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  1. I have been looking at local bodybuilding competitions near Philly PA and some of the photos have guys as big as the regular competitions! There is no way some of these guys are natural! How can I possibly compete?
  2. I have been rather depressed with how I look now. I looked better last summer when I was lighter. Everything is more smoothed over now. I am really upset about my abs. Last summer I had some nice definition, but this year, I feel and see the fat on my midsection. I know I have been trying to bulk, but it gets harder as one gets older to lose that fat once you gain it so sometimes I wonder if I should take the Clarence Bass approach of staying lean year round. Another thing that has hurt me is injuring my shoulder last August which screwed me up for 4 months and got me out of shape. Part of that time I gained extra fat. I also switched to heavier, but three days a week. I looked better when I worked out four days a week and I am starting to transition back to that and starting to up the protein and cut out some of the carbs and processed food! I was eating too many processed carbs and it shows. For the summer I want to get leaner, but maintain muscle and strength. Oddly enough, I was stronger last summer before I hurt my shoulder. Looking and feeling my mid section fat right now is depressing.
  3. DO: Lots of whole grains Lots of veggies, potatoes, etc. Lots of fruit Lots of legumes Nuts Soy and dairy yogurt Some eggs Soy milk Don't: Meat Fish Most junk food
  4. LOL! 300 lbs on a machine is rather easy. Do it on a bench with a barbell and it is not even close Is this post more of a joke? 300 lbs on any bench machine I have uses is really no big deal, plus this guy is going to hurt himself with that form. I would avoid machine and smith machine benching or shoulder work as it locks you into a path. Not good.
  5. After years of eating tofu, I think I am down to my last two containers. I am so tired of the taste and texture, I can not take it any longer. I have to find other foods to replace it. I also have a tough time with fake meat foods like soy burgers or soy dogs. Can't really do it any longer. I do however like soy flour mixed with whole weat flour for pancakes. Anyone else hitting the limit or wall with soy?
  6. OK, so what do they have against chaulk? Making a mess?
  7. Never heard of a gym not allowing chaulk. Yep, we can have it.
  8. This is really starting to bother me. It won't heal. Took me 4 months for my trap injury to heal, and now this?! Are you kidding me?!
  9. Thanks man! I used straps years ago and went back to my parent's basement looking for them with my old weight set but they are long gone. I will order these. What about chaulk? I sometimes just have issues with sweaty hands.
  10. Cool bro, thanks for the advice. Which of those straps do you recommend? I am going to order some and also work on grip exercises.
  11. You can't only do Calisthenics and expect to develop all of your musculature. What about the fast twitch fibers? I find I have to periodize so I hit the fast twitch and slow twitch fibers.
  12. VeganEssentials. thanks for the insight brother. Do you compete in any way? Have you?
  13. If I deadlift over 400 my grip gives out before my back. If I shrug over 300, same thing. Heavy dumbell rows, my grip will also give out before my back. I might pick up a Captain of Crush Grip strength tool to help me. Which are the ones to get, they have a lot. http://www.ironmind.com/ironmind/opencms/Main/straps.html
  14. Can anyone recommend some good weight lifting straps? I checked Models but they carry the padded weight lifting straps which I can't stand. I like straps to be rather thin, not thick. Thanks!
  15. Hi Chewy, I am taking this week off from lifting....only some walking and maybe cardio. Next week I am only doing light, high reps legs, like step ups, lunges, or maybe just more cardio and go from there.
  16. Why is that a sign that training is going well??? I am more a vegetarian.
  17. I try to eat as much as possible almost immediately before bed so that I have a full stomach when I got to sleep and for much of the night. But since I eat every few hours, it doesn't last long.
  18. Another thing I am battling with is that I often wake up in the middle of the night VERY hungry to the point I have to eat and then struggle to get back to sleep.
  19. I have seen soooooo many doctors over the last 4 years, tons of MRIs. you name it and they always come back fine. I can;t keep spending the money as it is causing a lot of stress in our family so I have to just rest it out.
  20. This is really becoming a problem. I have some serious pain in my thigh. I am taking legs off the rest of the month and spreading my upper body out over the week to make up for the lost gym day and instead will do some cardio in its place.
  21. Music? Well I have been in hard rock and modern metal original bands. I also have done cover gigs, classic rock to 80s to 90s and current. I went to college in the early 90s so when grunge broke, it meant a lot to me. We are doing a 90s cover band...hard rock and grunge from the 90s.
  22. I had a full physical a few months back and everything was perfect...in fact....the doctor said I am in incredible shape for 42 years old and wishes some of his patients half my age would follow my example, LOL. It is funny when you say I don't have much fat too lose because I am used to be so lean that just adding a little on my lower abs really bothers me. I notice my pants fit tighter, LOL. Justin I agree with you. I am a student of health, I have over 35 books on nutrition, anatomy, exercise and bodybuidling. I know all about the research behind taking in less calories possibly equating to an extended life and less disease, especially things like arthritis. However, my mental state is a big part of my health and being big and muscular makes me feel VERY good and confident.
  23. I don't drink or smoke either. My wife and I are comfortable financially but my daughter's summer camps are going ro be expensive this year and we are looking to move out of our condo and get a single home so trying watch money. I have expensive hobbies so rift now I am filtering money to other needs as I snowboard and just got back from a trip with our daughter skiing and boarding and were Disney World the last week of January, and just got a new car so I am trying cut out some things. I also am a musician and started a new band and need some equipment so it adds up. Will he doing supps by early April! I want to get back to creatine. I drink soy milk. I wonder if I am getting enough protein. I can't get over my 218 lb body weight hump.
  24. True, it is not often, LOL. Well I guess I could throw some pro powder in a jug and take it with my, I used to do that. Right now, we are on a budget since we just bought a new car and paying for a two week vacation so I put all supplements on hold till spring or summer. Trader Joe's has cheap pro powder so I will probably go back there.
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