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  1. Thanks DV! Maybe I'll get in on that political discussion topic. Although I'm a crazy liberal and news junkie- so it might make me insane...
  2. Yes, that's my Lab-Hound-Shepard rescue, Louie. He's awesome. It looks like Holly's breed is beautiful. I'm sure she's a great dog! You should get that digital camera & post some pics of her. Guinea pigs are very cool. Love the way they squeak.
  3. I know. But I'm getting a little chilly watching the country vote for a senile old man & a mean-hearted, inexperienced woman. We'll be making a big mistake if they are elected. (I know I'm not supposed to put political stuff on this forum, sorry! I need a news blackout. I can't watch their shenanigans anymore!)
  4. DaN- The man for me, eh? I do like Brits. But not violent sheep.
  5. Women who post VBBF- RISE UP & LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD! I am addicted to Facebook also. That's where I spend most a lot of my internet time- which is between working, taking care of kids, taking care of my old man (that's a full-time job!), running a household and going to the gym. Whew- I'm tired just writing about it. Going to the gym now...
  6. Hey BW- I totally agree. The posts I've been reading are all from nice people. But I don't think the web is dominated by 20 somethings & American men- just THIS forum! Why did the women on this forum stop being regular posters?
  7. I'm just curious. I'm still new here and I want to know how many other women are regular readers and posters on this site???????????
  8. Beforewisdom- You are a cool guy. I'm giving you a hard time, that's all!
  9. DaN- I like being healthy, thin & toned. But it's always good to see a guy put on big muscle with a healthy diet! Definitely keep a log of what you are doing! VeganDeVil- So great you're going to read The China Study. Also sometime try reading The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle.
  10. Whoa! On VBB I've been reading a lot of posts from other women. There are women on this site who may know more about training & physiology than on other sites. And I'm sure some of the male trainers on this site have female clients, friends or wives whom they have helped to get their abs back in shape. Am I wrong? I will check out other web sites though. SeaSiren-- I just read your post. THANK YOU FOR POSTING! You are awesome! There ARE a lot of women posting on this site. I do wear the badge of motherhood proudly. And my friend who I train with says I could kick his butt any day! I'll try your ab advice today in the gym.
  11. You're definitely right--I think spelt, quinoa, kamut and amaranth are terrific alternatives to seitan & processed, GM grains. (Have you tried red quinoa?) (What about the Ethiopian grain, teff? I think it's sold as a flour.) For anyone reading this post Quinoa is a great replacement for rice. It was a staple of the Aztecs. Anyone who hasn't tried quinoa should try it. It's easy to cook- it cooks like rice. It's extremely nutritious. It has around 8 grams of protein per serving. A perfectly complete meal full of all essential amino acids would be quinoa and beans! (and perhaps a salad!)
  12. Hey VJ- Good answer. I have the desire, now I need the inspiration.
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