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  1. hi guys, have u tried warrior diet?works? can u give me the example diet plan of this diet?thx before (sorry for my english)
  2. thx 4 ur reply i still do bench press,dumbell fly,etc in my gym ,but in the day that i can't go to gym, i perform 600 reps of push up....(50reps every set) i think it's better than i don't train at all.....LOL (sorry my english is bad,hope u understand what i said)
  3. hi all Sorry if this question had been asked before i've readed some articles, said that if we can perfome high volume push up( >500 total reps) ,we'll have a great chest, that's true??? have somebody at here tried??
  4. thx for ur advice i usually add some rice n yam on my high carb diet. maybe next i'll add some beans........
  5. thx all... i use carb cycling as my diet now.....3 days low carb, 1 day high good carb, i use tofu, egg, whey as my protein source in my country , there is a food named "proteina", is made from soy but it's taste like meat....i love it (sorry 4 my english)
  6. i've readed some articles, they said, if u want cut ur bodyfat while gain muscle u must do low carb ,moderate good fats, high proteins diet do low intensity cardio ( 65% MHR) ,about 30-45 minutes sorry 4 my english
  7. hi richard........ maybe u can search "carb cycling" on google i usually eat tofu, whey, n eggs for my proteins(i'm a lacto ovo vegetarian)on the low carb day. n i add rice, sweet potato, fruits on my high carb day......... (sorry for my english)
  8. thx 4 ur reply tofu is low in carb, but its protein is low too.....
  9. hi all, can we do carb cycling with vegan diet? carb cycling is combination of low carb diet and high carb diet, so how do low carb diet if we are vegan? (sorry for my english ;p)
  10. hey all, nice 2 meet u all....... i'm from indonesia, so if my english is bad, i hope u can understand
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