and before someone says it. I've been eating 2 whole eggs for over 2 years now and my cholesterol is just fine. Yes the rice is brown I knew I forgot something, ill add vegetables and some fruit in my diet thanks. You are correct I can only cut or bulk one at a time. (until i have a perfect diet which i dont) Even though it is possible im probably not going to have the perfect diet. The total calories of the day are 2,800 my Maintance calories are 2,500. 585 is the range of calories I have a day. (try to fuel bod equally though out the day) Thanks for your input appreciate it. That really helpped me. thanks a lot /sarcasm
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