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  1. Yeah, if it is not produced in a plant-based soup, there will be no ecological or ethical advantage to it. I am sure there will be a switched to plant-based, at least for economic reasons.
  2. There is a good intermittent fasting primer over at leangains.com right now. I would post a direct link, but Martin's blog has a static URL for all pages, or whatever the hell you call that. The primer is called "The Leangains Guide."
  3. Bringing this back up to see the current opinion. I think I would eat it at least on occasion. Since only muscle cells would be cloned, it would be virtually fat-free, besides whatever EFAs and whatnot they might put in it. I'm not sure about cholesterol. I don't miss the taste of meat or anything, but it might be nice to have more options when eating out. There is a chance I would include fish fairly consistently. Not really sure at this point.
  4. Naked women do help a lot. Here is a study someone posted over at intensemuscle.com that I happened to bump into. If it does work, it might still be a rather risky supplement. http://rbej.com/content/7/1/120
  5. I take offense to such a blanket statement. Catholicism sucks adolescent boner, I will have you know.
  6. but think of all teh fatz That is why I will never be as lean as you.
  7. Really? Well maybe that's why it didn't work so well for me in the end..being 40 n all! I obviously should have spend more time on their forum Haha. I know for women he also likes the three way split done four days per week, as well.
  8. http://www.intensemuscle.com/ Check out the Dogg and Puppy Pound. There is a thread for DC for people over 34. Mostly, Dante just recommends higher rep ranges.
  9. Walnut butter is great too. I sometimes make cinnamon vanilla wanut/pecan butter.
  10. Grab some pecans and make pecan butter in it. You can add some cinnamon, vanilla and your sweetener of choice and it is amazing. Some maple flavoring/syrup is really nice, too. It'll take lots of blending to get them into a smooth butter, but it is worth it.
  11. Monounsaturated fat can increase your HDL (and in certain cases, possible LDL). Saturated fat will raise both LDL and HDL. Consumption of both fats is correlated with higher testosterone levels. High HDL is correlated with higher test levels. So, raising HDL probably does the most to raise test levels. I guess you could try chowing down on almonds, cashews, macadamias, hazelnuts and avocados after the competition when you are bulking (maintaining, recomping, whatever). That might help. You could also consume a lot of coconut or whole cocoa for some saturated fats, but sticking with the high mono fats, with the smaller amount of sat fat they provide might be the healthiest option. You could also just eat like shit all around, and your cholesterol should go up.
  12. http://www.bodyweightculture.com/ http://www.beastskills.com/ http://www.dragondoor.com/
  13. Yeah, ZMA is only useful if you have a zinc or magnesium deficiency, which you should not if you are eating plenty of green veggies/legumes. If you really want something effective, try creatine if you don't use it. Beta alanine also shows promise, but only if you are doing work around 10+ reps, rest-pausing, etc. BCAAs and EAAs are better than protein supps, but quite expensive.
  14. Lol, I was wondering if you were Jason Wojo's wife when you joined. The lowdown: I personally think it is great. Definitely best to go for premium flavor, and maybe get a the flavoring system separately so you can double the amount if need be. It is very thick and fluffs up to a high volume. Great if you need something filling, not so much if you are bulking and have issues getting in enough food. If you can ask for some mixed with rice protein, I would suggest that. It will tone down the flavor and thickness of the pea protein, and also give an amazing amino profile. 70/30 pea/rice gives the best profile, but since most get lots of protein already from legumes, a 50/50 mix is a great idea, too.
  15. Generally prohormones can be rather dangerous; more dangerous than exogenous hormones. Some certain herbal ones may have a mild enough effect that they won't hurt, but I don't know of any that have shown a difference. One thing I am experimenting with right now is stinging nettle root. It reduces sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which can be rather high in a vegan diet, and especially high in one that is as loaded with fiber as mine. I hope to use it to counteract that to some extent. I've seen some promising studies on stinging nettle root. There is a brand name extract called divanyll, if you want to look it up.
  16. This is very true. Anyone I live with hates me solely because of my blender. Have fun and happy birthday!
  17. Haha.. yeah man you should probably start working out or something.. Quit slacking off Yeah, start some four-a-days, you sissy.
  18. Lol, he actually suggested you try to raise your HDL when your LDL is that low? When total cholesterol goes down, HDL often goes with it. So long as LDL is really low, HDL doesn't really matter. If a house isn't really dirty, you don't have to worry about doing much cleaning. In Esselstyn's practice, there has never been a cardiac episode with any patient with a serum cholesterol below 150. I'd say you have nothing to worry about.
  19. Especially when they specialize in broctology. A finger up the ass is a whole 'nother level of bromance.
  20. My college gym was filled with many experienced and respected broscientists. Most specialized as brochemists and used their bodies as petri dishes. Very dedicated to their work.
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