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  1. Is that your idea of an apology? well..lets be honest..it was a reply to this: "What the fuck is your problem? Are you pissed off because you didn't start bulking up at a young age? You going through some kind of midlife crisis? Or are you really just some sadsack fat chick who's jealous of all the 20 somethings on the forum who have actually gotten recognition for their efforts?" Its a typical teanage response! Absoultely not ONE thing said in your defense and just insulting and making me out to be some old worn out bitter hag..which I can assure you I'm not! I also don't think that 56 kilos and 5 ft 7" is fat... I'm sorry if you can't handle a bit of truth and honesty, don't worry it will come with time! I have also written several times on this forum explaining my origional comment and recognised that you looked pretty and healthy, just not very muscular... WHICH IS THE TRUTH!! Look on page 3 of this thread or check out my quotes below: These young girls have so much potential, but all of them need to lift heavier. Its not like you'd actually know any of them went to the gym if they didn't tell you. Now don't get angry at me, I'm not saying you don't all look great and in shape..but bodybuilders? Aren't any of you ambitious or pig headed enough to want to show meat eaters how you can really do it on a vegan diet? You are VERY pretty and that's why you won the competition, be thankful about that! The best body in the world means nothing if you have an ugly face! It's like the person with the most friends wins and I'm sure you'll agree that it really shouldn't be like that! It should be the person who has the most defined, largest and well proportioned muscles and NOTHING else. You'd make a beautiful dancer and I WAS NOT CRITICISING YOU PERSONALLY, JUST THE LACK OF DECENT COMPETITION! I always advocate healthier lifestyles, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the specifics of BB in my opinion. You can eat healthily and do moderate exercise but you can't call yourself a bodybuilder until someone exclaims "fuck me! look at the biceps on her!" or something similar And your reply was this (see above again)! If after all my efforts to explain my origional BRUTALLY HONEST remarks, I recieve 2 insulting private letters from you, well its understandable I tell you to fuck off! At least I had the decency to insult you in a private message and not call you a "troll" and "bitch" on the open forum like you did (in addition to insulting me in private)! All i ever said is that you weren't muscular (I haven't seen anyone arguing against my origional point..just the direct way I said it..infact it appears that everyone agrees with what I said...) and you shouldn't have won the competion and it wasn't fair to those who came 2nd and 3rd place who were MUCH more muscular than you! (what do you girls think who came in 2nd and 3rd?) ...I stand by my words! You obviously like to wash your dirty undies in public..or in your case, should i say your rabbit pygamas I really don't think this is appropriate for the forum and think you should let it go... now!! Personally I refuse to answer any more of your replys. As the adult here I suppose I should set the example.
  2. I think she's a troll tbh. Here we go again with the insults!! This is the only photo I've got which is small enough to upload!!! It's about two years old and was taken my a M8 of mine when I didn't even have a pump!..I'm cutting up at the moment so you'll have to wait to see my new fotos and the progress I've made. Lets hope you look as good as i do when you're 40!! By the way..you seemed to use your diet as some kind of excuse for not being able to put muscle on. Just so you know, I've beeen veggie since i was 11 and vegan since i was 18 Please don't say these kind of things..I hate it when vegans talk like bone chompers!
  3. Number 1, noone is ever going to get REALLY big naturally...especially not a woman!! Number 2, I actually was complaining about the fact that the "prettiest" girl won the competition and not the one with the most muscular body. I said that this was a sad state of affairs and it's true. But this has more to do withh the administration and you really need to get a better system in place. Can you honestly tell me she deserved to win? Did you see some of the other womens bodies? Please answer this at least, you have to recognise that what I'm saying is 100% true..if you say yes I'll accept it but I think you'd have to be blind!!!! And i know these competitions are only "for fun"..but how do you think the other competitors felt when they saw who beat them? They are not stupid and I'm surprised they didn't comment on the outrageous results of your "fun" competition!! It should be fun..but its NOT fun if it's not fair! In exactly the same way that we play monoploy for "fun" but it stops being fun if someone is cheating or not following the rules. It just makes the other players pissed off..and the same happens here! Point taken on my being too blunt and going at it like a bull at a gate...but I've always been outspoken and too direct (that's what makes me such a good aminal activist!) I'll try to remember I'm talking to ego-delicate girls next time and not just some blokes from the gym who appreciste honesty more than anything else. Hopefully with time and experience, she will learn to appreciate honesty a bit more.
  4. I got angry because she made it seem like I make no effort in the gym. I DO work hard. Thank you for recognizing that, Gaia. Being an ectomorph, it seems I have to work twice as hard as anyone else to put on a little bit of muscle. For someone to come on here and start insulting my hard work is just arrogant. I think she's a troll tbh. You are SO immature..insulting will never get your point across and only highlights the fact that you've got nothing intelligent to say in your defense so have to result to insults!!! All you did when I wrote my comment was call me a bitch and say that if I wanted to use steroids I should go ahead! I don't know where you get your ideas from..complete fantasy!! You should re-read my comments, as I have recommended before. I think if you check in my private letter to you I said you were really beautiful and had a lovely body, just that you didn't look like a bodybuilder! I tried to explain and apoligise if I was too blunt in the way i expressed myself, but you just continually insult me! GIVE IT A REST AND GET OVER YOURSELF!! I'M NOT INTERESTED!! Is there anyone out there who really disagrees with me? Is there anyone out there who really thinks she looks like she lifts weights? Please face facts and lets leave the subject no? its getting really tiring...
  5. There's no intention for me to show off with my body to anyone. Would it be another vegan or a meat eater. I go to the gym for my own pleasure and my aim isn't to be a living, walking example of anything. Yeah..I suppose i really have the "activist" mentality wether in the gym or not. One of my main aims inn life is educating people about anti=speciesist values and BB is just another oportunity for me. But I can also ensure you that I'm not one of those, who are stuck in that Barbie-image and I promise to lift heavy again, when I get better and have the energy levels to do so. That-s brilliant Why are your energy levels so low?
  6. "...anyhow I will continue to kick my butt in the gym and become the best I can at the moment with the injuries I have, And that's fine with me. I'm young and still have time to become crazy awesome. " Brilliant! that's what i wanna see...a bit of attitude About the shoulder injury..well maybe I can help. i know its horrible if you can-t train like you want to. I always had shoulder injuries.a combination of using the mouse too much on the computer, stress tension, and using wrong exercises. For example, straight bar cable pulldown behind the neck can cause some real problems, also doing lateral raises too high or maybe upright rows. However, I think the real problem was having the strength in my traps out of proportion with the strength in my shoulders. This typically happens to women as none of us want big traps and no neck...not at all feminine and really ugly..even on men. So what happens is that we never directly work out traps and then wonder why we keep getting injured. When you feel a little better, you should try starting your shoulder workout with a few light exercises for the traps to warm up the whole area and ensure against a disproportionate problem in your shoulders and traps. There are some nice exercises you con do for your delts while guarding against injury. I like a lot of the rotational exercises ...check out you tube. Also, to put on size safely, my recently discovered number 1 fave is olympic bar corner presses.they-re wicked and since i started doing them in my gym a month ago, everyone has become addicted Also, don-t forget to stretch a lot before and after shoulder exercises, including neck and upper back..if you don-t know how to stretch this area effectively, ask your fisio to show you. Also, beware of storing tension in the traps and neck as its a killer. if you do tense up in this area, remind yourself to relax and do some shoulder rotational exercises at intervals throughout the day, or simply just forcibly contract your shoulders and relax them, this is brilliant for relieving tension. Anyway, hope this helps and hope you recover soon. Peace
  7. "and the people you have criticized, many other people would say they've made brilliant progress." I don't disagree with what you said and I would never criticize anyone's progress. I just wanted to ask "Is this the best we vegan women can do?!?!" "Regarding the voting system being "unfair"; they are hardly serious competitions....... In addition, I think it's fun for people on the forum to make the votes, though obviously not everybody will know what they're looking for, and some might be biased, it gets everyone joining in." Might be biased? That's laughable mate! Sorry but you've seen the results to. I understand why you want to get people involved but if you're going to continue to have peoples friends choose the winners maybe you should change the title of the competition to "Vegan member of this forum with the most friends, Female and male categories". I wouldn't consider entering for example the chest category for women, as mine is ripped to fuck and like you said, if people don't know what they are looking for whats the point of entering?. The woman with the nicest tits/and or most friends will win. "If we split it into the categories that you're suggesting, we'd only have like 2 women in each section," So don't split it..but at least make some effort to make it a fair competition!! Yes it's for fun, but if these women want people to vote on how pretty they are, or if visitors and friends want to vote on their attractiveness, well PETA has a very good competition every year called someething like "sexiest vegan next door". There they can compete against other women with the same goals. This site is called BODYBUILDINNG and FITNESS, so lets keep it focused no? because I haven't found another place like this for vegans. There are lots of sites where women can enter the type of "beauty/healthy" competition run by PETA, don't make this yet another one! Please sort out some more appropriate type of voting/jjudging system!!
  8. I find it rude of you to criticize women who are trying to make a healthy lifestyle change. and I find it sad that you're the best female vegan bodybuilder they can find... You make a beautiful dancer and I WAS NOT CRITICISING YOU PERSONALLY, JUST THE LACK OF DECENT COMPETITION! I always advocate healthier lifestyles, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the specifics of BB in my opinion. You can eat healthily and do moderate exercise but you can't call yourself a bodybuilder until someone exclaims "fuck me! look at the biceps on her!" or something similar
  9. Uhhh actually I WAS lifting heavy. I still do. I know I'm not very big, but I'm an ectomorph to the extreme. Also I was on birth control pills which screwed up my muscle building ability. Since I stopped taking them my strength gains have increased a lot. What's your idea of heavy? By the way, you are really freakin' rude waltzing in here talking about how much better you are than us. We work hard too, even though we are just "girls in our 20's". Learn some manners or you're not gonna be around here for long. If you wanna do steroids and shit, that's fine but I'm all natural. Please don't paraphrase me! I wasn't criticising you because you were "JUST GIRLS in your 20's" as you imagined..I was criticising you because you are "girls IN YOUR 20's!" You are all SO young and have so much potential that it saddens me to see that none of you appear to take the sport seriously. As you get older the body decilnes and it becomes increasingly harder to gain muscle, loose fat and avoid injury..but you could achieve so much now! You and all the other "girls in their 20's" Ohh..and please don't threaten me..it makes you sound like a "silly" girl in her 20?s!!! And WTF did you get the idea I took steroids from? Shit you really do read a lot between the lines..maybe you should dedicate yourself to writing screen plays or something.. No. I'm 100% natural. I don't even eat pre-prepared vegan junk like burgers, seitan, cakes, cheese etc because you can't get it where I live. I eat 100% organic food based around green leafy veg, fruit, nuts and seeds and pulses. 70% of my diet, more or less if raw. I read and study everything I can on bodybuilding and nutrition and I wish I had started BB at your age because then I would have been able to achieve so much with my determination and addiction to the sport! I don't know why you got so offended by my comments, they were truthful. Lena has much better muscle than you. you both have biceps like knots in cotton, but she has a pair of legs which would have taken a lot of work to build and are very admirable! I mean be honest with yourself, would anyone really know you went to the gym if you didn't tell them or if you weren't carrying your gym bag? You are VERY pretty and that's why you won the competition, be thankful about that! The best body in the world means nothing if you have an ugly face! But the voting was unfair and you have to appreciate that. Like the dude who won second place in the mens category..he was a million times better than the winner and the stupid voting system pisses me off here. It's like the person with the most friends wins and I'm sure you'll agree that it really shouldn't be like that! It should be the person who has the most defined, largest and well proportioned muscles and NOTHING else. Its not only you winning that pissed me off (and please believe me that's not personal), what about that girl winning chest? You can't even see her pecks because of the cut of the t.shirt she is wearing..obviously again people were voting on who had the niccest tits..i think that's enough said... I also think the web site should adopt a better judging system because this is the only place I know where you can compete against other vegans, but what's the point if it is so obviously unfair? It pisses me off. AND girls who get into BB and then get scared that they'll turn into a man if they lift more that 10 kilos piss me off too! I'm not saying you're one of them..but where are the women who don't sleep with pink fluffy rabbits on their pygamas?
  10. "I dont see you posting pics anywhere. I need to be inspired. Post some pics. All I see, with few exceptions, is you posting in the food sections. I dont see you competing in any contests. Are you a guy or a girl? Either way there are contests for you to compete in." Oh don't worry I will when they open up the competition again! I want a free t.shirt! I know many people don't like my outspoken ways but what I said was honesy and YES, actually I have been to quite a few BB competitions in the Uk nd after rubbing firey jack all over the contestants i think I know what I am talking about. If you scroll up, there is one dude saying that vegan women have an average of 10-12% fat or something like that..like ALL year! OK, so where the F are their abdominals? Check out the abs competition! Come on mate! I have 17% and I look as slim as any of those girls. Personally speaking, if my body fat goes lower than 15% I stop menstruating so this can hardly be healthy! Please send me the link on where you found your information about vegan womens fat levels because quite frankly I think its complete nonsense! In my opinion, none of those girls have less than 15% fat..no way! Men have much lower body fat than women and around 12% is healthy for them but for women they should only drop this low for competing. The reason I don't compete is I'm a 40 year old single mother working 2 jobs and living in the middle of nowhere. I didn't see that there were categories for "seniors" as are in all the BB competitions I've seen. It's not really fair for a 40yr old woman to compete against those in their early 20's is it? That said, I still think I could beat any of the women who put pictures here, but I suppose you'll just have to wait and see! Maybe Lena, or whatever her name was (sorry can't remember) has slightly better thighs and calves than me..but it would be a close call..in all the other categories I'd have no problem if the competition was judged fairly. But when I look at who won the womens competition and who won the mens and I look at the second places..well there's something fishy going on don't you think? OHHHHHHHHH And also, there was a comment made about womens glutes defining them! Well come on then!Let's have a glutes category in the competition! I don't kill myself with squats, deadlifts and lundges for nothing..bring it on!!! Worst thing about lifting heavy is you loose tit action (by the way WTF was that about that girl winning chest? are you voting purely on the size of her tits because I certainly can't see any muscle there!..but by the way, nice tits! ), but it gives you a lovely ass!! Sorry again if I've offended anyone..I don't mean to any anyone who doesn't abuse animals is fine by me I really just want vegan women to pull their socks up a bit and stop being so woosy! Am I really the only vegan woman in the world who doesn't have such a "barbie" attitude towards BB?
  11. Don't worry..it'll be easier for you next time if I enter!! hahahah What I want to see is female muscle of a standard worthy of competing against meat eaters! These young girls have so much potential, but all of them need to lift heavier. Its not like you'd actually know any of them went to the gym if they didn't tell you. Now don't get angry at me, I'm not saying you don't all look great and in shape..but bodybuilders? Aren't any of you ambitious or pig headed enough to want to show meat eaters how you can really do it on a vegan diet? I'd love to see a vegan woman beat all the meat eaters and win in a high level figure competition, because lets face it, noone is going to compete in bodybuilding if they haven't done a cycle or two.. It seems pretty easy here to win against all these women (apart from that one who has lovely quads) but it really shouldn't be..I'm nearly 40 and only started straining seriously 2 years ago. Are all you women training like "girls"? How are you training and what are you eating? Seriously I want to know! You're all pretty much in your twenties and that's the best you can do? I'm pretty pissed off really because you are proving the point of meat eaters all over the world..that you can't build muscle on a vegan diet! I KNOW YOU CAN, so come on and show them! Be a walking living examples of what vegan food can do for your bodies! It looks like most of you would snap if you tried to squat with even half a plate! All you need is: 1) Compound exercises...HEAVY! 2) Diet : Protein, amion acids and carbs 3) Rest 4) a SHIT LOAD of determination!! ...there must be someone to inspire me...
  12. That gets to me too... Come on girls!! It's not just bodybuilders with fake tits is it? I went out last Friday and found myself surrounded by women with 2 perfect balls glued under their chins which didn't move however much they danced...and none of them were bodybuilders!! You just notice it more with competing bodybuilders because they get so ripped! Personally, I loose ALL tit action when I get down below 15% fat but until stem cell implants become considerable cheaper, I wouldn't consider doing that shit to my body. There is however, a lot of social pressure for women to have big tits these days, and to look weak and fragile. I really feel this is influencing younger girls and that we have no real examples of a vegan female bodybuilder who could compete against meat eaters. It makes me sad. I'm nearly 40 and all the girls in their 20's in my gym should be outlifting me, but the truth is they are not and most of them don't even break out a sweat! I have no vegan female bodybuilders to inspire me! What's going on?
  13. Cool! I can't wait to try on my new t-shirt!!
  14. How do I submit a foto of my biceps and when is the closing date? You girls are gonna have some stiff competition if I still have time...
  15. I'm not a fan of pineapple either..but it really doesn't taste of pineapple like this, especially if you use the tinned stuff (in juice not syrup). It tastes more like vanilla, seriously. Its just that pineapple also gives the best texture, one that you probably won't achieve using another fruit as a base, except perhaps banana. My Blender?¿ Its till only a stick blender, but a top of the range one. Its phillips, not one of the most popular makes for blenders i know, but I was so pissed off with my blenders only lasting a couple of months that I thought I'd try something different..and believe me, as someone who regularly purees nuts, seeds and frozen fruit, and has additionally probably tried and owned more than a dozen of the things, this is the BEST one I've ever had!! You feel like you are using a powerful drill with some strange attachment and not a blender!! Well let me know if you try any other fruit and how it turns out. People often ask me the same question but I have to say, I'm so taken with this ice-cream as it is that I haven't tried varying it much (except adding protein powder! hahha). So please, if you do try other fruit let me know how they work, even if they are a disaster. Then at least I can pass your comments and recommendations onto others! Vegan love
  16. Ohh, well I haven't tried many combinations as I love this one so much!!! I tried cherries with black chocloate, this was my daughters favorite! I also made one with mandarin oranges..but fresh mandarines didn't work so I used to tinned ones and drained them well on kitchen towls before I started. Obviously, the classic bananas work well with just about anything, but I'm not a big fan of bananas . Some fruits really dont work, like strawberries and kiwis, but beyond this you'll have to experiment. Take care however, if your blender is not really powerful you should let it defrost a bit first and serve it in frozen bowls or glasses to keep it from turning to liquid too quickly. I killed the motor on two blenders making ice-cream in this way, but I finally splashed out for a really good one and it was def worth the money. Let me know if you discover any other good combuinations..also let me know if you try something and it doesn't work so I can cross it off the list of possible ice-cream ingredients! Oh, just another small note, my m8 said that his freezer takes at least 5 hours to freeze the pineapple (not 2-3 as said in the video) so just be careful to make sure it is propeerly frozen
  17. What is the "L" for in the anarchy sign? Its based on the classic sign for the ALF (Animal liberation Front), but it is the sign for the group I started here in Cordoba, Spain..so the letters actually represent "Frente de Liberacion Animal Cordoba"..I love the ALF!! The dedication at the end of all my videos is for a childhood friend and fellow vegan activist, Jonny Ablewhite. He is presently serving 12 years in prision for "blackmail"!! Poor guy didn't do anything much and the government made and example out of him..anyway, nice to know that at least he's using his prision time wisely to finish his masters and get strong and muscular on all that pea-protein he gets sent!
  18. Yep..personlly I'll wait till the stem cell ones come down in price
  19. Ufff! They closed my channel..yet again! I had lots of agro animal rights videos you see and people complain Anyway, this is the new link..plan to upload some new stuff soon:
  20. hi, could you name a site? This is the link where I got mine: http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/product.php/272/18/super_pea_protein_isolate They have some nice amino acids too! PS I don't work for them, I'm just into good cheap products!
  21. Check out this page, its got lots of recipes: http://www.intensemuscle.com/25837-some-quick-easy-pea-protein-recipes.html I live in Spain and as I can't get vegan protein out here, I've ordered 15kg of the stuff from the UK..so I really hope it isn't as foul as you all say!! I'll have to drink it anyway as I've no choice! I'm gonna try it with orange and kiwi juice as I've found that this combination usually disguises just about anything. I aslo eat quite a lot of pea soup..really easy, blend baby peas with onion, garlic and quite a bit op mint, heat until done and add soy cream. Sometimes I add a mug or two of soy milk and eat it as a soup, and other times i leave it as thick cream and serve it over a plate a small, crispy roast potatoes..its my daughter's favorite recipe!! Well, obviously it's also one to try with a few scoops of pea protein. I'm also gonna try out making a type of falafel with it as I eat shit loads of falafel wraps with houmous and rocket..mmmm! A year ago, due to my friends requests, I made a video of how to make falafel in the traditional way and uploaded it to youtube..but despite the fact that my friends had begged me for my recipe, they STILL didn't make any falafel..so I devised a really lazy version made by blending 1/2 red pepper and garlic with all the traditional falafel spices, then I just added chickpea four until I could form it into ball shapes. Well the whole thing takes about 5 minutes (if you have a machine to cut up the veggies finely), and although I prefer the traditional falafel, this has been a real hit with my friends and I often make them when I'm in a rush..another OBVIOUS contender for trying with pea protein..you could just replace all or some of the chickpea flour with the protein powder. Falafel are after all, made with different types of things depending on the area..flava beans, lentils etc. Then there's another Asian recipe I love, for these little spicy balls of peas, onions and semolina which you steam for a few minutes and serve with a cumin flavoured tomato sauce..I'm gonna have to dig that one out, it was really tasty, really quick and I'm sure it would work! Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on! In the meantime be creative!! I like to smoke a fair bit or organic marijuana and put on some good tunes before I go in the kitchen..it makes me really creative and I start mixing things I'd never normally try! Its good to fun to get creative in the kitchen with a friend..start with a base ingredient, like pea protein for example, open the cupboards, get out anything which inspires you and start mixing. The trick is to make really small quantities of each thing. If I'm inventing a biscuit recipe, I start off with my dough and then divide it into two portions. To one portion I may add something like coconut, and to the other almonds. I then subdivide these and start adding different ingredients and flavourings. I normally end up with about 12 biscuits all slightly different. Its really important to write down what you do!! Then you cook em and taste them and decide which are keepers and which go in the dogs bowl I have had the occasional disaster but generally however, surprisingly good results.. and it IS so much fun! The onjly downside is the mess you leave in the kitchen Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on
  22. "I hate everything about you" by Three Days Grace..love to listen to heavy music when I work out!
  23. Yeah, I agree with you generally, though I have to say that I think GM soy is a different thing entirely. I read a few studies and it appears that the protein molecules get all twisted up and messed around when they genetically modify them and that makes them extremely hard to digest. Obviously, things which are extremely hard to digest are not a good idea to eat on a regular basis. However, that said, I dont see a problem with eating non GM soy and it's what I normally take as its currently the only non-animal protein available in Spain. I haven't had any problems with it and I do like the taste, but I haven't had noticable results and I have also been concerned about the way they pack artificial sweetners and flavours into it!! I dont know if its the same in the US but here, every soy protein powder is full of other nasties! Well, to combat that, I've finally got a group of people together from my gym, who eat meat, but are willing to go in on a bulk shipment for pea protein from the UK and that's gonna work out at less than 10 euros a kilo so I'm very happy! I like to combine my proteins and as I take soy milk, soy yoghurt, soy cream, textured soya protein etc in my everyday diet, well I don't want to take soy protein supplements too! I've read, and I'm sure that you know better than I do, that soy has an inhibitor of a certain amino acid (not sure which one off hand) which is very important for muscle growth...from what I've read, pea protein however, has a much better amino acid profile..anyway I'll let you know how I get on with the pea protein But to sum up, I dont think soy is bad for your health, just personally, it hasn't delivered results for me.
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