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  1. Did 700lbs on my led sled widowmaker today, for 22 reps. This was way harder than the deadlifts on Monday. I had to recover for about ten minutes before even beginning to put my weights away. I did manage to roll over to the power rack next to me to get in my quad stretch immediately after the widow, though. It was so horribly hard and exhausting, but was so much fun at the same time. Thankfully I was well rested today. Downed about 3k calories post workout, and 600 before it. This is the biggest I have ever eaten. Doing about 2900 calories on off days, and 3500-3600 on workout days, depending if it is a lower body day or not.
  2. An account with this exact username spammed intensemuscle.com today, with the exact same message.
  3. Dante announced on the intensemuscle.com boards just a week or so ago that they will begin to offer more shipping company options. I know one is FedEx and I think the other is USPS.
  4. Pea and rice are great, especially when combined. There are actually quite a few omnivore bodybuilders/powerbuilders/powerlifters over at intensemuscle.com and ironaddicts.com who take either straight pea or straight rice for some of their protein sources in meals, not even mixing them with each other or animal protein.
  5. Thanks cubby! Haha in fact, when I saw your name I wondered if it was a reference to the one and only Chicago Cubs. Is that the case? If so, go CUBBIES! What a win yesterday vs the Brewers! Maybe there will be a reason for us to meet sometime in a future - a competition or more likely a venue that supports vegan lifestyles! Nope, doesn't have anything to do with the Cubs, haha. Most people think that, since I live in Illinois. I will certainly be in Chicago for the next VeganMania. I am not sure when that is scheduled for.
  6. Here is a copy of the last email I got from Omega Nutrition on the pumpkin protein:
  7. Welcome to the board! I just moved from Chicago a few months ago. I still live in Illinois, though.
  8. Yeah, I second the liquid smoke. Love that stuff.
  9. Yep, I'm the same as you, I've ended up using a lot less than 80% of my one rep max and it def works better for me. I've also incorporated an FST7 style set at the end of DC for weaker body parts. I was on the FST7 forum the other day and I'm not the only one who has combiend the two styles. It seems to work better for natural bodybuilders. Actually this week I've started doing purely FST7, but that's because I change my training style quite regularly, not because DC wasn't working for me. I saw you mention FST7 earlier in the thread. I will look it over tomorrow. From what little I've read, it looks kinda similar to the 4 sets of 6 style hamstring options that some use for DC. With how people are hybridizing the programs, I wonder if FST7 is where the DC guys got the hamstring idea from? I'm currently blasting with only the RP sets, no static holds. Once I see how that goes as far as my recovery and lagging body parts, I will add in some statics for the lagging parts. Most likely, that will be chest and shoulders.
  10. I figured I'd revive this thread, since I've finally adopted a full DC plan. I've been playing around with extreme stretches, rest-pausing, etc. for a while now. My rest-pauses look a little funny, since I am an extreme type two fiber guy all around. At 80% of my 1RM on any lift, I can only do 4-6 reps. So, my best rest-pauses look like 8-3-2, if I am really lucky. Usually it is 9-2-1 or 9-3-1 or something similar. I don't recover extremely quickly during the pause. Anyone still doing DC?
  11. Started another DC blast today. Finished the workout with sumo deadlifts for back thickness. Got 380x5, then 340x11. I always do the first, heavy set with dead stops off the floor, like true deadlifts, then the lighter one touch and go style. This keeps down on CNS fatigue and also allows me to pull a rather heavy weight for high reps on the second set. The negative is still controlled, but once the bar touches the floor, I rip it right back up. I finished about an hour ago and still feel like vomiting. Still getting a meal down I am slowly working on.
  12. Oh, you train at Gold's Gym? I work out at a Gold's here in Des Moines. When I first went there they said I could have a free session with a trainer (I picked a powerlifting trainer, since that's where my interests lie) and when he asked me about nutrition I told him I had been vegan for seven years. I expected him to be weirded out about it, but he actually was pretty stoked. I guess there's a really good powerlifter who works out there whose wife is vegan and he ends up eating vegan meals about 80% of the time, kind of by default. Apparently, he's one of the top lifters there, so this trainer I was talking to had no doubts I could succeed. And he was right, I'm having no issues whatsoever with gaining strength. You'll probably get better body composition results from the powerlifting trainer, too.
  13. I buy NOW's stuff all the time. I know they source a lot of their stuff from the same suppliers as bigger companies, but just save a lot on overhead by using standard labels, packaging and not advertising much. I think you are safe with them.
  14. You are all crazy, gemma is awesome. I love vanilla chai Vega. I think that is the best protein powder I've had.
  15. Lookie what I found: http://www.wholelifenutrition.net/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/pumpkinseedflour.pdf I sent an email telling them there is some interest in their protein, but that the price is a limiting factor for many of us, asking if they can bring back the 5lb pails at the $28.50 price, or thereabouts. I told them how vegan bodybuilders and the like obviously use a lot of protein, so we would appreciate being able to buy it in quantity.
  16. I am still doing IF. I've knocked off about 50g of fiber per day, but my levels are still quite insane. I am at 90% whole foods. Three scoops per day of protein powder, 227g of beans, one pound of tofu and a half cup of nutritional yeast are my main protein sources now. 140-150g of fiber, compared to 190-200g before. 260-300g of protein, compared to 160-190g before, depending on if it is a workout day or not. I am at 1.5g/lb of bodyweight (I fluctuate between 180-185lbs). I've never gone anywhere near this high in protein before, and am attempting a recomp with DoggCrapp, instead of a cut. Morning cardio during the fasted period with some yohimbine and green tea extract, or yohimbine and coffee. I think all this combined with IF should work quite well. I hope to post some progress photos within a couple months.
  17. I may argue that ISSA does require CPR/AED, and first aid. And most gyms won't let you make nutritional observations on clients unless you have a degree in nutrition, not just part of your certificate. NASM isn't any more science intense than the NSCA either. I went through the NSCA already, and my current college program uses NASM texts and certs. The information is very similar. You could probably damned near pass one test by reading the text for the other. I think most of the information is the same, at least throughout the ISSA, NSCA, NASM, ACE and ACSM. I think they all require CPR/AED certs.
  18. I did and they remember you! They had an open house this past Sat--nice timing, huh? Anyhow, definitely going to look into it but need to wait until finances chill out (basement flood took me for all I had D:) Awesome. Again, I highly recommend them. I wish I'd been able to spend my whole time in school there, instead of transferring to Chicago.
  19. Damn, that is a lot of volume/frequency. How many sets do you do on average? Do you stay way the hell away from failure? I'd never be able to recover on a schedule like that, but it is obviously working wonders for you!
  20. Haha, I accidentally say grams all the time. Taking 20g would probably make you trip out with horrible hallucinations and then die of kidney failure. Tell me what kind of luck you have with the border. I know I saw a post by a Canadian on IntenseMuscle.com who had a source, so tell me if it doesn't work out for you. I dunno if his source includes a gelatin cap, though.
  21. Cool. I'd like to try them sometime. Black-eyed peas also have a great profile.
  22. Is that the $8.99/3grams stuff or am I reading that wrong... You are right. 3g is actually a shitload when you are only taking about 20mg/day. I thought it was expensive as hell at first, too. There are caps, but trueprotein.com only has gelatin caps.
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