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  1. Nice work! I knew you had to have some nice wheels to go along with those numbers in our strength chart.
  2. I've seen a random bean here and there. Most are in the upper .6 range, like kidney beans here: http://en.allexperts.com/e/p/pd/pdcaas.htm I think split peas usually rank around .72, and are rather high in protein compared to other legumes. They are basically second behind soy in protein quality and quantity. Lentils are of lower quality than most beans, but high protein quantity.
  3. I'd be willing to bet that pistachios have great digestibility, and I know spirulina does. Greens are likely quite low. Beans have a PDCAAS of about 0.7, which takes into account digestibility.
  4. No problem. You reminded me again that I need to get this one un-stickied and the new one I made stickied. Mods?
  5. There are actually a lot of vegan foods that are complete and well-balanced proteins that are low in protein and/or calories, making their contribution to the amino acid pool very insignificant. Various leafy greens are very high quality proteins, but their calorie content is so low. I think several different kinds of fruit have rather good profiles, but are very low in total protein. Pumpkin seeds are incredibly high quality, but only 15-20% protein, which is at least better than many others.
  6. Nice lifts. This table is dead. I added you to the new one.
  7. Maybe I should buy some v-caps. I probably will just continue to choke it down, though. It was originally thought that yohimbine increased testosterone, because it helps with erections. Researchers found out that increased blood flow is what helps with them. There are no negative effects in women that don't occur in men.
  8. If you are an ectomorph, you are probably a hardgainer and made highly of type 1 muscle fibers. Usually with highly type 1 muscle groups, those 1RM charts underestimate your max. For most people, they underestimate legs, since there are lots of type 1 muscle fibers in them for postural reasons and sustained low intensity walking activity and such. I am highly type 2 everywhere, and I usually get 4-6 reps at 80% of my 1RM, so they usually overestimate mine. All that said, if someone estimates their max with 5 reps or less, does anyone mind if we put up an estimated 1RM? I've been meaning to ask that and if people are giving me estimates anyway.
  9. Yeah probably 6x times the price of gemma with .0002% more nutritional value. I looked it up, and it is three times the price, to be exact.
  10. Did you experience low energy levels?
  11. Yep, I follow the same 15-16 hours as Johan. Sometimes I go longer, if responsibilities get in the way. Going longer is no problem.
  12. I still don't really get what you mean about giving your body amino acids. In raw food circles, people constantly talk about foods containing amino acids, when these amino acids are actually woven into proteins. When you eat food for protein, you eat it for amino acids. There isn't a difference, really.
  13. This might be true I honestly don't know much about construction but I know it has little to do with human physiology. From how you describe the house building process it seems to be the opposite because if you want to build muscle you first eat protein, break it down to amino acids and then build protein. Of course you can eat only EAA powders as a protein source but I would not recommend it. So when you say that we should focus on amino acids and not protein, what exactly do you mean? It sounds like you've been hanging around rawguru websites a bit too much. You could also just cook the shit out of all your food, but that would still likely only break the proteins down into peptides. Maybe he is talking about focusing on the amino acid composition of proteins, not aminos in their free form.
  14. I definitely disagree with him on the vitamin D issue. Ideally, yes, sunshine is best. It has benefits that isolated vitamin D does not. It just isn't always available. UV lamps might be the best alternative, but I haven't looked into them that much. I know Dr. Fuhrman supports daily D supplementation, and adds light therapy to that if you have issues with SAD. I think light therapy is a great idea for anyone, and will buy a light once I get around to it...
  15. I just did a leg press sled widowmaker today. Who'd a' thought it would be way harder than free squat widowmakers. It was the heaviest feeling shit I've ever messed with. It was wonderful, and I can't remember the events a few minutes after very well. That is a sign I am doing them right.
  16. I like how the ISSA went through the department of education for its accreditation. I plan on getting my NSCA-CSCS cert once I get the extra cash together to take the test and join the organization. That is basically the de facto sports performance cert. Most college and professional level strength coaches hold one.
  17. Huh, that is interesting. I was under the impression that the stuff was under a complete ban again as well. Lyle is a big supporter of it, as well as a bunch of the guys over at intensemuscle.com. The media has me scared shitless of it though, I must admit. I'd really need to look into it before even considering it.
  18. OMG, I love you, seitan_man! I have been hoping for a pumpkin seed protein for a long time. Too bad it probably costs a shit-ton.
  19. Horsedoc, are you the same horsedoc as on the Dr. Fuhrman forums? I have been meaning to ask you that. I haven't been there in a while.
  20. Nope. Do you have any experience with it? I've had synephrine before in a Speed Stack a couple of times. That stuff gets me wired, but that might be mostly due to the 250mg of caffeine.
  21. Good point. You might want to try some planking and holding a heavy squat bar in the fully upright position, focusing on sucking your abs in. That rapes my TVA.
  22. I've never watched lost. Completely over my head, haha.
  23. Thanks for the link. Good read. I just got my green tea extract today. I took 2g of green tea extract with one of my yohimbine doses today before my fasted cardio. Damn is green tea extract powder intensely flavored.
  24. If you talk to them, tell them Jacob the vegan sent you.
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