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  1. If you are in the U.S., order from True Protein, as stated above. If you want natural flavoring, they offer it. I know they have instantized BCAAs, and I think they have EAAs. I personally just get the same mixture chrisjs gets above, throw the BCAAs on my tongue and wash them down. No flavoring. Tastes like a mouth of quarters, but it goes down fast.
  2. Knock down the shake thirty minutes to one hour before you lift, then just eat your usual food right after, so long as that meal is high in protein. If not, throw in an extra shake on workout days if you can afford it.
  3. Solid lifting man, but those projections are just estimates, they shouldn't be used on the table. There are all kinds of reasons why someone might fall well short of their projected 1rm. If that is the consensus, I will stop allowing the use of 1rm calculators. I asked a long time ago, but no one seemed to have an opinion on it then, so I went ahead and allowed it. Personally, 1rm calculators calculate my lifts low as hell, because I am extremely fast twitch all around. I know many others will have their maxes overestimated, though.
  4. Growth hormone is elevated during periods of short fasting. Growth hormone inhibits the breakdown of protein. Protein breakdown occurs more rapidly as the fast approaches 24 hours and beyond. That said, if you participate in tons of intense cardio, depleting glycogen stores, your body will turn to protein for gluconeogenesis, formation of bastardized carbs, basically. A good thirty minute bout of intense activity while on less than a 24 hour fast will not likely drop glycogen too low, unless you are low carbing. Low intensity activity will burn more fat than carbs for energy, and won't impact glycogen stores much. Basically, the gist of what I am saying is don't try to run a marathon or do lots of crazy crossfit shit in the fasted state, and you will be fine.
  5. Low intensity cardio is great in the fasted state, for increased fat utilization. High intensity is fine in the fasted state, but there isn't really much benefit to it. There are some studies showing high glycogen depletion workouts while fasted seems to cause the body to supercompensate, and store more glycogen than it normally would. So, there may be a purpose, if timed right, for endurance athletes, or maybe even bodybuilders seeking a full look on stage, to do this. I don't think anyone has figured out a protocol like this that has been tested, though.
  6. I had some amazing progress on Doggcrapp, and pushing myself to my limits with it taught me a lot about myself and my body. I ran the program for 3-4 months, blasting and cruising, but still outpaced my recovery. I realized I need a bit more advanced before really getting the benefits from it. Multiple failure point training is out of my realm currently. Right now, I am back on Iron Addict's SPBR and doing great on it. When I hit 300/400/500 on bench/squats/deadlifts, I will reevaluate. Until then, I plan to stick with SPBR. I may give a three day per week Westside variation a shot once I reach my goal, get stupid strong (400/500/600 or so), then might give DC another whirl. This is all obviously far down the road.
  7. Yeah, I do these every now and then with a weight held out in front of my, ass down to my ankle, and it always impresses the hell out of people. Then you tell them the weight makes it easier, and they think you are being all modest, haha.
  8. Check out a breathing squat program. Those are murderous.
  9. http://chronicle.com/article/Vegansthe-Quest-for/66090/ Anyone else read this article? I have seen it linked to on numerous places around the internet. The gist of this guy's argument is: We can't entirely eliminate death or suffering, so why bother at all? He points out how animals and insects must be killed for agriculture, and that we kill bacteria by the billions. He makes all the common arguments I've heard over and over, but compiles them. Obviously, vegans (except zealous new ones) admit that we still cause tons of suffering. We know that we must still kill for our food. This article was obviously written by someone morally threatened by veganism. Just thought I'd pass it along, since if you haven't come across a link to it yet, someone will likely soon run it by you.
  10. I am the opposite of most: all back and legs. Cool with me, because I love muscular backs and legs. I think it is mostly because it gives a "workhorse" look. If someone has a huge back and legs, you know they are going to be able to do some hard, heavy labor. Or at least they look capable.
  11. I haven't checked any studies on ALCAR, but I've read that it is quite effective, especially with stims. I could see it working great alongside yohimbine and caffeine, if claims about it are true. I don't know anything about Forskolin. I've heard of it being used as a thermogenic, but that is about it.
  12. Apparently there is good reason now to believe that the sky is falling. Most dairies have been bought out of whey by Coke and Pepsi. It might only be a temporary hike, but it is hopefully enough to get people scrambling for plant alternatives, because basically anything that is from an animal and isn't whey is expensive anyway. But, like you point out, a gemma/rice blend is all we really need anyway.
  13. A lot of what I am reading into is from Dante's posts on Intense Muscle. He has expressed interest in bringing out new plant proteins there, and this newsletter sort of announces that goal.
  14. Looks like there could be some good stuff down the pipeline for vegans from TP. Dante has been going on about new alternatives to whey for awhile. This is from their most recent email.
  15. If you would ever find it convenient to fast on workout days, and still do morning workouts, Martin has a protocol for that, too. http://leangains.blogspot.com/2010/05/early-morning-fasted-training.html
  16. Sorry for missing you. You are on there now. Feel free to check my math on your total.
  17. Yeah, the herbal form can cause more issues. Not saying that HCL doesn't. To get a proper dose of HCL from an herbal concoction, you end up taking in all other kinds of yohimbine HCL-like alkaloids, which basically gives you the same negative effects of a high dosage of pure HCL, but without as much happy stuff. One of my bosses at my gym tried the herbal stuff, and it made him feel really weird. I haven't tried it, only the stuff from True Protein. I just tried some topical yohimbine today. I used a fairly high dose of the powder and mixed it in with some lotion, then rubbed myself down with it. Not noticing any nasty effects, despite a fairly good dose (I figured a larger dose would be needed, since it won't be absorbed anywhere near as efficiently). It actually feels just like a caffeine buzz. I think due to a low absorption rate, you should be able to put some on in the morning, and enjoy the effects for several hours, with no need for a second dose (assuming you are IFing like me).
  18. Yeah, that is a fairly low amount of sleep. You might want to give three days per week in the gym a shot. I recover much better from three days per week. That should also give you more time to get stuff done and get some extra sleep. Intensity is good, but training with maximum intensity (to concentric failure) on a four day per week program is problematic for many, unless your volume is very low (I am talking HIT type low). Coffee is fine if everything else is in order, but coffee + little sleep + lots of stress (from high workout volume and otherwise) = massive fatigue.
  19. First, you have to have an inhuman appetite. I do a lunch smoothie the same as that old one, but with a little more flax and some chia, no orange, and a cup of mixed berries instead of the other berries. Only 1/4-1/3 of a blender of kale now, and with four scoops of protein powder added. For after my workout, I will make a soup/stir-fry/curry (depending) with: 2 cups dried beans 20oz of tofu 1/2 cup nutritional yeast 1 6oz can tomato paste (not every time, I nix it for a stir-fry and some other things) 1/2lb leafy greens 1/2lb solid veggies I eat half of it right after my workout, and then half later. Also for after the workout, I have either some bananas with nut butter, a shitload of rice, a shitload of potatoes, or a shitload of quinoa. Then for my last meal, after I am done with the other half of the soup thingy, I have some fruit or some oatmeal, or maybe some potatoes or rice, but not nearly as much as at the first post-workout feeding. Yeah, I am having difficulty with all the food, even though I reduced the veggies so much, so I need to do some more tweaking. Some nights, I end up feeling incredibly bloated. I probably need to up the fats, or get a bit "dirtier." It is actually a relief to eat on non-workout days, which still really involve lots of food.
  20. I only have issues if I consume way too much at a time. I am actually going to try a homemade topical concoction of it and see how that works for me. I will let everyone know how it goes.
  21. I've been away from the forum for a bit. I am still going on IF. Right now, I get 3-3.2k calories per day on non-workout days. Workout days are around 4k, all but 750-1k taken in after the workout. Even with these far higher calories, my weight hasn't budged up. I am trying to recomp and hold my weight where it is. It is working well so far. Getting much more muscular and stronger while leaning out. I think I've actually accidentally lost 1-2 pounds. Doing a lot of fasted AM walking using yohimbine with a friend and her babies. They aren't taking the yohimbine. Or fasting, haha. I am basically trying to go catabolic in the AM (mostly lipolysis) and anabolic in the evening, especially after workouts. Seems to be working like a charm. I am approaching 300/400/500 on my main lifts very quickly.
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